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Before we get started here, I’d like to mention something I learned today. Nothing rhymes with ‘vibrator.’ A last-resort google search gave me the not-at-all helpful (and not rhyming) options of ‘skyscraper,’ ‘tiebreaker,’ ‘flypaper’ or ‘icebreaker.’ Same problem for ‘dildo’, ‘butt plug’, and ‘orgasm’. Way to make coming up with fun sex toy article headlines difficult, English language!


Anyway, much more to the point, welcome to the very first installment of PinkCherry’s ‘Best Of’ series! Today we’re talking about some of the best sex toys For Her: what they are, why we love them, and how to get the most pleasure possible using them. 


Side note: there are lots, so we decided to make this a two-parter.


We’re kicking off our ‘Best Of’s with this topic for good reason. “What would you say is the best/most popular/best feeling sex toy for me, my wife, girlfriend etc,” is a question we get asked A LOT, and understandably so. When you’re on the hunt for a new toy, especially if it’s your first one, it’s always nice to have a place to start.


To get one thing out of the way, there aren’t many that can’t be enjoyed by a *woman, except, of course, for things that require a penis (masturbators sleeves and penis pumps come to mind). Here, though, we’re going to be zeroing in on toys that were designed to work with and for most women’s bodies and certain specific erogenous zones. We do know, of course, that no two women are the same, and that not one particular toy is guaranteed to work for everyone or every body. That would be much too easy, right? Going back up to that question we get asked (almost) daily though, you gotta start somewhere! Part 1 of Best Of For Her will be looking at two beloved orgasm-seeking options, clitoral and rabbit vibrators.


There are hundreds, thousands, maybe millions of choices when it comes to the good ol’ vibe. Buzzing onto the scene officially around the end of the 19th century, the vibrator started out as a medical device used to treat, among other ailments, the fabled ‘female hysteria’. Doctors would administer electromechanical stimulation to the pelvic area, the end goal being ‘hysterical paroxysm’ or what we now know as orgasm. Shockingly (but not really), orgasm cured hysteria, since it was just misunderstood sexual tension.


Fast forward a few decades and a sexual revolution later to the Magic Wand, a still best-selling electric vibration tool originally designed as a body massager. News spread by word of mouth that the screamingly powerful Wand doubled as a pleasure tool, and to this day, it’s one of our top recommendations for women who have trouble climaxing. On that note, let’s get into climax, orgasm, coming, finishing; however you like to put it, and the role vibrators play in making sure you get there every time.

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It’s thought that 75% of women (at the very least!) either can’t or have a difficult time climaxing during penetration alone. There’s no way to know the exact number, but ¾ seems about right to us. If you’re in that majority, hopefully, you know that there’s still hope, and if not, there definitely is. Here’s some easy math for you. Clitoris + Vibrator = yesssssss! Clitoral stimulation is key for most of us, not only during sex but also self-love or masturbation. That’s just a fact! Another fact: a vibrator will stimulate the clitoris, and that’s why we love them.


Packed with nerve endings and pleasure sensors, the clitoris is thought to be one of - if not the only - human body part that exists purely for the sake of pleasure. Despite popular belief, the clitoris isn’t just the triangle of tissue you can usually see toward the top of the vulva, it’s actually a complex structure with vascular tissue and a matrix of fibres channeling through the entire pelvic region. That little anatomy lesson will come in pretty handy when you’ve got a vibrator in hand, trust us. All bodies are different, of course, but generally speaking, when you line up a vibrator with the clitoris and/or areas around the clitoris, you’ll definitely feel the effect! Experimentation is your friend with vibrator positioning - this is definitely a case of practice & experience trumping theory.


Any vibrator will technically work to stimulate the clitoris, but one designed specially for clitoral use will do a much better job. Bullet vibes are a favourite basic since they’re tiny and easy to direct to the clitoris and sensitive surrounding areas- bonus pleasure points for different vibration modes and speeds! Vibrators with slanted or scooped tips are also high on the must-have list for clitoral stimulation; the same goes for the wand vibe or body massager e.g. the Magic Wand we mentioned earlier.


Lately, a new wave (literally) of pleasure air or pressure wave technology has been winning us and our fellow clitoris owners over. Unlike vibration, which, by the way, is still fantastic and irreplaceable, this new type of stimulator uses pulses of air to create a targeted inward/outward sensation that’s far more subtle and at the same time, much more powerful when it comes to targeting the clitoris. We highly recommend these, keep in mind that it can take a few tries to get used to the sensation. On the other hand, that first try could also go down in history as the fastest you’ve ever reached orgasm. We’ll say it again, all bodies are different, unique, and will respond differently to stimulation.


So far, we’ve been talking a lot about the clitoris, and we’re not going to stop! Instead, we’ll go ahead and add in some penetration, bringing us to...the famous rabbit!


This dual action, inside and outside, double the pleasure sweet spot lovin’ vibrator style has managed to hog the sexy spotlight long after its mainstream debut on, Sex In The City, back in the good ol’ 90’s (yes, it’s been that long!). The rabbit vibe is sometimes used as an example of positive contemporary female sexuality, plus, it was dubbed the Rolls Royce of Sex Toys by none other than Oprah. Impressive!


Remember when we mentioned that most women can’t climax from penetration alone? Well, that’s true, but it’s also true that many women CAN climax when clitoral stimulation is added to the penetration equation. Rabbit vibes to the rescue with their insertable shafts and ticklers positioned to reach up to the clitoris from below.


Around the mid 80’s, the first bunny hopped on over to North America. Designed in Japan, it had a phallic shaft with a cutesy cartoonish face along with the now-famous namesake rabbit tickler. Now, what’s the most recognizable thing about a rabbit? Why, the ears, of course! The rabbit vibe’s two ears, in vibrator form, flicker, quiver and shiver along with vibration, all the better to target the clitoris. No worries if ears aren’t your thing, though. These days, there are all sorts of shapes to choose from, animal or not.


Rabbit vibe sales were strong from the start and toy manufacturers started catching on to the huge market potential of female-geared toys. Thanks to the original prototype (and yes, the design was influenced by a woman), today we’re lucky enough to have rabbit vibes that can thrust, rotate, target the g-spot and even tease the butt, all while making sure the all-important clitoris is stimulated. Orgasm city!


Well, the clitoris is about where we started today and it’s also where we’ll leave off for now. PinkCherry’s ‘Best Of’ series will be back soon with ‘For Her Part 2’, plus lots of other fun, informative and always sex-positive topics, stay tuned!


*PinkCherry would like to state loud and clear that we are 100% supportive and respectful of all positive gender identities, presentations or positions on the binary. We try our best to be completely inclusive, and never intend to leave out, overlook or mislabel any person. We believe that everyone and every body is deserving of pleasure.

Melanie Pollock is a Hamilton, Ontario based writer, photographer, trainee beekeeper and long-time PinkCherry product specialist. On an average day, you’ll find her wrestling socks away from her chocolate lab, growing backyard vegetables, and creating weird Spotify playlists.