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Lucid Dream No. 14 G-Spot Vibe in Purple

Lucid Dream No.14 G-Spot Vibe

  • Lucid Dream No.14 G-Spot Vibe
  • Lucid Dream No.14 G-Spot Vibe
  • Lucid Dream No.14 G-Spot Vibe
  • Lucid Dream No.14 G-Spot Vibe
  • Lucid Dream No.14 G-Spot Vibe
  • Lucid Dream No.14 G-Spot Vibe

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Lucid Dream No. 14 G-Spot Vibe in Purple

$39.95 CDN

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399 in PinkCherry Points

A big surprise! (Wife's Toy)

First toy to EVER hit my wife's G-Spot what a great toy... in anything ever happends to it.. It's sure we're buying it back!

Yes (katie)

It hits the spot ^.^

dreamy (LadyDie Lair)

Like you dont want it to end!

Product Description

Hailed as one of the best g-spot vibes in existence, the Lucid Dream 14 boasts a winning combination of precision softness, an incredibly accurate, sexily swollen angle and fantastic power originating from a dedicated motor located in a supremely sweet-spot targeting tip. Justifying many, many glowing reviews praising its user friendliness and perfect shape, the Lucid Dream 14 was chosen as Women's Health Best Maxi Vibe, appealing this curvy treasure to beginner g-seekers as well as more experienced internal pleasure seekers.

Easy to maneuver in, over and around the body, fitting comfortably and naturally in hand, the 14's larger size makes for a blissfully full-coverage experience whether employing that unique tip inside or out. Effortlessly reaching the g-spot upon penetration, the vibe's natural curve positions the power-packed multi-speed motor directly against the nerve ending rich upper vaginal wall. Once in place, the sleek, ultra smooth material massages firmly and precisely, though the big tip does flex nicely on a thinner neck during positioning. Breathtakingly powerful, the steady, unrelenting vibration is easily varied with a simple twist of the base.

In a safe, phthalate free elastomer material, the Lucid Dream 14 is wonderfully skin-friendly and extremely easy to clean and maintain, simply wash well with warm soapy water or a good toy cleansing fluid before and after use. Compatible with water and silicone based lubricants. Requires 2 AA batteries (sold separately). Waterproof.

  • Length: 8.75"
  • Insertable Length: 7"
  • Girth: 4.75" at largest point
  • Width: 1.5" at largest point
  • Materials: PVC
  • Battery: 2 x AA Batteries
  • Special Features: Waterproof, Multi-Speed, Non-Phallic
  • Color: Purple

Product Code: 0926-01-BX
UPC Code: 782421631918
ITEM: DJ-0926-01-BX


Customer Reviews

Best freebie...ever! (alice sixx)

I got this vibe as a free gift and all I can say is wow! I was not expecting a free gift at all, let alone one that packed such a powerful punch. My boyfriend really like to use this toy on me as well.

Oh I miss this vibe! (Y)

I had this vibe for about 2 years, I wasn't sure that it was going to do the trick, but it did over and over again! Unfortunately the battery cap broke, so no more fun. Time to replace it, its worth it!

Good Standard Vibe (annonymous)

We got this vibrator as a freebie with the We Vibe II and it is definitely a good vibrator. Strong vibrations, easy to use dial for intensity, and easy to clean. However, we have found this vibrator is just a little too big at the head. This makes it somewhat awkward to position. We use it for clit stimulation instead. Still worth the buy.

good vibrations!!! (annonymous)

I bought this for my girlfriend a few months ago, and she just loved it. She likes the big head on it, an how it reaches her g-spot easily. Not to mention its very good for clitoral stimulation and other areas ;D! The only slight down side to it, is once its in I tends to turn and shift on its own, but just keep a good grip.

Love! (W)

This vibe is my new favorite toy by far- yum!

Amazing!! (annonymous)

This vibe is my new favorite. it hits the right spot trust me. Very worth it. GET IT LOL!!

Nice but not the best (Anonymous)

This vibe just didn't do the trick for me, I didn't find the vibrations overly strong and the shape of the tip is a little awkward and a little too big. It's not terrible and the price is very reasonable. I find it relatively quiet as well, which is important for some people.

Great for prostate too (Anonymous)

This is a great toy for both newbies and advanced prostate explorers. The shape and material are great for hitting the right spots and easy cleanup. i would buy again if mine ever broke down

I'm in love! (Anonymous)

This was actually the first vibrator I've bought for myself after someone I was seeing introduced me to a different g-spot vibe and I'm in love! :D The speeds are intense (so much power!!), and it works amazing both on the gspot as well as on the clit. And on the noise front, it's surprisingly quiet.

