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Muko Lubricating Jelly 150grams

Muko Lubricating Jelly 150grams

  • Muko Lubricating Jelly 150grams
  • Muko Lubricating Jelly 150grams

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Muko Lubricating Jelly 150grams

$9.95 CDN

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the best (steve)

You know its good when you see it in your doctors office. The best out there hands down

Perfect viscosity (Anonymous)

The lube has just the perfect thickness that it needs. No more, No less

best I've ever used! (Anonymous)

fav lube above all else!

Product Description

A no-nonsense top selling personal moisturizer, Muko Lubricating Jelly's medical grade water based formula adds lots of pleasurable, friction-free slipperiness to sex and toy/device play.

Bacteriostatic, non-conductive and 100% water soluble, this unscented jelly features a nice thick texture that easily coats desired body areas and penetrators. Non-irritating to the skin, Muko is also non-toxic orally. Safe to use with all toy materials and condoms. Non-staining.

  • Size: 5.3 oz
  • Special Features: Unscented

Product Code: SM1319/MUK150
UPC Code: 840853013198


Customer Reviews

MUKO product review (Happy Customer)

MUKO is a fantastic lube. We have used several other brands, due to sensitive skin a lot have been thrown out. The MUKO lube is great with no sensitive skin irritation. It is really long lasting at well over 20 minutes without needing to be re-hydrated or re-applied. Our previous lube of choice was the KY Silk-E. The MUKO lube out performs the KY Silk-E without question. It is substantially thicker than the KY as well, jelly is a very accurate description. Unfortunately my wife is a single orgasm girl and usually the KY needs to be re-applied shortly after she hits the Big-O. Im rarely there before her... I should note that with the MUKO, we use a drop a little bit bigger than that of a pea on her toy and an equal sized amount on my vibrating ring. The MUKO lube provides the extra 5 minutes that I need without any issue at all. Clean up was simple with just a little mild soap and water. There are so many different types of lubes that dont perform well and cost twice as much or more for half the amount. Do yourself a favour and order a bottle of this one... We have definitely found our new lube of choice with the MUKO product. I suppose if your partner is naturally quite dry your experience may differ. My wife is not dry but not super wet either, we find that lube just gives us a little extra comfort. If we use a toys lube is a must...

very good (annonymous)

I have used this lube before and really like it. Very good plus I work at a hospital and we use it there for foley catheters as well as for oral airways and nasal airways. Very very good if it is trusted at the hospital I trust it

Good Lube, Good Price (MickeyG)

We've got us a good lube here. Thick and sticky not a bad thing. Best part is that it can be watered down slightly for those who like a little more glide in their lubes. Tends to dry out a bit faster than some other lubes, but easily remedied with a drop of water. No scent, but there is a slight bitter/chemical taste to it that may turn some off.

My #1 choice for lube (Guyco)

This lube is amazing! It doesn't smell, its waterbased so its VERY easy to clean and it is so slick! What I like most about this lube is that you can dilute it with water to get it to the consistency that you want...and if you need a thick lube, you can just leave it as it is. This lube also lasts awhile too. You cant go wrong with a medical grade lube. TOP NOTCH for the price!!!!

Best Lube Ever (annonymous)

This lube is very smooth, thick, and long-lasting. You do not need much to enhance enjoyment with your partner or toy. Muko performs the same or better than the highly marketed varieties for significantly less money and with less lube.

Love this lube! (tuffykenwell)

Nice and thick so it goes where you want it to go without dripping and stays lubed for a long time. Awesome stuff!

Best Lubricant, EVER (Anonymous)

I've tried them all. I'm a middle aged woman with drying problems, and this lube is AMAZING. It lasts forever, and you don't need alot and you don't need to reapply. The only negative (and it's a small one) is that it's a tad sticky afterwards. A small price to pay for such a great product.

Can't go wrong with this (Anonymous)

Great lube, great price. The discrete bottle label is also a plus.

Great Lube, Great Price (Anonymous)

The discrete bottle label is also a plus.

GREAT (Krystal)

best lube ive used, great for anal

The best! (BongoMan)

I discovered this lube 2 years ago and have used almost nothing else since then. It is fantastic. You really can't do better for the price. It's great for more "extreme" play like using sounds since it is non-irritating. The taste is a little strange but not as bad as many. It will easily re-hydrate with a splash of water or spit. No staining, washes off easily, stays where you put it. The only neg I've encountered is that it looks very gloopy in photographs - use silicone for that. Otherwise, a total winner!!!

Reste vraiment en place (heyvans)

Malheureusement il devient tres collant mais en ajoutant un peu d eau ou d autre lubrifiant il redevient correct

Worth It (Norm)

I bought similar lube off of eBay, but this is really the best bang for the buck you can ask for. I use it exclusively for sounding, and it works great! No one should be disappointed with this lube. That's why there's so many positive reviews!

Love! (Anonymous)

I've been trying to find a great lube again once mine was discontinued. I bought a bottle of this and finally tried it out last night and I'm in love with it! Definetly don't need to use a lot and it's last!

Muko review (Anonymous)

This product is great. It is easy to clean and doesn't get sticky!

Muko (Bruce)

Great product IMO. Good amount of slip, and lasts a long time. It has a very slight odour, but nothing to talk about. Overall a great product.

Superior water-based gel (Anonymous)

Absolutely neutral, very slippery, hypoallergenic lubricant. Can also be diluted to your preferred consistency. Would definitely buy again.

best I've ever used! (Anonymous)

fav lube above all else!

one of the better ones (Tiffany)

One of the best I have used doesn't get all sticky or dry up

My Favourite (CP)

This is a FANTASTIC lube. Feels great and is inexpensive. Honestly, it's the feel of it that gets me, and has me coming back and order more month after month.

the best (steve)

You know its good when you see it in your doctors office. The best out there hands down

Perfect viscosity (Anonymous)

The lube has just the perfect thickness that it needs. No more, No less

Best ever (Jeremy)

I have tried many lubes with my wife over the years. Have a drawer full of lubes that were on sale from here whenever they were on sale or if I needed a few bucks more for free shipping. Most work just fine.
However, this is me and my wife's favorite. Good n thick, long lasting, and everything you could ask for. Doesn't stain, doesn't smell.
We both like the flavored lubes from this site, but they are more expensive and not as discreet.
Unfortunately this product is sometimes out of stock.
I buy 4 at a time now so this isn't an issue.

Great lube (Anonymous)

This is a great lube, especially for anal.
Give it a try!

Best of the Best, and Canadian (SexyHR)

I always love buying Canadian products, and this one happens to be epic.
It works remarkably well, without any of those lingering feelings other lubes give. Doesn't require mass amounts and because it's a jelly, it wont run when you are needing it in a tight spot.
It's somewhat more incognito than other lubes. It wont stand out if someone spots it from across the room.
If doctors and hospitals use it, then it's worth a shot.

Excellent! (Anonymous)

Great value, no odour, cleans up easily leaving no residue or stains. Plus, discreet packaging!

perfect consistency (D)

perfect consistency for urethral insertion play and sterile
very happy with the purchase and will continue to but and use this product

Great lube (Anonymous)

Find it dries out quick but a little water helps it glide again Nice and thick so it goes where you want it to go without dripping Do yourself a favour and order a bottle of this one

Best on the market (Anonymous)

Hands down the best lube I have found. Very thick and stays in place, meaning you use less than any of the other water based lubes on the market. Stop reading and buy it!

Amazing! (Anonymous)

Wow, this is an amazing lube! It's really thick and bit sticky, but it works great! It doesn't dry out as fast so that's definitely a bonus!

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