ElectroShock Lighting Wand E-Stim Set in Black

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We don't think anyone will disagree with the following statement: vibrating sex toys are amazing. We love them, you love them, everybody loves them. But sometimes, maybe you'e not in the mood for vibration. Maybe you're looking for seriously unique stimulation and a sensation that good old vibration just won't deliver. For those times, electricity is the answer!

The ElectroShock Lightning Wand uses controlled pulses of electricity to awaken and thrill your or your partner's nerve endings and pleasure receptors. Aside from an easy-grip power handle, you'll also have a choice of four conductive glass attachment tips that you can use in tons of creative, customized ways to literally electrify foreplay, bdsm scenarios, sex and self love. 

This type of device has been used for decades to various effect, some medical and some erotic, but the Lighting Wand is one of the first solid state (one piece) electric ray wands, drawing from over 20 years of design experience and research. It's a great device for electrostim beginners, but even experts will adore the lightweight, maneuverable shape and range of possible sensations. 

Once plugged in, the wand transmits power up through the lightweight, ergonomically shaped handle and into one of the four attachments. You'll be able to control the intensity of the charge using a dial on the base of the wand, but it's always a good idea to start off on the lowest setting, particularity if you've never played with electro stimulation devices before. 

A range of sensations are perfectly possible - they're affected by the power setting chosen AND the attachment used. In general, the smaller the tip of the electrode, the more intense the sensation, since there's less surface area to dispel the charge. The larger Bulb or Rake tubes, for example, can provide a more subtle sensation of warmth and tingle, although both can deliver a definite 'bite' if the power level is high. You may even see the charge against your or your playmates skin, particularly at a high setting, as the electricity sparks and crackles over the surface. Please keep the Lightning Wand below the waist!

In body safe glass and ABS plastic, the Lighting Wand and it's attachment tubes clean easily using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Compatible with any good water based lube, but a water based conductive gel is best to use with this and all E-stim toys. DO NOT use Lightning Wand in or around water. Universal AC adapter included.

* The Lightning Wand is 8.25" (21cm) and 1.6" (4cm) wide. Glass attachments vary in length from approximately 4.25" (10.8cm) to 5.25" (13.3cm).

SKU: SHOTS-531285 | UPC: 8714273531285 | MPN: ELC015BLK (20)

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SKU: SHOTS-531285 | UPC: 8714273531285 | MPN: ELC015BLK (20)

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Based On 3 Reviews
ElectroShock Lighting Wand E-Stim Set

Very nice

So many options and great for some fun

ElectroShock Lighting Wand E-Stim Set


It s a cool product, very interesting to try out, however it didn t have the strength I was looking for. My electro-shock nipple pumps are much more powerful that this... this I can easily handle the highest setting. If you re a beginner then this is a nice way to try out electro-shock toys

ElectroShock Lighting Wand E-Stim Set

A lot of fun :)

We tried this for the first time yesterday, it was really fun:) looking forward to more play time with this device. There is a warning not to disassemble the device but the based turns really easily and comes apart. A little scary but working with it.

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