Adonis Extension Sleeve in Clear

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First time using something like this. Very different sensation. Would def use again. Enjoyed it.


Cover me, I'm going in

Great add on. We find the length and girth work well. We have noted that it's best to be really "solid" before putting on, keeps it in place. Feels good for her with the bumps and humps, head size is good too. For him, not too bad either, leave a little room at tip as you would with condom if you plan on finishing with it.



Tried this out for the first time today. YES!! It is just way we were looking for. Worked well for both of us. I ordered it without asking if it would be ok. Was nervous that he'd hate the idea. Lol. It's definitely ok :)

Product description

Created to look and feel even better than natural while adding inches of length and lots of texture, the Adonis Extension assists with stamina, provides a simple solution to erectile issues, and contributes to an overall more pleasurable sexual experience.

In soft stretchy TPR,  the Adonis covers both head and shaft. A full 2 inches (5cm) of firmer tip extends length while the multi-textured exterior adds lots more pleasurable friction. 

Adonis cleans easily using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Compatible with any favorite water based lube.

*Adonis is approximately 6 inches (15cm) in total

SKU: CE-1625-25-2 | UPC: 716770055668 | MPN: SE-1625-25-2 (13)

SKU: CE-1625-25-2 | UPC: 716770055668 | MPN: SE-1625-25-2 (13)

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Very fun

Real easy to use and a lot of fun for her! Def need water based lube to put on but do not use too much or will slide off easy if you are longer than average. The mrs was a little nervous the first time but ended up really enjoying it!



My wife loves this new extension as do I. Makes me nearly 9" when We use it. She is having mind blowing orgasms and I am loving watching her get off. We started out using sleeves that made me thicker and she loves those as well. But this one hits spots she didn't know she had!


Definitely delivers

Noticeably added both length and girth. I didn't exactly feel or notice all the little knobs and finger-like projections, but it served it's purpose and was fun for both. It even added some endurance to the sex because the man could feel less sensation.


Works well

You need to get hard before you even try to use this. Don't bother trying to insert if you are semi-erect. It won't work. Once you are hard, you can use it to full effect. If you have girth like I do, it will also work well as the insertion portion is stretches.


Love this

We absolutely love the Adonis sleeve.


Just for fun

The sleeve fit snuggly with a little lube to slide it on. First time I used it I squeezed all the air out but the suction caused a hickie like bruise on my tip the size of a dime that lasted a few days. Don't squeeze out all the air! It adds some length but not much width. Good on occasion to change things up a little.


Great idea

Only issue is interior chamber is very short. Seems to be made for someone with a 3-4" member.


She loved it!

This toy was fantastic. I've been thinking about using something like this for a long time. I'm 5.5 in and a always wondered what a couple of inches would do. She loved it . I think seeing her enjoying it so much really turned me on. I'm looking forward to using it again very soon!


Great experience

This is our second one we purchased like this we love it that much!!


Could be better

I like this material despite not being life-like because it's easy to clean and stays on perfectly. I ended up trimming all the spikes off because my FWB didn't like them, and it turned out nicely. The biggest problem with this sleeve is it's competition. Most other sleeves are much longer so if you wanted to then you could trim them down to size. However, this sleeve only has about 4.5 inches of insertable length, and about 1.5 inches of adding length. That insertable length isn't enough to cover the whole phallus for most guys. On the plus side, the tip doesn't flop around. Down to it, there are other sleeves that are simply better than this one, but it's a nice sleeve nonetheless.


Enjoyed it :)

This was our first time trying something like this and we both fully enjoyed it and plan to use it again soon :)



it slipped off a few times but we tried it on my wifes favorite vibe for some incredible DP action. she squirted for the first time and was quite vocal. great product.


very good

Her favorite toyvat this time. We have couple of dildos and vibes and this one is # 1 choice since we got it. Delay the end for man and great for her . Still feels great for man but she likes an extra girth and length. Could be a little stiffer and have a not silicone feel nut works weary well for us with little lube


Must Own

This item is perfect for a number of reasons. Length - feel much bigger and thicker for your lady. Controlable in all positions still, sturdy enough. Longevity - last longer as sensation is highly limited, but still pleasurable for you. Satisfying for her - She really seems to enjoy it. A must have couple item.


Slippery when wet

This extension is relatively easy to put on, but when combined with a condom becomes too slippery to stay on. It may also add too much girth to the wearer for the comfort of some women. Does feel good when worn though.


Good, but too short

Good product. However, I would pay double the price to get a longer one by a few inches so I would covers the length of an average penis.

I say this because the sleeve part of this product is only about three inches long so it is quite unstable. Would also be nice to get a smooth version one rather than covered with spikes. Nevertheless, I recommend this product, It peppers things up once in a while.