CyberGlass Ben Wa Balls in Blue Blossom

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CyberGlass Ben Wa Balls in Blue Blossom

4.62 Based On 34 Reviews

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Size, weight, very comfortable, love them!



Great quality. As described.


Pretty and Pleasing

It's been years since I have used Ben Wa Balls and these were perfect to get me back into the swing of things.

Product description

A gorgeous, beginner friendly set of slick, manageably weighted Ben Wa Balls inlaid with beautifully detailed floral decals, this perfectly spherical glass pair from Topco presents a simple, pleasurable, and certainly effective way to build up strong pelvic floor muscles, leading to increased sensation, a tighter grip on your playmate or toy, plus, even stronger orgasms.

In a smooth, temperature receptive glossy material that warms thrillingly to match body temperature, the two subtly weighted spheres are held naturally in place, requiring squeezing and flexing of the pelvic floor muscles- when practicing kegel exercises, these are truly perfect for helping to isolate the subtle flexing movements necessary. Once you've mastered pelvic floor control, you can focus on pure pleasure, as any movement will cause the Balls to roll, shift and naturally vibrate against the walls of the vagina during everyday wear or intimate scenarios.

Thanks to the larger size and lightweight design of these particular Balls, they're well suited to users with little (or no) kegel experience- combined, the weight is 1.2 oz (34g). Start off with one, adding the second as pelvic muscles tone up. Safe to use with any type of lubricant, and incredibly easy to keep hygienic, this CyberGlass set is virtually maintenance free, cleaning easily with warm soapy water, even able to be fully sterilized if desired.

SKU: TS-1003052 | UPC: 051021030521 | MPN: 1003052 (0)

SKU: TS-1003052 | UPC: 051021030521 | MPN: 1003052 (0)

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Orgasms are better than before.



These are really beautiful. They are decent size and a good weight. They also come with a cute satin box.


pretty and fun!

The balls are so pretty with their flower design, and are also fun to wear. I found them very easy to keep in if they were all the way in, and could barely feel them except in such a subtle way. I also dropped them on a hard floor a few times already and, though I wouldn't recommend doing that if possible, they didn't break or even crack!



gorgeous, very effective


More please ......

They do everything Ben Wa balls are supposed to do & feel incredible! My 1st Ben Wa balls & more than I'd hoped for! They make me crazy wet & husband loves them almost as much as I do. They look disconcertingly like eyeballs & I even love that! (Eye see what your doing down there. Great job!) I adore the fact they are glass & non porous~No scary odors! Unfortunately, I made a rookie mistake & lost 1 in the toilet so am eagerly waiting for my replacements. Can't wait to wear all 3!


I adore these Balls

This is my 1st set of Ben Wa balls & researched as much as I could. I am older & have given birth so I thought maybe I needed something larger & lighter. Nope. You put them in & they stay there!(had horrible fears they would fall out before purchase!) I forgot them & went on with my day. I noticed I was wetter than usual (hubby out of town & missing him bad) and late in evening remembered! It's extremely subtle stimulation. I even feel more grounded & not chewing my nails horny. Can't feel them "rolling around" at all. Amazing is an over used word but these balls are amazing! Have only been buying "toys" for a short time & have been a little underwhelmed. Not this time! This is my 1st ever review!


Pretty and funtional

Beautiful design, the case is perfect (it's nice not having to rummage to find them!). The balls are nicely weighted, hardly notice them (until I shift and move).


Really cool

Bought these for the GF upon request and she loves them. They are lighter then other balls that we've bought, and maybe slightly bigger but not monstrous.



ma blonde adore


Blue blossom

I fell in love with these and they're so pretty :) found it extremely easy to use them and just walk around the house. ;)


Absolutely love it!!

I'm new to this and these are the perfect size and weight. I love to do simple chores around the house and challenge myself to keep them in. My boyfriends loves them as much as I do! If I bring a coffee to him at work, I'll have the balls in and he can tell that I'm wearing them which teases him



This is my first time buying anything like this. I have to say they are beautiful as well as a perfect size and weight.


Very pretty

These are sooo pretty, i absolutely love the flower design. I am a beginner at using ben wa balls and these ones are the perfect weight. Im thinking of getting myself another set to have for back up.



Lighter than expected (still has good weight to them) but very pretty and good size. Great price for glass.



Love how these look. I am new to the whole ball thing so i think i should have gotten bigger ones but these are really comfortable


Really great

These are perfect for beginners. What's not to love about them? They're made of glass (which feels amazing), they're not too small, not too heavy, beautiful and they come in a cute little durable box.


Great little balls

This is my first set so didn't know what to expect. I found they are easy to insert and take out. Feel great inside and during sex my hubby liked the feel of them. Great first time balls, I will be moving up to bigger and heavier soon though. Great product and I love the look and feel of the glass and the pretty flower.


Good quality!

These Cyberglass balls are super cute and good quality. They were my first balls and I find them too small and light for me. But thanks to them, now I know what would suit me better ;)


Great value, good product

They look great they are easy to use. I got them specifically to work my kegels and I tried just one ball and nothing seemed different at all but when I put both in that is when I had to focus a little more to prevent them from falling out so I do think it will help me get my prechildbirth muscles back though I think I'll need some heavier ones pretty quick, and my muscles are definitely not that strong,


So pretty :)

These make me so happy and I can wear them all day a little on the light side but my bf still likes how much he can make me squirt with them in :)



Amazing product. They're not too big, you can walk around comfortably without the risk of them falling out. They have a decent weight to them as well. Then being made out of glass is a bonus and I love the flower detail on them.



I used these for the first time ever, and I'm definitely still getting used to it. Very pretty, and worth the price!


Love it!

These are my first Ben Wa balls, and I'm super happy with the purchase! Firstly, they're gorgeous, when I first got them, I probably spent a few minute just admiring the design.

They've been great starter balls, too. Not too heavy, just the right size, very easy to clean. I love the sensation of using them, and I do find that my orgasms are more powerful after having them in for a while.

Couldn't be happier with the purchase!


Exactly what I wanted

All the ben wa balls I have been buying are either huge and light or super small and heavy.. I have been searching for a medium for a while and this is exactly what I was looking for..

If you have mastered the large ben wa balls but the small heavy ones are still a challenge.. these are a great middle ground.



So pretty!



Very pretty, got them for a great price. Still trying to figure them out-they don't seem to have the effect I was expecting- I can't complain for the price. Maybe more practice is needed.



well still wondering about these. Very good quality and pretty too!. Im already TIGHT but ive wanted them for a long time. Forgot I had them in.......drinking coffee.........had to pee bad!.............dropped em into the toilet.. ,,,,lol



This is the first toy I've bought, and so far I am very pleased by the product. In future I will definitely be sticking to glass, very easy to clean.


so pretty

these are so pretty.. have not used them yet but i will and i know they will be great.. the art is very pretty tho!!



I really love the ben wa balls !! Since having my kids I've had troubles getting wet when I use them they make me so wet ! So that's a plus with me