Fetish Fantasy Barrel Nipple Clamps

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Product Description
Here's the thing about nipple clamps - there are TONS of possible options. You might be familiar with some of the more classic clamp styles, like alligator clamps, tweezer clamps and even vibrating clamps, but today, we're talking about a style of nipple clamp that we're loving right now - the barrel clamp. Barrel clamps are unique, they're completely customizable in terms of pinch, and, if you're interested in adding some extra weight to your clamps, this pair from Fetish Fantasy is happy to oblige!

Shaped like a (surprise!) barrel, each cylindrical clamp come tipped with two soft rubber-tipped grippers. To widen or shrink the space between the grips - and to increase or decrease the pinch level - just twist the barrels.

Linked by a removable 12" length of silvery metal chain, the Barrel Clamps are already a little heavier than average, at 2.5oz/72g. If you'd like to add even more weight, each Clamp comes complete with an O-ring at the base. Clip on your weight of choice (not included) and play away!

In metal, plastic and rubber, the Fetish Fantasy Barrel Nipple Clamps should be spot cleaned as needed.

* Each Barrel Nipple Clamp measures approximately 2.5"/6.4cm

SKU: PD-3627-00 | UPC: 603912333985 | MPN: PD362700 (46)


SKU: PD-3627-00 | UPC: 603912333985 | MPN: PD362700 (46)

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Based On 23 Reviews
Fetish Fantasy Barrel Nipple Clamps

great play toy

The wife found that these clamps work great for women with sensitive nipples as you can set the amount of pressure that you can take and they work well on men parts as well.

Fetish Fantasy Barrel Nipple Clamps

Better then the rest

These are great. You can control exactly how much pressure. From light to hurts so good.

Fetish Fantasy Barrel Nipple Clamps

Comfy fit

Fits nipple well while providing a comfy weight

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