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As far back as the days of Hippocrates, a condition was noticed in women, particularly widows, nuns and wives of soldiers away at battle. It was knows as 'hysteria' and caused nervousness, fatigue, irritability and sleep loss. Guess what cured it? An orgasm was the cure-all for this 'condition', which we know now was simply sexual frustration. For a long long time, a doctor was the only person who held the power to cause orgasm, or 'paroxysm' as it was then called, as touching yourself 'down there' was thought of as dirty, wrong, and immoral. The Science Museum has many examples of early vibrating devices that eventually came along, first to make the doctors job easier, and later, to allow women to cure themselves of sexual frustration. Today, attitudes about self pleasure have changed, and the world of vibrators is huge! Traditional vibrators, Pocket Rockets, Bullet and Egg vibrators, Rabbit vibrators, We-Vibe, Double Penetration vibrators in all shapes, colors and sizes are ready and waiting for whenever you need a little curing of your own!
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