Colt Camo Hog Tie

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Product Description
Making it easy to get into the one of the most playful compromising positions out there, Colt's Camo Hog Tie is extra versatile and made to play very hard. Inside you'll find 4 pairs of super sturdy camo cuffs that secure with Velcro, making them ultra easy to get into and (when the time is right), out of. 

The cuffs can be used in any combination, securing the wrists and ankles together, or one wrist to one ankle and so on, but when used with the 5 ring connector, they work together incredibly well. The classic hog tie position involves both wrists and both ankles held close together either behind or in front of you or your playmate, but you'll be able to modify it as needed thanks to the versatile design of this set. Each cuff has lots of room for adjustment, making this rugged pleasure kit perfect for almost anyone. 

SKU: ZZCE-6915-25-3 | UPC: 716770093349 | MPN: SE-6915-25-3 (279)


SKU: ZZCE-6915-25-3 | UPC: 716770093349 | MPN: SE-6915-25-3 (279)

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Based On 12 Reviews
Colt Camo Hog Tie


Let me just husband loved me in these. Theyre big, but super adjustable so anyone of any size will fit them. The padding is soft and they feel sturdy! I LOVE them!

Colt Camo Hog Tie

Love it

I love this product it is very comfy and easy to use.

Colt Camo Hog Tie


My boyfriend and I are just starting out with some bondage and thought these would be a fun idea and can I say, they are fantastic!! The cuffs are very comfortable so if you're looking for something more painful or uncomfortable in terms of a restraint this is not it. They are so versatile! we use them with a collar set we bought or to restrain my arms and legs to my bed frame. He also LOVES camo so that is an added bonus. I have fairly small wrists and ankles, these are so easily adjustable and can go very tight on my wrists if he needs and even smaller if my wrists were smaller or extremely loose/large for a heavier person. We highly recommend and agree they are quite strong

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