Beat the Heat with "Cool" Glass Sex Toys

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Keep It Cool With Glass Dildos


It's getting hot in here, but taking off all your clothes might not be enough to make these temps bearable. Sticky, sweaty summertime doesn't have to get in the way of an incredible sexy time experience, though — at least, not when you mess around with some chilly, spine-tingling temperature play. And there's nothing better for cool temperature play than a frozen dildo


Glass Sex Toys & Temperature Play: A Perfect Match

Temperature play refers to the erotic act of playing with hot or cold items. Dripping hot candle wax on a partner's body is a common way to use hot sensations, while ice cubes can give lovers a chilly thrill. The common denominator between these two methods is the mess they make, which can turn some folks off. Not to mention, if the candle hasn't been lit or the ice cube tray hasn't been in the freezer for very long, you and your partner might have to wait before the fun can start.

Both of these problems are virtually nonexistent with glass sex toys. They don't create a melty mess all over your bed or nightstand, and they don't take very long to heat up or cool down. Glass is a good material for creating a heated dildo experience since the material can retain heat for such a long time. But cooler temperatures are where glass sex toys really excel. 


How to Have Fun with a Frozen Dildo

Okay, so when we say "frozen dildo," it's important to know that we don't literally mean a dildo that's been chilling in the freezer with the popsicles. Vaginas and butts are warm, moist areas. If you put a frozen dildo down there, you're gonna be in A Christmas Story situation, but way more uncomfortable. We do not recommend doing that — even on a triple-dog-dare. 

The safe way to dial back the temperature on your glass sex toys is to submerge them in cold water for around ten minutes. If you want to go even cooler, you can add ice cubes to the mix. After a short wait, get your toy out and press it to the skin of your wrist to determine if it's a good temperature for you. And voila! You have yourself a chilly treat that satisfies a different kind of appetite. Here are some ways to have fun with a frozen dildo:

  • Nipple Stimulation: Have your partner circle your nipples with the end of the dildo to make them hard and extra sensitive.
  • Vaginal Penetration: Insert your chilled glass dildo once you're feeling hot and scream till you cream.
  • Anal Penetration: Having a frozen dildo in your butt is a sensation you're unlikely to forget. Just make sure you're using an appropriately shaped toy that's easy to hold onto!
  • Target Erogenous Zones: Use cold glass sex toys for foreplay by pressing and gliding them over erogenous zones like the neck and inner thighs.


Our Favourite Glass Sex Toys

Glass sex toys are gorgeous, sturdy and, as we've established, amazing for temperature stimulation. We have a fantastic collection of pyrex glass dildos and butt plugs here at PinkCherry — so, without further ado, we're spotlighting a few of our faves. 


Purple Rose Nubby Glass Dildo

This beautifully unique dildo is covered with bumpy swells from end to end — and every one will give you a pleasurable massage inside and out. The unique texture of this violet and rose-tinted dildo makes it a versatile toy that can be used for clitoral and internal stimulation. The intensity will only increase when you cool this toy down! Boil it in a pot of water when finished to sanitize it for next time. 

Icicles No. 76 Glass Plug in Red

Glass sex toys can be designed for anal play, too, as is the case with this crystal-clear plug. The sleek, tapered tip swells to an intense stretch to a gorgeous rose base - revealing a unique shape! The slick, glassy surface also makes it remarkably easy and comfortable to insert with a flared shape to give the base a thrust. Giving it an ice bath before use heightens the experience even further.

Double Trouble Glass Dildo

Seeing double never felt so good! This pretty pink double-ended dildo is curved for the ultimate g-spot massage. The firm weightiness of this dildo offers an experience unlike any other, but the sleek texture makes it easy for just about any body to accept and enjoy. The only thing better than a double-ended dildo? A double-ended frozen dildo

6" Curved G-Spot Glass Dildo

Looking for a smaller tapered end than the Pure Indulgence Anal Slider? This curved glass dildo is for you! The petite double-ended dildo can be used for g-spot and prostate massage without feeling overwhelming. But, if you want to turn things up a notch, cool this blue glass toy down for toe-curling stimulation you won't soon forget.

Blown Medium Realistic Glass Dildo

If you're searching for an experience that's real and unreal all at once, this realistic glass dildo is sure to turn you on. Sculpted with lifelike details, this dildo is perfect for vaginal and anal penetration. The temperature-sensitive glass only makes the experience more amazing. You know what to do at this point — give your new favourite toy an ice water bath for some frigid fun.


Check Out All of the Glass Sex Toys Available at PinkCherry

We've barely cracked the ice with the suggestions offered here! Check out the rest of our glass dildos, butt plugs and other gorgeously crafted glass sex toys to find the perfect style for your or your partner. And remember to get those ice cubes ready — you'll thank us later.