Oh My G. (Bre)

I. Love. This. Vibe.
Best thing I've ever spent my money on. I have gone through 7 different types of vibrators & this is seriously the best. It is powerful, quiet & didn't even think I had a G Spot till I bought this.

Buy two! (All Wheel)

Not a bad vibe, it is great for the price. The only problem is you need one for the clit and one for inside!

G-Spot Machine!! (Bzzz)

This here guy hits the spot and then some. Powerful vibe shakes all the right spots and the bend at the end goes where others have not gone before! Beam me up No14!

AMAZING!! (Anonymous)

This is a fantastic toy you will love it. Was a great choice for sure:)

Omg! (Anonymous)

I love this toy!! The intensity of the orgasms I get using this and a pocket rocket are absolutely mind blowing. Don't hesitate, get it!


No complaints with this vibrator. I climax very quickly and happily! It has lasted me a long time, soft material, sturdy yet flexible...perfect toy, especially for first time users!

first vib (Anonymous)

First time I bought a vib at age 63. Didn't think I could have a g-spot orgasm, but this honey even though it had a strong plastic odor sent me over the edge. works wonders on the clit too. Actually bought one for my daughter whos hubby is sick and my granddaughter who's man is overseas with the military. Intend to try some of the other luciid dream vibs/

G-spot perfection (Anonymous)

The material is the perfect hardness to put firm pressure on the G-spot. Great angle and size. I like that the vibration is located at the end where it's useful and not where your hand is. All in all one of my favorites and at a great price.

Hits the Spot!! (Anonymous)

Loving this vibe! Takes me there every time!! Super quiet if that is something you're looking for too.

Very pleasant surprise!! (Anonymous)

I bought this in search of finally rubbing the g spot the right way. Let me tell you, it worked wonders. I had no idea orgasims could feel that good. I've recently became a little experimental with it and have added a small plug to the mix! The combination is FANTASTIC!! I get the perfect result every time, and this toy is wonderful to use during foreplay.

dreamy (LadyDie Lair)

Like you dont want it to end!

A big surprise! (Wife's Toy)

First toy to EVER hit my wife's G-Spot what a great toy... in anything ever happends to it.. It's sure we're buying it back!

Yes (katie)

It hits the spot ^.^

Bought it for my wife, she definitely thanked me (Anonymous)

First off its waterproof. Second its great in a hot bath. Third its great to team up and help out.
This vib is awesome I bought it for my wife in hope to replace a cheap broken one. At first opening it you can feel the quality. There is a slight smell of plastic but with anything give it a gentle wash an enjoy. We were just soaking in the bath and decided to bring the toy in as well. What an orgasm so good she didn't even take it out the first time she took it for another try. Great product I would recommend it for all my wife would definately agree too.

Got Towels??? lol (LilyRaine)

SUCH A QUIET VIBE I LOVE IT. Parents can sneak away for a quickie without the loud zzzzzzzz lol. It made my gspot so happy I squirted in less than 2 min n twice in less than 5 min. OMG nice to use on the clit too the large head is perfect for a nice rub out then slip in for the gspot after you get slippery. Ladies if you can lock it in there with ur tight muscles some lube will help to not irritate ur skin if you planning on some in and outtie motions. I recommend this one and planning on checking out another lucid dreams item. The vibe in the head is what sold me.

amazing!! (Anonymous)

better than i ever dreamed

pros and cons (900mike)

Pros. Water proof. Great in the tub. Tons of power. Great clitorous stimulator.
Cons. Aweful smell of plastic. If your mate has a little vagina the head is very bulbis and may not fit internally.

Loved it! (hornyashell)

This was one of my first toys. I have had it for at least 3 years and it is still one of my favorites.

Orgasmic... Literally!! (Anonymous)

Bought this after my boyfriend moved across Canada .... And I'm so happy he moved across Canada now! This vibe is amazing. Does the trick in less than 5!

OMG!!!! (Anonymous)

Unbelievable orgasms!!!! This product is amazing alone or so much better with a partner!!! Different angles, different sensations and my husband loves it to play with me!!!!

Wow! (A M)

I didnt even know where my g-spot was until I received this toy. It is AMAZING!!!!

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