Fat Boy Sport Stretchy Cock Extender in Clear

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Very good product!

Excellent product, very comfortable, just be careful to ths final size: the rubber can stretch a lot so a regular penis can accomodate very easily, the problem is that the final diameter can be huge! A few problems for my wife to take it in but after a couple of minutes she was ready to go


It's big

It's big!Hurt when my wife first put it in her but after few strokes she could take it



The fat boy sleeve does all its supposed to do for us. It stands up to anything we do while adds that bit extra thats needed after the first one or two! Also it doesn't tear like the slim version did. However it took a bit of lube even with being excited to get it working smoothly do to its girth

Product description

Long, impossibly soft, ultra squishy, and delightfully versatile, this sleeve from the innovative Perfect Fit collection is a unique extender sheath that can be used to add inches of both length and thickness to penises, toys or fingers, and can be taken advantage of as a masturbator, too.

Made from Perfect Fit's signature SilaSKin, a unique blend of silicone and TPR, the Fat Boy feels amazing. It's smooth, pliable and ultra flexible, not to mention incredibly stretchy. When used over the penis, it'll quickly take on body heat for a perfectly lifelike feel- to use, simply add some lube to the interior, and stretch over the entire penis, placing the scrotum through the hole on the longer side of the open base.

On the inner side, you'll find an irresistible texture of raised ribs and nubs, all the better to stimulate with, ensuring both partners are fully enjoying the ride if used during sex. That same texture is what make the Fat Boy so great as a solo pleasure tool, the sleeve, thanks to it's amazing stretch, can be held in hand as used as a close-ended masturbator sleeve. The Fat Boy is safe for use with both water and silicone based lubricants. Approximately 6 inches un-stretched.

* Pictured dildo sold separately

  • Orifice: Neutral
  • Length: 6"
  • Special Features: Closed End

SKU: PF-004110 | UPC: 852184004110 | MPN: CS-02C (32)

SKU: PF-004110 | UPC: 852184004110 | MPN: CS-02C (32)

Perfect Fit
Ratings / Reviews

Not bad, but not perfect

After reading different reviews and fanboys site I ordered this. The pros, it's very soft and the wife loves the way it feels in her hands. We have used it as a stroker and it is awesome for that. The cons are much like others have said it's to soft and squishy for sex. It's also very short, so even for my average cock it's a big stretch, it does however stretch very well. Some of the ribs from inside came off right away as well.



First time trying this toy and my wife and I enjoyed it very much,also our first time buying from here and was very pleased with the fast service.
Thank you Pink Cherry


not big enough

good product and large. the wife likes it but it's not quite big enough. We usually turn it inside out to give her all the extra friction. recommended but hope they make a thicker, more turgid design


Not that stretchy

Great product, good quality. However, if it says 6", it fits 6" or smaller, do not think it may stretch, as it would not stretch much, and can be uncomfortable for the wearer.



This product is amazing. I tried it for first tome with my gf. I added lots of lube first. This sleeve game me a 7" girth. I was able to shove it in my gf doggy style. She liked it but was a bit too much for her.


well made but too big for us

the fat boy is just that fat, if your woman is average then I would first try the fat boy thin, I haven't got it yet, I will try it though before giving up.
I'm average so not a big factor on the thickness.
If there is room then I'm sure this wood be great to use.


FAT but short!!!!

This thing is deffinatly FAT but falls a bit short on lenght.... Still a great sleeve.


Much Improved

This model is far better it didn't break half way through a session like the thin version did. The loop is more sturdy as well.


too thick

Truthfully too thick for my wife. Hurts!!


Pretty Good

I bought the Fat Boy Sport model to spice things up a little. Its good, in that it does provide a lot of girth to your cock, but my only suggestion is that company might consider making the outside of the product 30% more rigid, because although my wife enjoyed it, if the lube starts to wear off it felt like she just had this big "glob" inside her..they need to keep the inside of the product soft but make the exterior just a little more "erect". But all in all, we'll use it again every once in a while.


good extension

its nice and soft but abit short, has a good feeling with the loop for your balls to fit through and stays in place well also very stretchy if you want to put it on a dildo to make it thicker



At first I thought my girlfriend would have problems with this.. She was enthusiastic about it, and we had no problems! Great product!


really big!

this is really big for those who already have good girth! i cant believe the girth it gives me when i put it on.. havent tried it on my GF yet... i am sure she would faint! i also found similar FAT BOY sheath, thinking it's thinner... which might be more appropriate for people with good girth. looking forward to getting that... hope they are not the same things with different names!


simply stunning

I often fantasize about fucking my wife with a big thick cock. I'm about 5.5 inches and a little on the thin side. We've never had any problems with our sex life, I just want to stretch her pussy and make her scream. My cock fits in perfectly at 5.5 inches with just a little water on the inside. It's certainly a fat cock! my wife wasn't sure the first time but the second time we turned it inside out and she went fucking crazy! we'll be using this a lot!


A little extra girth is good

Definitely took our sex life up a level. Really soft and slick so it was easy for me to accommodate the extra girth.
My husband says it feels amazing and likes to use it as a masturbation toy, too.
I love the ribbing and that extra width and length.
Hopefully back in stock soon, and I'll get another.


Good product

me and my girlfriend ive try 4 different product before we found this one. size is ok and texture quality was very good for both of us. it seems that this product was enough good quality to stay in shape for a long time. for the price i highly recommend it !!!!!!