Bound To You Spreader Bar

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Product Description
I try to squirm but I can barely move, and it makes the torture all the more intense...

A classy classic ready to play any time and anywhere - in other words, just what you'd expect from the official Fifty Shades of Grey collection - the Bound To You Spreader Bar offers all you dominant-minded partners a sexily effective means of keeping a (consensual!) sub right where you want them. 

As much as we love cuffs, sometimes though, they just need a little help. That's where the Spreader Bar comes in.  At each end of a fixed 20"/50.8cm bar in rugged faux leather wrapped metal, this handy piece features pretty brass swivel clasps. Attach your favourite pair of cuffs (not included) to capture both their limbs and their undivided attention!

Once they (or you) are locked to the bar, things get really interesting! The bar, aside from acting as a simple spreader, can also be used as a position aid - it's something to hang onto when legs are up in the air, for example.

Spot-clean as needed. Eco-friendly manila packaging is as pictured. Satin Fifty Shades of Grey storage bag included.

SKU: FIFTY-639694 | UPC: 5060462639694 | MPN: 80137 (2)


SKU: FIFTY-639694 | UPC: 5060462639694 | MPN: 80137 (2)

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Based On 1 Reviews
Bound To You Spreader Bar

Lots of fun

A bit pricey but it is a solid well built piece of kit. We had a lot of fun with it and are looking at ways to string it to the bed or ceiling for hands free control

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