7 Function Classic Chic 6 Inch Vibe in Pink

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Amazing quality and did its job very well


Fun Times

This is a great item to purchase:)


Classic Chic 7 Function Vibrator by Cal Exotic Novelties

Every woman who uses sex toys has their standard, go-to toy. This go-to toy gets the job done quickly and efficiently. The Classic Chic is mine. I love it so much; I bought two more (just in case). I am no amateur in the sex toy department either, in fact, I have an entire drawer packed full of them.

The Classic Chic is the only sex toy I use alone and with my partner. It has 7 different vibration patterns, one of which cycles through them all for a variety of sensations without having to move or push a button. The variation cycle pauses on each type long enough to bring me right to the edge before switching to the next. When I ve had enough teasing, a quick double-click, switches to the heavy, steady vibration that brings me to my climax.

The Classic Chic is long enough to reach all my perfect spots without being a contortionist or breaking contact! It allows me to arch my back and when my vagina slides down to the tip, the vibrations are as strong as they were to begin with. Surprisingly, since the Classic Chic is made of a harder plastic, it feels smooth and velvety.

Normally, I do not use vibrators internally however; my boyfriend has inserted it inside of me few times and has been pleasurable. It is completely seamless and the vibration is strong enough to bring me to climax even from inside.

I am not concerned with someone hearing me use my toys; however my boyfriend has heard the vibrator from downstairs and over the TV. If you are trying to be discreet, you may want to try a different product.

The average cost of the Classic Chic is about $33. In my opinion this would be the price for a cheaply made waste of money. To my surprise, the Classic Chic is better quality than a lot of the toys I have paid well over $80 for. In fact, the Classic Chic is the only sex toy I can climax with in less than 1 minute.

The Classic Chic is a very basic vibrator with no special features except different vibration patterns. It is very similar to my first vibrator, except it is longer and has more vibration patterns. My adult daughter loves hers too. I recommend this vibrator to beginners and experienced users.

The description says it takes AAA batteries but in reality it takes AA batteries. This is another plus because; in my opinion AA batteries last longer and are more commonly used so I always have some around the house. The description also says it is waterproof but I have never experimented with it in water, so I cannot comment on this feature.

Product description

Its silky smooth firmness working wonders on sweet spots inside and out, the Classic Chic's sleek tapered tip and lightweight, easily maneuvered shape make for a pleasure tool perfect solo or shared.

Pointed softly up top, the Chic easily targets clitoris, nipples and otherwise with pinpoint precision. Seven blissfully powerful modes of steady, pulsating and escalating vibration tingle evenly throughout with a touch of a single power button placed beneath the base.

In simple ABS plastic, the Chic cleans quickly and thoroughly using simple soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Compatible with any favorite lubricant. Requires 2AA batteries (sold separately). Waterproof.

  • Length: 7.25"
  • Insertable Length: 6"
  • Girth: 3.25" at largest point
  • Width: 1" at largest point
  • Materials: ABS Plastic, PU Coating
  • Power Source: Batteries
  • Battery: 2 x AAA Batteries
  • Special Features: Multi-Function, Non-Phallic, Phthalate Free, Smooth Surface, Waterproof
  • Color: Pink

SKU: CE-0499-30-3 | UPC: 716770057808 | MPN: SE-0499-30-3 (0)

SKU: CE-0499-30-3 | UPC: 716770057808 | MPN: SE-0499-30-3 (0)

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Perfect size and vibrations


great product

i ve only used this a few times as i haven t had it for very long. but i must say it s working wonderfully so far. great for beginners like myself. easy to use and even easier to clean. slim yet very powerful. also very very soft. beautiful color as well. my only complaint is that it s a little loud, but this isn t an issue for me personally. overall this is an amazing product and at that price point you can t go wrong. love it.



I just tried this vibe and the 7 different functions are different. My favorite is the pulsating setting. WOW did that get me off using it on my clit. When I put it all the way inside me though it did'nt do nothing for me. I guess when it comes to toys am a clit only girl. I guess I only like the real thing inside me. I'm new to toys so maybe I just to buy more and start experimenting. ;) The vibe is quite loud but that did't bother me. It feels really smooth and quite powerful. After I was done using it my hand still vibrated for a while.


great product

this vibe is the first I've ever owned and/or used and I LOVE it. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a simple but pleasurable vibrator. it is a little loud, but it's a great enough product that the noise is forgivable.


Good times

This thing is great. Exactly what you hope for. A great beginner product that really opens up the door for some racey play. We had a great time using it. She said it felt good. Suprised even. And me. Well I was incredibly turned on watching it go in and out of her and her smile the whole time. When she first grabbed it from my hands and showed me what she wanted I knew this was the right choice. Excited to use it again!!


Best vibrator I own

Have used this product and the 7 functions are addicting. It is so "smooth" feeling. And can't go wrong with pink.


Fully enjoyable

I say I am glad I bought this. Made my night


It's very loud

It seems to have too much room in the battery compartment so when it vibrates it shakes the batteries against the inside making it very loud they should either make the battery compartment smaller or put some sort of padding on the inside to muffle it. I fixed it by cutting a straw in half and wedging it between the batteries and the battery sleeve. It works ok now.


vibe Vibe VIBE

Buying this to replace the current one we burnt out. It was carefully selected by positive reviews and user stories.

The vibe has a soft velvet feel yet is a hard plastic. The motor is a multi speed power house. The size will not win any big size toy awards but dyamite does come in small packages.

As much as she loves it amazing Vibe action. This vibe is powerful enough for her , yet gentle eough to vibe to placed on the sctrotum to aid in the shooting climax for him.

If you get this vibe you will not regret, but you might get exhausted ?



great functions !


Good but loud

It was the first one I ever bought but have gotten others since. It works very well but is quite loud. It would be good for a first or simple toy.


Great but...

It worked really well, definitely hit the spot. However it was very difficult to get the batteries set up to get it working, and cap over the button broke after only a few uses.