The Deals Continue - Cyber Monday 2019 Adult Toy & Lingerie Sale

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Cyber Monday Sex Toy Site Wide Sale


Thanksgiving’s behind us, and snow is starting to pile up in some parts of the country. You know what that means! Hunt down the Michael Buble holiday album, bust out the eggnog, and drag those decorations out of storage. Christmas is coming! *Cue jingle bells*


Speaking of getting festive, Christmas isn’t the only thing that’ll be coming soon… not if you take advantage of our next big sale, that is!


Get ready for our 2019 Cyber Monday sale, coming to on December 2nd. The ENTIRE site will be 40% off with the code CYBER40. 


Even cult faves that are normally excluded from discounts will be available at a discounted rate of 20% off. That’s right folks, come and get Womanizer, We-Vibe, and pjur products for 20% off during our Cyber Monday sale! 


This sale ends on December 6th 2019 at 11:59 pm EST. Enter the code CYBER40 at checkout.


You may choose to use this sale to stock up on sexy sex toy stocking stuffers and Christmas gifts, or use it to treat yourself to some new playthings. No judgement. I know I’ll definitely be shopping for myself. ;) If you’re still wondering about what sort of gifts you can get your partner for the holidays, check out some of my recommendations below on how you can get your best value during the 2019 Pinkcherry Cyber Monday sale.


Clone-A-Willy Kit

Clone-A-Willy Penis Molding Kit Gift Set On Sale


If you spend time apart from your partner, or you both like to indulge in solo play, this is the perfect gift for yourself or someone special. DIY lovers and sex lovers’ worlds collide with this toy (Warning: some assembly required). 


As seen on MTV’s Jersey Shore, Clone-A-Willy is a fun couples DIY project that creates a personalized toy you can use with or without your partner! With a quick drying silicone mold, the Clone-A-Willy forms an exact replica of your man’s member. This particular kit also includes a bullet vibrator you can add to the base of the cloned willy!


The kit is available in several variations of sizes and colours to suit all of your wants, needs, and desires. Several reviewers say they’ve really enjoyed the experience of making it with their partner. This kit makes a fun and sexy gift for your special someone.


Fun Fact: The company that makes Clone-A-Willy, Empire Labs, originally created prosthetic pieces for medical use and as props for film and TV. After making several prosthetic penises for an independent film and receiving such positive feedback on them, the retail Clone-A-Willy kit was born!


Clone-A-Pussy Plus Masturbator Sleeve

Clone A Pussy Masturabtor Molding Kit On Sale


The original Clone-A-Pussy kit creates a replica of the vulva that can be made into a keychain, a fridge magnet, or kept as a sexy keepsake. As fun as it is, there was something missing… the ability to penetrate it.


As a newer addition to the Empire Labs family, the Clone-A-Pussy Plus kit allows the user to make an exact replica of their vulva and attach it to a masturbator sleeve for some personalized solo lovemaking. The kit comes with detailed instructions on how to perfectly clone your or your partner’s bits, and even reminds the user that every vulva is different and unique, so you shouldn’t be disappointed if it doesn’t look like other vulvas. How sweet is that?


If you think you’ll be cloning body parts again in the future, consider adding the Refill Clone-A-Willy Powder to your gift as well!


PinkCherry Under the Bed Restraints

PinkCherry Under the Bed Restraints


If you’ve decided you want to delve into the mysterious and sexy world of BDSM, here’s the perfect starter kit for you. The PinkCherry Under the Bed Restraints is an ideal set for beginners to try out some basic bondage maneuvers and see what they like. 


If you like what you see here but still want more, I’d again recommend our general BDSM section, where all of your kinky fantasies come true.


Fun Fact: BDSM is an overlapping acronym covering several areas of kinks. BD stands for bondage and discipline, DS stands for dominance and submission (my personal fave), and SM stands for sadism and masochism. 


Hell's Ribbon Red Halter Teddy


Red Satin Teddy Christmas Lingerie


What’s Christmas without gifts?


With the Hell's Ribbon Red Halter Teddy, you become the gift! The sexy red satin feels smooth and soft against the skin, making for a comfortable wear. However, with how this teddy looks, I doubt your partner will have much luck keeping it on you for very long. The thrill of unwrapping a present is one that you never really get over, especially when the present is a foxy lady.


While you’re over here looking at lingerie, consider taking a look at the rest of our sexy lingerie products to see how else you can spice up the bedroom this holiday season.


Hempseed Edible Massage Oil Gift Set

Edible Massage Oil Gift Set For Couples


Everybody loves a good massage, right? Have you ever seen your partner all oiled up with massage oil that smells great, and wanted to give it a taste? Well, now you can.


This edible massage oil gift set is a great value and comes with three different vegan flavours for you and your partner to enjoy without worrying about the taste of chemicals: French Vanilla, Juicy Watermelon, and Succulent Strawberry. They are made with all natural ingredients and oils that will leave your skin feeling soft and moisturized (and tasking delicious). 


If flavoured lubes and oils aren’t really your thing, worry not, PinkCherry has a large variety of lubricantsmassage oils, and warming oils for you to choose from! 


Tickle yourself pink with our 2019 Cyber Monday sale! Take full advantage of 40% off all products and 20% off luxury sex toy brands only on Monday, December 2nd at Enter the code CYBER40 at checkout.

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