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Latest New Sexy Lingerie Trends for 2020


Let’s face it, lingerie fashion in 2019 was pretty sexy! The fashion industry showed off some pretty playful materials on the runaway and left audiences around the world aroused. From unbelievably open bras to geometrically shaped bodices, it was a great year to appreciate the art of the industry. If you think that 2020 is not going to bring the same heat, you are sadly mistaken. I am going to outline the steamiest trends of the new year, you better strap in, it’s going to be the ride of your life! 

Badass Bodysuit/Teddy Babe

There is one lingerie trend that I am particularly excited about for 2020 and that is bodysuits & teddies. I must admit, I have an absolute obsession with wearing them wherever and whenever I can. I love them because its innerwear that’s now trending as outerwear. 

The Sexy Hot Pink Strappy Caged Teddy is the perfect marriage of exquisite and provocative. You can personalize your attitude with this hot pink shredded teddy.


Pink Chemise Bodysuit Lingerie 2020


You can sleep, strut and sex in these babies without any fear. The options when choosing the perfect bodysuit to fit your occasion, mood or body type are endless! Whether you decide to dress it up with a skirt and heels or dress it down as an alluring nightie, you are going to feel like a foxy individual. I personally love wearing one on a night out because it shows a lot of skin without exposing the whole body. You can lure your stud in with a deep plunging front, or a low skin exposed back without being completely risqué. 


According to the New York Fashion Week Street Style, hot pink will also be trending as a sizzling colour in 2020. Style gurus are opting for a deeper, brighter shade that will make them look like a million bucks. Why blend in when you were born to stand out! Ultimately, this bodysuit is the cherry on top of a super sexy “Sundae” night. I guarantee your partner will not be able to close their mouth as you crawl into the new year together.


Sheer Brilliance - Sexy Fishnet Chemise


There’s nothing like a peek-a-boo nipple or the sneak of a cheek to ignite a fire in your partner's pants. Sheer lingerie is making its way off the runway and into the bedroom as a trend for 2020. 

This Strappy Bralette, Panty and Garter Belt Set is a sexy halter neck sheer set worth investing in. This piece contours every curve of your body and leaves your partner wanting more.


Sheer Fishnet Chemise Blue Lingerie 2020


Using semi-transparent material that’s enriched by using light touch laces, pattern mesh and even superfine cotton fabric, resulting in an “almost naked” appearance that teases the eye and erects the soul into a heart-pounding state. I adore sheer lingerie because it feels so light on the skin. You could be wearing a bra, thong or bodysuit and feel like you are already undressed. It also allows you to really show off your own sense of style. Whether your prancing in light white lace or strutting in dark black mesh, you will feel as light as a feather. 


This piece contours every curve of your body and leaves your partner wanting more. This elegant but fully revealing look also happens to be in a trending colour for 2020, turquoise. This beautiful colour highlights all skin tones and is hitting NYFW runways will full force! 


If you’re looking for exposure, this trend will grab the attention of all the right suitors.


Go WILD with Animal Print Lingerie!


Who doesn’t love being the queen of their own jungle! A lingerie trend walking right off the catwalk is animal print. This includes mixing skin prints with contrasting fabrics and print themes to reflect a youthful and creative attitude. 

The Mystic Black Cheetah Print Mini Dress is MEOW worthy. The mesh print cheetah overlay and flesh-baring criss cross cutouts make this piece the sexiest number of the new year!


Cheetah Animal Print Mini Dress Chemise 2020


The best thing about this type of print is its versatility. Whether you’re wearing a fierce cheetah print bra or a sexy snakeskin thong, you are guaranteed to feel like your feline alter ego.


I love it because it gives me the confidence to tempt whatever prey I have my sights on. A few scratches never felt so bad or hurt so good. Tigers aren’t meant to be kept in a cage and either is this trend!


Plunging Teddies


The lower it goes, the better it shows. This is a motto that I love to live by. The fashion industry is taking an interest in plunging lingerie pieces for the new year. A deep V can really take a piece of intimates from bland to bam! I find that these types of items can show more skin without looking too promiscuous. From T-shirt bras to soft bralettes, or sexy low-cut bodysuits with fancy detail, these types of lingerie are becoming popular in all categories. I also find the plunge to be a great representation of a super cheeky personality type.

The Emerald Twilight Teddy satisfies all the desires of those of you with a green thumb. This gorgeous item features a deep plunging v-neckline, a high-cut thong bottom and a stunning open back. It is an easy access teddy that makes it possible for your partner to slip in without you slipping out of this garment.


Emerald Twilight Teddy


Your partner might ask “Well how low does it go?”

You can reply, “Trace the plunge with your tongue to find out.”


I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone complain about little extra cleavage. These are also amazing because they come in so many different shapes and styles. It doesn’t matter if you’re a B or a DD, there’s a plunging piece to fit your girls’ personal form. 


Last year, we saw pistachio and lime green hues dominate our feeds and the runways. In 2020, the colour green will become a whole lot cooler as it begins to focus on refreshing aqua shades. Enjoying an amazing orgasm in this trendy lingerie intimate is just a snap away! 


Cheeky High Waisted Panties


Up, up and away! High-waisted panties are a hot topic as a trend to watch out for in 2020. Taking notes from the ladies of the 80s, femme Fatales are focusing on briefs that climb their waistline. 

A high-waisted cheeky style guaranteed to make your partner purr. These panties can use a mix of Nylon and Elastane, resulting in a super soft, and comfortable lace. Some include sexy back cutouts, which is fun feature that represents a youthful and trendy look. Coming in a variety of colours that are extremely versatile and work well in any scenario. A sexual experience in with these cheeky undies will have you creating your own flashback moments to live for!


Purple Plus Size Panties Lingerie 2020


This trend allows you to show a little more leg and a lot more bootie. If you’re like me, you may feel a little uncomfortable with panties that hug right at your hip bones. These undies rest right on the “muffin” and help hide any insecurities you might feel about your tummy. This means that you can rock more clothes with more confidence. You can get right out of your everyday outfit and make your runway debut to the bedroom. 


This lingerie trend is definitely giving me high hopes for the future of fashion. 


I have to admit, I have not always been the most fashionable individual. I often became overwhelmed with the idea that I had to create my own style. Let me tell you, with a little research and a lot more confidence, I was able to create a look for myself that I absolutely love!


I believe the same rules apply to lingerie fashion styles, trends and looks. Intimates fashion can actually be extremely exciting because not everyone gets to see what’s underneath. 

Hopefully with the recommendations I've provided here, and in other lingerie articles, you’ll have all the tools to slay lingerie for the rest of 2020! all you have to do is shop all our sexy lingerie and watch your partner's pants drop!

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