Swingers: How to Use a Sex Swing

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So, most of us have a few sexual hangups, it’s true. Also true: a lot of us don’t have sex hanging up! Interestingly enough, some of the most common and more subtle sexual concerns can be addressed and even eliminated with the use of a sex swing. Seriously! Some people might think bondage sex swings (also known as love swings) are just good for some occasional fun, but they’re actually incredibly useful when it comes to sex and romance.  Usually, sex swings fall into the category of bondage or BDSM sex toys, but they offer many more possibilities than your  average cuffs, ties, straps or other sex restraints. In today’s guide, you’re going to find out all about how something as simple as a sex swing can help you get over sexual hangups, face your sexual fears, and infuse some sexy heat into your relationship. Bonus: Sex swings can also help boost your confidence and even help you achieve some fitness goals! 


As you and your partner explore buying a love swing, keep in mind that while there are numerous styles to choose from - all of them offer exciting romantic and sexual possibilities. When shopping for any type of hanging restraint or suspension harness, consider your primary goals. Sex swings can be installed as permanent fixtures, but others require a sturdy base that the swing attaches to. If handy household projects aren’t really your thing, opt for a Fetish Fantasy Deluxe Door Swing. No matter what style you land on, your swing can help you get over sexual hangups and liberate your creative sexuality.


Daring Greatly


If you’re considering a bondage love swing, you might want to keep author and thought-leader, Brene Brown in mind. She explains how folks can step out of their comfort zones and strap into a sex swing in order to face their fears… okay, she might not have specifically said “sex swings,” or mention suspension bondage outright - but she might as well have. Sex swings require individuals and couples to bravely claim their sexual truth, which in turn allows them to face any number of sexual concerns or romantic fears.


Here are a few of the (emotional!) hangups or issues a sex swing can help you banish:


Communicating Desire 

Talking to your sweetie about swinging from the rafters can help breakdown fears of communication. Whether you’re trying bondage for the first time or old pros at all things BDSM, the decision to discuss buying a bondage love swing can be tough. Remember there is nothing weird or unnaturally kinky about having a sex swing but stay open to your partner’s reasons for or against having one. Keep the conversation casual and lighthearted. If you find it easier to express yourself via text or email, a flirty note with an easily shop-able link to a variety of sex swings is a great, pressure-free way to kick-start some dialogue.  


Commitment and Intimacy 

As relationships progress, sometimes there can be some confusion and even fear over where you are as a couple or what ‘the next phase’ looks like for the two of you. Shopping for home decor seems to trigger this fear more than anything else. Even a happily married couple can find themselves bickering over an uncertain future, and that’s before they step into Ikea! Here’s the thing: choosing a sex swing as a couple gives you and your partner room to enjoy making a descision about your future together. You may decide that a light-weight door jam swing is ideal for your apartment or that you’re ready to install a durable, long-lasting model like the Bondage Swing. Selecting and installing the perfect love swing can also be a great team-building exercise to increase feelings of intimacy. It can also lead to incredible foreplay. Think of the fun you’ll have at the hardware store and the shared joy you’ll feel after seeing (and playing with) sex the swing you built together… PDA and DIY!


Bondage Sex Swing Couples Love Sling Pipedream

There’s nothing like a love swing to help people release inhibitions and step (or swing) out of their comfort zone, but sex swings are not inherently more kinky or hardcore than any other sexual accouterments. Sex swings can be used on a regular basis and they don’t require you to wear latex lingerie or use bondage sex toys every time you or your partner feels like hopping in. If you’re trying bondage for the first time and want to test it out with a sex swing - that’s incredibly hot. Good for you! But know that bondage sex swings are not just for bondage scenes or BDSM play. The best way to use a sex swing to help get you out of your comfort zone is...believe it or not - to use the sex swing! Try it out, experiment. Don’t worry too much about looking sexy or even having successful sex at first, just get used to the feeling of being in  or out of the swing. Play with all the ways weightless position changes, various movements, and gravity can affect your experience. If you’ve got the space, install it somewhere obvious and easily seen. Having your swing in constant view will remind you of all the fun you have together and all the fun you’ll continue to have together.  


Body Confidence 

A hanging sex swing can give you a rockin’ body almost instantly... or a gently swaying body, if you prefer. A body that bounces a little, swings back and forth, or grinds up and down. The point is that a love swing puts your body in motion and makes the sexual encounter all about the amazing things your active body can do. A self-conscious person may find that their body-confidence increases when suspended in air like a Cirque-du-Soliel champion, because the sex swing makes them feel that way. 


Sex swings can also work in some very practical ways to assist couples wanting to try  various sexual positions that might otherwise be impossible - this is especially true for couples when one or both partners may have a limit regarding their physical ability. Though most images of hanging sex swings feature young, hetero-normative, able-bodied folks the truth is that sex swings are much more inclusive than their packaging might imply. They’re a great option for people with mobility or  physicality considerations. Let’s face it, sex standing up is definitely fun, but can be out of the realm of physical possibility for many couples! Age, weight, strength, illness, disability… all of these things are normal variables to see from one body to the next. Most of us have trouble sustaining certain sexual positions without a little help - like the use of a sex swing or sex furniture of some kind! 


If you want to avoid challenging your physical limits while having sex, try a Fetish Fantasy Pink Passion Bondage Kit. No installation required for these comfortable, sturdy restraints, plus, a sexy marathon session is wayyyyy more fun than a treadmill.


Bottom line: If you’re going to spend your time doing something pleasurable, be as comfortable as possible. Comfort, both physical and emotional, helps sustain and support said pleasure, letting the good times roll (and swing) for longer.


Braving the Wild


There’s no doubt that sex swings can make for rowdy, wild, exciting sex, but when you and your partner decide that buying a sex swing can also be a pragmatic investment, the excitement of the swing takes a back seat to the thrill of the type of things you two are choosing as a couple. The sex swing isn’t daring and wild, you are. If you and your partner are ready to create your own unique sexual wilderness then a sex swing is a practical way to always be prepared.

You are bravely facing and embracing the fact that sexual excitement is now a regular part of your life and the sex swing is merely a tool you keep handy for such adventures. Sex swings are sort of like the Swiss Army knives of sexual escapades… surprisingly versatile, and really useful for couples to have to explore exciting new positions.  


Browse our great selection of sex swings (and other sex toys), and find a style that suits your needs - and most importantly, have fun! 

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Stephanie Salyers is a SAR certified sex coach, yoga instructor, and C.M.T. with a BA in English, Creative Writing. Her eclectic knowledge base was a self-designed initiative to become a sensuality expert with a holistic, mind/body approach to sex and relationships. She is an educator and writer with over 10 years of experience working in the adult novelty industry. Stephanie has done hundreds of trainings and seminars on sensual wellness around the world. She has worked with the top sex toy and body care companies, designing sex toys, leading re-branding initiatives, creating curriculums, and much more. She began working with PinkCherry 6 years ago because she believes in empowering people to feel sexy, confident and loved. Her playful, humorous approach makes learning about sex easy and accessible.

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