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Women's Sexy Lingerie Seven Till Midnight Brand


Oh, lingerie. Every girl remembers her first piece. 

For me, it was a pair of black thigh high stockings and a garter belt. Wearing them together made me feel so badass and confident, it’s like I became a new woman while I was wearing them. I had been on the fence about owning lingerie, but (I know this sounds dramatic) trust me when I say that it’s life changing to own comfortable, sexy lingerie.

And, it looks like other women might be agreeing with me! Since 2012, the Canadian lingerie market has risen in value from $1.57 billion to $2.08 billion.

Every woman deserves to feel sexy and empowered while wearing lingerie, that’s what makes Seven ‘Til Midnight such a special brand.

Seven ‘Til Midnight has been praised by celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, Denise Richards, Naya Rivera, and Kim Kardashian, to name a few. It has been featured in People Magazine, Glamour, Playboy, In Style, Cosmo, Maxim, and several others. Their lingerie comes in sizes from small to 4X, making sure anyone can feel and look sexy. It is a top-quality brand named after “the hours that conjure up titillating fantasies and mischievous activities.” 

And Seven ‘Til Midnight lingerie is available at!

Seven ‘Til Midnight’s goal is to provide fashion-forward designs, impeccable craftsmanship, bold colours, and eye-catching prints with luscious fabrics and flirty details. They have over 250 styles of lingerie, accessories, and sleepwear, and even sell athletic wear and swimwear, too!

If you’ve never tried wearing lingerie, perhaps you should ask yourself: Why do people wear lingerie? Why should I wear lingerie?

Lingerie makes you feel good

Haven’t you ever heard of the theory that wearing a matching bra and panty set makes you feel sexy? It’s like a little secret under your clothes that only you - and someone special - get to see. 

There is something so empowering about seeing yourself in lingerie that you actually like. Whether you’re into lace or leather, chiffon or cotton, there is truly something out there in the lingerie market for everybody. 

A super easy way to do this in the bedroom or out in your everyday life is by checking out Seven ‘Til Midnight’s panties.

This Amazing Lace Open Crotch Pink Panty is absolutely adorable. Lacey front and back is the perfect middle ground between sweet and sexy. The exotic pink colour makes this piece irresistible. The flirtatious open bum thong style will help you avoid a panty line in tight pants, skirts or dresses!

This Merlot Rose bralette can also be worn out and about or in the bedroom. It has gorgeous lace detailing on the front, and the back straps add contrast to this feminine piece. I know wearing anything with lace makes me feel delicate and sensual, while straps add a trendy, contemporary feel, so I’m sure the effect is similar on other women.

If you’re a fan of babydoll sets, The Soft Pink Babydoll  is perfect for you. The babydoll style is made to flatter your natural curves, so show ‘em off, girl! The empire waist is romantic yet sensual, and the criss-cross, adjustable shoulder straps are perfectly accessorized with a sweet satin lace up. 

It’s also perfect for putting on and walking around your house pretending to be a rich supermodel. Don’t ask me how I know that.

Lingerie will arouse your partner

If you feel good, chances are you look good, too. If you’re normally a more submissive partner, switching it up with some sexy lingerie may make you feel more inclined to take on a dominant position now and then. Perhaps while wearing a Seven ‘Til Midnight teddy, like this Emerald Twilight Teddy with Harness.


Emerald Green Strappy Teddy Sexy Lingerie Set


You might wonder, “what’s the point of wearing something sexy like this if it’s just going to be taken off?”, and I have two words for you: Snap. Crotch. That’s right, this sexy little number has a snap crotch, so you can keep it on while you have some fun. 


If the idea of a snap crotch doesn’t appeal to you, you should consider simply shopping for a sexy bralette of some sort. Like most bralettes, it can be worn inside and outside of the bedroom. Keep it on during sex for an added element of sexiness, or pair it with a sheer shirt to show off during your next nightclub outing.


Lingerie & some naughty roleplaying


Roleplaying is a super fun way to spice up your sex life and try new things, maybe even things you’d never try doing or saying if you weren’t roleplaying. And, come on, these costumes are incredibly attractive.


“Hi darling, I’ll be your nurse today. We’re going to start with your physical exam…so take off your pants.”


That’s something you could try saying while seducing your partner with the No-Nonsense Nurse Costume. Look at that accurate first aid symbol on the headband, too. It’s like you’re actually at the hospital.


Or, “I’m sorry professor, I know my grades haven’t been the best lately… Is there anything I could do for some extra credit?” said while wearing the Boarding School Schoolgirl Costume.


Oops, I did it again.


What are you waiting for? Head over to to see for yourself all of the amazing styles of lingerie, panties, babydolls and chemises and other sexy lingerie that Seven ‘Til Midnight and all our other lingerie brands have to offer.