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Miracle Massager Accessory for Him

Miracle Massager Accessory for Him

  • Miracle Massager Accessory for Him
  • Miracle Massager Accessory for Him
  • Miracle Massager Accessory for Him
  • Miracle Massager Accessory for Him
  • Miracle Massager Accessory for Him
  • Miracle Massager Accessory for Him

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Miracle Massager Accessory for Him

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Never ever thought this would work, but read the reviews. Bought it, now I almost wore it out..Amazing


Never ever thought this would work, but read the reviews. Bought it, now I almost wore it out..Amazing

grrrreat (lac)

this product with the right lubricant works great when the wife is not in the mood.

Product Description

Taking amazing male-focused advantage of the much-loved, over-the-top powerful classic wand, the Miracle Massager Accessory For Him slips securely over the default tip of the original Miracle Massager (and other similar wands) massager to provide full-coverage vibrating penile stimulation.

Supple and sexily transparent, allowing for excitingly voyeuristic opportunities, the Accessory sits atop the wand, offering an amazingly textured soft cylinder to masturbation and/or foreplay. Ribbed at one side and lined in teasing nubs at the other, the Stroker provides distinct sensations depending on which end is entered. Regardless, the insane power of the Massager buzzes steadily right through, transmitting toe-curling intensity straight to points of body contact.

In body safe, phthalate free TPR, the Accessory is incredibly hygienic, easily sanitized using warm soapy water or a good toy cleansing fluid/foam. Compatible with water and silicone based lubricants.

* Fits the Original Miracle Massager, PinkCherry's Diva Pro, Princess Pro and massagers of approximately 2-2.5" (5-5.7cm) in diameter

  • Orifice: Neutral
  • Length: 3"
  • Special Features: Open Ended, Vibrates

Product Code: SE-2090-40-3
UPC Code: 716770052834
ITEM: CE-2090-40-3


Customer Reviews

AMAZING! (Anonymous)

My wife loves the hitachi magic wand so much, i decided i needed to see what all the fuss was about. well this device allows me to experience the full wrath that the magic wand has to offer. i can have multiple orgasms when using this. allowing for a 30 second or so break after each orgasm.

A Guy Must Have (GoodWife)

I bought this for my husband because I love my Hitachi Magic Wand. When we used it for the first time, my husband actually gasped in shock at how good it felt. It's replaced all other jack off toys in our collection. We both HIGHLY recommend this one. (If you don't have an Hitachi Magic Wand already - GET ONE!)

Fantastic (Anonymous)

Lots and lots of fun. Easily gets you off very quickly. Great toy for partner or single play. I use it with a hitachi wand and it is amazing.

Man's Best Friend (Anonymous)

Worth it's weight in gold. Stimulation is fantastic. Cheapest male masturbation toy out there but hands down the best. Relax and let the Hitachi do the work. Be prepared for strong powerful orgasms. Buying one of these will be the best money you have ever spent on personal pleasuring. Now I know why my wife loves her Hitachi so much.

Nice toy (Anonymous)

It works. I use it with the Hatachi (lot's of power). One of the most effective toys I have.

Great Product (Anonymous)

The material is very flexible and works great. It's the best toy I have.

Outstanding (Anonymous)

Bought this for me to go on my wife's hitachi magic wand. It is incredible. I can only use it in short bursts as it brings me to orgasm extemely quickly. Man what a ride. A great purchase. Now it is a contest to see who gets the hitachi first.

Fastest way to an orgasm! (powetoweight)

This thing is freakishly good.It usually takes me a while reach an orgasmic state but not with this attached to a Magic Wand.Once,I had an orgasm in ONE MINUTE!The material is vey soft and stretchy albiet a bit tight(but I'm a bit girthy at 6" in circumference).HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Replaced my fleshlight as my favourite toy!! (Sean)

So I've been using this with a hitachi magic wand as per everyone elses recommendation for the past two weeks.. It takes some getting used to because it's a completely different way of cumming than you're used to...In a good way!
You need to COMPLETELY relax the entire time. My natural urge is to tense up as I approach orgasm, but you need to relax and almost push. (It helps if you take a leak beforehand, and have two or three towels underneath and around you.
You'll know you're doing it right if you start feeling like you're going to piss...Go with it (This is why peeing beforehand helps) right to the end and you won't regret it!
Just this morning I had at least a dozen orgasms in a row, probably half of them were squirting, and the rest I think I was out of fluids by that point...I can't recommend this combo enough!
Another benefit I've found is the fact that if you're tired or lazy, the massager can be left laying on your leg or stomach while your hands are behind your head or otherwise occupied..Makes for an excellent hands-free operation ;)
Only negative (and this is more the massager than the attachment) is it can be noisy..The hitachi I have is a bit on the loud side, and the attachment can get almost a harmonic resonance going that's like a buzzing.... Not good if you have thin walls or a roommate, but if noise isn't a problem, you'll love this thing. Just make sure to relax and go with it!

Amazing (lou)

Great toy to use with your partner or even if you sneak off in the bedroom. It feels amazing through both sides adding a little lube or some of your partner spit amazing

Holy Crap! (Tophat)

I call mine "The milk machiene". Coupled with the Hitachi Magic Wand this thing will give you sensations that you've never felt before. Speaking of the magic wand and to quote my wife after trying it, "You don't even need an imagination". This combination gets a sixth star from me for reinventing my faith in toys for men.

