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Sexy Mesh Lingerie For Women


It's pretty safe to say that lingerie is a major player when it comes to the women's wardrobe game. From a skimpy pair of silky panties to a body-skimming teddy, a great piece of lingerie can make you feel like your very own sexy superhero. It gives you the confidence to take on obstacles all day long. From morning meetings to naughty evenings, a great piece of lingerie can have you slaying 24 hours a day. 

Although satin, silk, and lace are and will always be popular lingerie materials, here's a little secret. There's a new trend-maker emerging from the darkness of lingerie drawers word-wide - a sultry little material called mesh. If mesh were a person, it would be quite the temptress, always ready to reveal a little or a lot. It displays your curves and gives your partner teasing peeps of flesh without giving it all away. It’s revolutionary! Okay, maybe that’s a bit much, but it is pretty extraordinary. Today I'm sharing exactly why it’s so amazing, where to buy the best mesh lingerie pieces, and how to best take care of mesh lingerie.  


Why are we Mesh-merized with Mesh?

There’s nothing sexier than feeling comfortable. The sad reality, though, is that a vast majority of lingerie pieces or sets were not made to be particularly comfortable, durable or easy to care for. Mesh lingerie, on the other hand, is inherently comfortable. The material is light, airy and breathable, so it feels as good as it looks. Whether you’re rocking a bra, a babydoll, a corset or even a full bodysuit, softly woven mesh fibres practically guarantee easy wearability. Speaking of comfort, the Mesh Who? is the perfect combination of sexy and cute. The satin ribbon front tie and crotchless panty with satin side ties. 

Black Mesh Lace Teddy

Mesh is also very versatile. It looks great with leather, latex or really any other piece its paired with. This gives you the ability to mix and match different lingerie designs without fully committing to a mesh on mesh outfit. The Skip a Beat Heart Mesh Chemise & Thong is absolute fire! This gorgeous bodysuit illuminates your curves and pushes up your girls in pure perfection. The product also has a peek-a-boo booty feature to give you 360 degrees of sultry. I’m guessing you won’t be disappointed by the marriage of these two materials. 

Leopard Mesh Long Sleeve Black Bodystocking

Mesh brings some seriously sexy edginess to your lingerie collection, and can help bring your “bad to the bone” persona out to play. If Sons of Anarchy could create a lingerie line, they would probably choose mesh as their material. Mesh is definitely not a trend that you want to be on the tail end of. Speaking of tails, the  Leopard Mesh Long Sleeve Black Bodystocking will drive your partner wild! Whether you decide to wear it inside or out on a date-night safari, you’ll be the star of the night.

If you're on the prowl for something timelessly sexy, have a look at the Lace Fantasy Pastel Blue Mini Dress. This mesh chemise set is basically the definition of raw sex appeal. The unique design leaves juuuust enough covered as it provides a super-sexy peepshow. The mesh fabric is so soft and comfortable that you might forget you're wearing anything at all. You can sleep, sex and even skip if that’s your style. 


How to Keep Mesh Fresh 

This goes for all lingerie, really, but you want your mesh pieces to feel like you're putting them on for the first time, every time. There’s nothing sexy about a frayed thong or washed out bra. Let's face it, great lingerie isn't cheap, so it needs to stay looking and feeling fantastic for as long as possible.   

Let's talk bras! A beautiful bra should be washed by hand, particularly when you're dealing with a fragile material like mesh! You don’t want your bra's fabric to start tearing or stretching - shape and support are super-important when it comes to keeping your breasts comfy and looking their best. Fill your sink with lukewarm water and add a bit of detergent. Soak your bra for a few minutes, and then gently work the soap through the material. Rinse with cool water. Follow this step with a good old air dry, and voila!

If you must use the washing machine, place your bra or other lingerie piece in a special (also mesh, usually!) lingerie bag and wash on the delicate cycle in cool water. Please DO NOT use hot water, as it can quickly deteriorate delicate material fibres like mesh. Bottom line: it’s important to respect your bra! 

Panty time! Whether they're crotchless, cheeky, full coverage or held together by strings, panties are usually extremely fragile and need extra attention on laundry day. Like a bra, I would suggest washing sheer underwear by hand. If they are going through the machine, place in a mesh bag and use warm water and a cool rinse with a delicate detergent. Always air dry all types of panties.

You can apply these bra and panty tips to virtually all mesh lingerie, just take a peek at the label for a special care instructions first. Some pieces will recommend hanging or laying flat to dry, and while it isn't common, occasionally even dry cleaning.

Mesh is a masterpiece material when it comes to creating sexy and durable lingerie. The fabric is built to work well on its own and is often layered onto other textiles because it's so very versatile. Mesh may seem light and airy, but it dominates the attention of those in its presence! It's edgy, exotic and looks good on everyone! From bras and panties to corsets and garters, mesh can make you feel confident and powerful. PinkCherry has an outstanding selection of mesh items for all shapes and sizes. All aboard, the mesh express is leaving the station and it’s looking hotter than ever!

Mesh lingerie is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Buy it now to experience a sexy new twist in bedroom attire!

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