Eupho Trident Male G-Spot Stimulator in White

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Eupho Trident Male G-Spot Stimulator

Product Description

This'll date us a bit, but it's been over ten years since we witnessed the beginnings of a (long over-due) prostate pleasure revolution. From day one, Aneros has been at the forefront of p-spot play, orgasm enhancement, prostate health and overall anal excellence, and they've never stopped inventing, re-configuring and improving their ultra-unique, scientifically and anatomically researched prostate massage instruments. Need proof? Here it is! Allow us to introduce the Eupho Trident.

First, a little background. The anal area has one of the highest concentrations of nerve endings in the entire body, plus, it houses what's sometimes called the 'male g-spot', otherwise known as the prostate gland or 'P-Spot. Stimulation of the prostate and surrounding area can result in what some men have called the best orgasm of their lives, or the 'Super-O'. Now, to properly and orgasmically stimulate your or your partner's prostate, you'll need the right tool. The Eupho Trident is that tool.

Specially designed to be user friendly enough for beginners while deeply satisfying more advanced users, too, the Eupho was designed to deliver hands-free prostate massage. Anatomically curved to target inner anal erogenous zones with next to no effort, the firm, silky Eupho features strategic angles and contours plus a sleekly swollen tip. Once inserted (with the help of lots of water-based lube, of course), all that curviness snuggles naturally against your/their extra sensitive prostate gland while the widespread base places some very pleasurable pressure on the perineum, too.

Aside from stimulating the wearer's perineum externally, Eupho's big widespread base anchors to the outside of the wearer's body to prevent any too-deep slips. You'll be able to play worry free, and also insert, remove and adjust the massager comfortably. Speaking of adjustment, the Eupho was designed to react to contractions of it's wearer's pelvic floor and anal muscles. You or your partner won't need to manually move it, just insert, contract and enjoy. 

While some men report achieving an over-the-top intense orgasm, or 'Super-O' right away, others don't. It might take some time to get the hang of your Eupho, but that's totally normal, and the end result will almost definitely be worth it. Once you're used to the sensation of anal penetration and prostate massage itself, you'll be use the massager with a partner during sex. Some users report lasting longer during sex, and some say that it makes them harder. Pleasure aside, massage is thought to improve prostate health, so you can't really go wrong!

In skin safe, medical grade plastic, the Eupho is hypoallergenic, hygienic and virtually indestructible. Clean it well before and after playtime using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Compatible with any favourite lubricant - a good anal lube, a slippery silicone formula, or a great quality water-based lube will be your best bet. As with any anal toy, please use lots!

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Eupho Trident Male G-Spot Stimulator

SKU: ANEROS-001843 | UPC: 894757001843 | MPN: EUPT01 (55)


SKU: ANEROS-001843 | UPC: 894757001843 | MPN: EUPT01 (55)

  • Length: 4.4"
  • Insertable Length: 4"
  • Girth: 2.5" at largest point
  • Width: 0.9" at largest point
  • Colour: White
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Eupho Trident Male G-Spot Stimulator

Really hits the spot

This is my second Aneros prostate massager, I got the Helix Syn first. But I read a review of the Eupho Trident and wanted to try it and am I ever glad I did. There's some forums on Hand Free Orgasm, and the Super O on the Aneros site, My favorite is the "My First Super O" forum. Goes in to a lot of techniques and helpful hints. I'm a newbie to this, and didn't experience much with the first Aneros, but the Tident Eupho is a whole new level. Haven't reached the Super O, but getting really close and I've only had it a week. Just lying on my back, legs up and just completely relax and let go, don't do anything. It takes a while, but then the prostate just starts doing it's thing, hitting the Aneros in all the right places. It's an awesome product and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to experience the HFO.

Eupho Trident Male G-Spot Stimulator

Serious toy

The Eupho Trident is an advancement over the non-Trident version of this P-Spot stimulator. It gives a nice feeling of fullness, while still moving well when inserted. Because of its asymmetrical design and new P- and K-tabs, it rubs the prostate more fully with both back and forth AND sideway motion, and stays in place better. Its size makes it more of an advanced tool for anal play.

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