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'I rounded the sofa and stopped, changed direction and tried to catch her going the other way. She's quick but I'm about to win this game of cat and mouse. Squealing a giggling, she tried crawling over the furniture, clad only in her bra and panties. I reach out with my crop and with a quick snap, leave a perfect little hand print on her butt. "Score! That's two for me!" I say with an air of victory. This has to be the best toy, ever!'

With a tip exploding into incredibly soft, tickling feathers and a base shaped into a perfect hand shaped crop, the Feather Spanker is long, firm, easily maneuverable and perfectly weighted. A versatile addition to any playful bondage collection, you can use either end to very different means, titillate and tease your playmate to their knees with the feather end, then aim and flick the crop against waiting flesh. The core of the Feather Spanker is of a firm, hardy ABS plastic with just enough flexibility, it's enhanced by sexy leather-look vinyl fabric at the crop side and ultra soft rooster feathers at the opposite. Nickel free.

SKU: SS-100612 | UPC: 646709100612 | MPN: SS10061 (0)


SKU: SS-100612 | UPC: 646709100612 | MPN: SS10061 (0)

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Based On 6 Reviews

Love it!

As per description, good quality, love it!


Great Quality for Price

This is perfect! Both me and my husband love using it. Larger than we expected also!


Silly play fights

Originally bought it for the feather tickler, but the hand has quickly become our fun go to when we get silly!! We love fighting over it, and seeing who can give the best hand print!! Fun fun!!

Also, this thing is great quality! It seriously holds up to some good whacks and it's long. A really good size, you just feel empowered when you hold this thing, it's awesome!

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