Farrah Abraham's CyberSkin Backdoor Entry

Based On 11 Reviews

Farrah Abraham's CyberSkin Backdoor Entry

5 Based On 11 Reviews

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Worth the money (Richard)

I got this thing on sale for $150 - I am really impressed with it. It is an actual life sized mold of farrah ass. It has two openings that are 12 inches and it vibrates, it has some weight to it and it feels great. I recommend this thing.

Realistic!! (Errl)

Size is great

incredible! (Eilis)

As close to the real things as your going to get without the investment of a sex doll. The attention to detail is great. It looks fantastic.The paint that is originally painted on fades rather quickly. you can make permanent coloring using hair dye. look it up.

The directions of care are super important for this item. Cyberskin is slightly porous and you want that anti-bacterial soap to keep down the bacteria. Also, You seriously need to put the cyberskin renew/cornstarch after every cleaning. It gets sticky if you don't. Worth every dollar and any effort. This is my top sex toy!

Product description

Entrancingly detailed in Topco's signature, fantasy-worthy style, enhanced with powerful, incredibly stimulating vibration potential plus an option for warming before play, Teen Mom sexpot Farrah Abraham's Backdoor Entry is offered up to satiate the most exacting pleasure desires. Featuring a thrilling plushness combined with the incomparable touch of temperature receptive, excitingly multi-layered CyberSkin, this masterpiece masturbator easily accommodates most positions and perfectly retains its shape, even in the face of the most enthusiastic enjoyment.

Enhanced with big, easily gripped slots around back, Farrah can be held comfortably in two hands, but she's easily and securely stabilized against many surfaces too, allowing for dreamily customized access to her two snug, precision-detailed openings. Featuring completely separate inner canals, each textured to be as true-to life as possible, both pussy and ass can be warmed to mimic body  heat with the included warming rods. To use, insert into either (or both) orifices after heating via the included jack-pin AC adapter. Leave for about ten minutes- or until as hot as desire dictates, remove and enjoy. For even blissful realism, an included egg vibe slipped in around back will transfer six possible modes of pulsation, escalating vibration through Farrah's squeezable, supple form.

Made of Topco's signature CyberSkin, Farrah cleans easily with warm soapy water. This material must be dried thoroughly before storage, which should be separate from other toys. Topco recommends storing CyberSkin in a plastic bag with a small amount of cornstarch or Renew Powder to keep the material feeling silky and smooth. Compatible with water based lubricants. Vibe requires 3 AAA batteries (sold separately).

* Farrah is approximately 13.25 inches long, 9 inches wide, and 6.25 inches at tallest.

  • Orifice: Ass, Vagina
  • Length: 13.25"
  • Special Features: Open Ended, Porn Star Mold, Realistic, Vibrates

SKU: TS-1101012 | UPC: 788866010127 | MPN: 1101012 (13)

SKU: TS-1101012 | UPC: 788866010127 | MPN: 1101012 (13)

Ratings / Reviews

Goood (pp z)

gooood feeling

MHMM Farrah (Dave)

This is so hot. It was so realistic I couldn't stop using it. I'm so happy it was Farrah's vagina. I've always wanted to f---- a woman who had a baby and this totally fit my needs. Thank you Farrah for your vagina and your butt.

Just wow! (J)

This thing is big. Felt a bit awkward using this the first time but after that it's my favourite toy. Definitely way more fun using this than fleshlight. Except for clean up. It is heavier as well so you can pound it and it almost won't move.

Amazing (Anonymous)

Way it feels amazing -makes me squirm

Worth every penny (Anonymous)

Have had it for about a week now. Feels amazing. Heavier than I anticipated, but that is great for it staying put while you go to town.

I'm 7" long and 6" around, and I've had no issues with tearing yet. Just make sure you get her ready before going in.

Cleanup is a bigger ordeal than with smaller toys just due to the size and weight, so I prefer to bring her out when I plan to go a couple times.

Overall, very happy with my purchase.

O.M.G (dick)

i got this from a local store. I cant explain how good it is. I will use it evry chance i can, and i still cant last longer than a couple of minutes. this thing is almost dangerous its soo good, i stay home at night just to use it all night. wow!!!

Feels real (Anonymous)

Feels very realistic! It has some good weight to it aswell so it stays pretty much in place for its size. It's also small enough to be picked up and get creative with either by yourself or with your partner. My girlfriend likes including this toy for some added fun in the bedroom or wherever :)

Absolutely Amazing (Anonymous)

I debated for over a year on whether or not I wanted to buy this product due to the price tag. I eventually broke down and decided I had to try it out. When it arrived I barely got it out of the box. Just looking at this product got me hard. I have used a fleshlight and it doesn't even compare. It looks even better in real life than it does on the box. The feel of this product really does feel like a female ass when I grip it with my hands. The vaginal canal feels so real and looks amazing. I love that the ass canal is actually tighter and requires more pressure to enter just as if it was real. You can even press her ass cheeks together over your member if that's what you like.

The warming rods were great, In my opinion I wish they warmed up faster because you wont want to wait 10-15 minutes for them to warm up. I haven't used the vibrator feature yet but from the size and where they suggest placing it is honestly can't see it adding much to the pleasure...but who knows.

If you are debating it....just buy it. Honestly this is the sexiest toy I have had. My wife and I use it for role playing as well so yet another pro on the list.

Buy it now! You won'the regret it.