Astroglide Gel Lubricant in 4oz/118ml

Based On 18 Reviews

Astroglide Gel Lubricant in 4oz/118ml

4.5 Based On 18 Reviews

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Great (Anonymous)

Love this. It works amazingly. Wouldn’t trust anything else.

Best lube for us (Rod)

Have always bought the liquid version of this, we like this a little better, less spillage. Great feel, not super sticky

Good lube (Anonymous)

Not messy like liquid lube.

It's working well for us!!

Product description

From the trusted Astroglide name, Astroglide Gel is another great personal lubricant with the same water based, water soluble formula as the original. Astrogel has a thicker formula that stays in place to provide lots of moisturizing, sex enhancing lubrication, can be safely used with any toy material, and washes off you, your lover, your toys and your sheets easily with plain water. 

  • Size: 4 oz
  • Flavor: Unflavored
  • Special Features: Anal Lube, Masturbation Lube, Unscented

SKU: ASTRO-010106 | UPC: 015594010106 | MPN: AG010106 (100)

SKU: ASTRO-010106 | UPC: 015594010106 | MPN: AG010106 (100)

Ratings / Reviews

Fantastic (Sam)

This is the best lube specifically for anal. I've use the Astroglide Liquid for anal but this is better. It feels so nice in my ass and stays there so no need to constantly reapply lube. I wouldn't recommend for anything other then anal. It didn't feel the greatest in my pussy.

Best lube available (Franc)

Hands down the best lube we've used. Completely eliminates friction issues and easy to clean up. Not as messy as non-gel lubes.

Slick (Al)

Super slippery and stays in place.

Thick and wonderful (Hubba Hubba)

Very thick and wonderful perfect to get in those very tight spaces!!!

Don't buy anything else for anal play (Al)

My wife and I first were told of this product during a seminar at the everything to do with sex show. They briefly said how good it was for anal play because it is thicker so it stays in place. So we bought some and I couldn't agree more. A little of this goes a very long way and last for an extended period of time. Since with anal play you need lube because your body doesn't produce it, you need the lube. And if you are playing for a long time most other lubes you need to keep reapplying so frequently it can get annoying. And I say this full well knowing since my wife will play with my ass as well and when everything is well lubricated it's more pleasure. We can go for an hour without reapplying which is one less thing to have on your mind. Also the lube is very easy to clean off you body, toys and most importantly your sheets. I would never buy any other product than this.

Great lube for toys! (E)

I decided to try the Gel version after running out of the liquid version and I am so glad I did! It's a LOT more economical and way less messy than the original formula. It does get really sticky which can be a bit of a drawback but it cleans up really well. Its great for toys as a little goes a long way. I'd definitely reccomend it!

super slippery (dennis)

I have to say the Astroglide Gel is the slipperiest substance i have ever used. Just a little works. With a "tight" ladyfriend I always use a small amount on the head before entry. No need to slop it all over. I did that the first time and we lost all sensation during intercourse. But it is fantastic when you need a lube that really works and does not quickly lose effect. We love it.!

Great stuff, not sticky (Anonymous)

I like this product. Because it is a gel it stays put and like all the Astroglide products it is not sticky. Great texture and it lasts.

Ok but not great (LubeLover)

The thicker gel consistency of this water based lube prevents the product from dripping off your hand or other body part at first application but like any lube it still spreads around once you and your partner get moving. My partner and I were in a pretty average friction act and found that even though we over applied this lube we still needed to stop and reapply after about 10 minutes. This lube is not bad but if you prefer a product with more slip skip this one.

Astroglide Gel Lubricant in 4oz/118ml (Anonymous)

Great lub

Sooo easy to use (Vickie)

This is the gel we started with when we started ass play. We have tried a few different things and we always go back to this classic. Easy to use and helps make anal way easier!

Super thick slippery gel (CJ)

Great for anal toys - it's really thick and stays put. It feels fantastic and is so slippery. For a water based lube, it lasts a really long time, but will eventually dry up like any other. It may not be the best for everyone because of the high glycerin content, and it has a couple ingredients I don't care to use in my body, so it's great, but I'll be switching.

A Classic (Erin)

this is a HEAVY lube, and economical water based standby. One of the few water based lubes I find thick enough for anal play. The one downside is it tends to get a bit sticky, but it easily re-constitutes with a little water. Also, I read once that Astroglide was developed by a NASA employee after his friend complained of dryness after menopause. It is based on the lubricant they used on ball bearings in their space craft. So that’s pretty cool too.

good for anal and toys (Frank)

Great lube for anal sex and toys as it is much thicker than regular astroglide. it stays in its place and is quite slick, but will get tacky after a while. a little more lube or some saliva helps with that.

good for anal and toys (Frank)

Great lube for anal sex and toys as it is much thicker than regular astroglide. it stays in its place and is quite slick, but will get tacky after a while. a little more lube or some saliva helps with that.