Great! Only problem cheap plastic (Anonymous)

Overall, this is a good product and does what it should (turn the magic wand or hitachi into a great male toy). The only problem is the CHEAP plastic that's behind in technology put into cyberskin or fleshlight and doesn't feel anything like them. It is very tight on me (my penis is slightly over the average size and girth not by much) guess it should be tight but should be soft to the touch and retain lube. This product is really lacking in the softness department and takes a s*it load of lube to make usable (we used sliquid H2O- very HQ lube) So bare that in mind before buying this product. Its a good toy, transfers the vibration well to where u want and need it, not happy with the materials used to make this toy, could of been much softer, maybe close one end to retain more lube during usage. That's basically why I'm giving this product a 2 and not a 5 (would give it 2-1/2 stars if I could but 3 is too generous for a company that has overlooked such simple flaws in design.

A bit disappointed (olwhatshisface)

I have to admit I was excited to try out this attachment after reading so many good reviews, I was surprised how 'rough' the material felt. (That's relative, of course. It doesn't feel like sandpaper!) It's just rougher than I expected. However, my opinion may be jaded by my fleshlight, which is much softer.
It does transfer the intense vibrations from the magic wand, which are incredible, and those helped to get me over the edge and come. I now know why my wife loves the magic wand!

Not for the large guy (CurlyP)

Yes, this thing does a good job transmitting the vibes from a wand, but it's rather tight, and I'm not overly endowed. As others said, it's not very stretchy at all and harder than it should be. I can get it on easily if only semi-erect, but if fully erect it's noticeably more difficult. Regardless, once on, there's no way to "pump" it up and down; even with LOTS of lube. To be really great, needs to be made of SOFTER material and be a couple inches longer.

WOW! (Anonymous)

Never had a toy like this and after using it with the Hitachi Magic Wand, I can see why there are high reviews for this toy. Used it twice today after receiving it and so far love it. The vibrations given off of the Magic Wand is just undescribable. For it to really work, you have to find that magic spot and hold it there and soon after, you'll get the pay off.

Not bad (Slave boy)

I have to agree this is not for the larger endowed guy; however, when just using the looser end on just the head OMG!!!!!!!! could not last more that 30 seconds the first time. The vibration will make you explode!!!!

grrrreat (lac)

this product with the right lubricant works great when the wife is not in the mood.


Never ever thought this would work, but read the reviews. Bought it, now I almost wore it out..Amazing


Never ever thought this would work, but read the reviews. Bought it, now I almost wore it out..Amazing

Nice but.. really need something LARGER PLZ!!!! (Anonymous)

Just tried it with my girlfriend... Even with lub, it's very very tight... Too tight i have to admit.. They should release something larger than this... I'll destroy my cock trying to put this on!
But well... Thing alone... really nice vibration!
If you add my gf's mouth and the Njoy Pure Plug, all together at the same time... OMG! What an explosion!

0_0 (Christopher)

I bought the wand for my girlfriend and I was completely jealous of her using it. I wished I could enjoy it somehow.
Then I found these attachments.
This on the magic wand brings me to breathless orgasms in minutes!
Warning: if your significant other strokes you with the attachment during orgasm, you might pass out from pleasure. 0_0

great toy (Anonymous)

nice toy my wife and have a lot of fun with it.

Amazing (Anonymous)

This is the BEST toy I own money, well spented. I love it and you will too

Should be larger, softer (Anonymous)

This is a fun toy, but must be soaked first in hot water to soften it, and placed over soft penis with a lot of lube. Would be great if it was a softer, stretchier material and larger. And probably without the bumps on the inside.

Not very soft.. (Anonymous)

I was extremely excited to get this and use it with my girlfriend. I have gotten off a number of times with her wand.
I couldn't even finish with this attachment the material is so hard! I used tons of lube and still got sore long before I came.
Maybe not for everyone, but still probably worth the risk since it seems like there's a lot of potential there.

woah (MinM)

What I liked went on easy and transferred the vibrations well. Easy to clean and tough material
What I wasn't happy with The material being tough means lube is a must. in excess. It was a little tight on my man.

Why should HER toy not be MY toy (Billy)

So I watch her use her Wand all the time. She calls it "Purple" - it takes her a while to orgasm, but this thing turns her sideways in a minute. I see this attachment. I say, "why not?" - I am no John Holmes but I am not a little dude either. Lube and I am in there. Snugly, but in there. Had fun finding what setting (I think it was #5) and then "BAMM" … only drawback is that you (or at least I) need to shut this thing off RIGHT AWAY or it overstimluates me. Otherwise, for $11, get this thing. you won't be disappointed.

Just... Wow! (Gordon)

A friend recommended this combined with the Magic Wand. I got the combo at a very reasonable price on here and I am simply blown away by the sensations this toy provides. My only complaint is that the sleeve is really tight, making penetration with an erection a bit difficult and actually grips so tightly that ejaculation is somewhat impeded. The orgasms are amazing though; will make your eyes roll back like a shark!

Amazing but worrysome (Anonymous)

I've used this thing twice. The first time was amazing, but I think I used it for way too long and it caused my penis to swell afterwards in a bad way (puffyness, around the head). My dick also had marks on it for hours from the indents of the masterbator. All in all, my penis looked like it was recovering from some weird surgery for about 20 hours after. I waited three weeks to use it again, and kept it at a minute use. Again, it felt amazing, and I came quick. No bruising, no puffyness. I kept the device at speed 1. I think I'll limit my use on this thing, it's amazing, but I worry I'll do damage to my penis again.

Awesome! (Joe)

Best I 've used in my life! Orgasm guaranteed within a minute--if you want to. Almost feels like you're being sucked at times for real. Get it on sale and you won't need any other for when your girl's not available!

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