Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Electro Pinwheel

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Product Description
Thrilling nerve endings body-wide as it delivers the most unique stimulation imaginable, the Electro Pinwheel is one of Fetish Fantasy's thrilling Shock Therapy pieces capable of extreme sensory effecteven before the addition of tingly electrostimulation.

Perfect for all kinds of bondage and dominance scenarios, the Pinwheel rolls over the skin smoothly on a insulated handle, allowing the sharply spiked contact points incredible versatility. Designed to use in conjunction with a soft stretchy wrist cuff and a self-adhesive contact pad, the Pinwheel needs to be held in the hand wearing the wristband and pad. Your free hand transfers the current between a mate and the Pinwheel, simply touch, stroke or caress to complete the ultra pleasurable circuit.

Stemming from a unique handheld control pack tucked into a pocket of the wristband, the range of stimulation possible is fantastically impressive, the pulses are easily varied between fast to slow, as is the intensity of  sensation. Jump from a gentle tingle to a sharp, throbbing tap with a spin of the control unit's dial and flip between slow and fast pulses with a push of a switch.

Prickly Pinwheel aside, the control pack itself doubles as a handheld electro massager that can be made use of anywhere on the body, the oval centerpiece acts as a ground, so that any part of the metal top that contacts skin will transfer sensation. Just flip the switch from 'Out' to 'In' to enjoy this feature, flip it back when the Pinwheel is connected via the adhesive pad.

As with any electro toy, the Pinwheel should not be used by or around pregnant women, people with heart conditions and pacemakers, or anyone with health issues. Do not use while driving or operating machinery. Remote requires 1 3V battery, which is included.

*This Shock Therapy accessory is 7 inches (17.8cm) long, with a wheel diameter of .81 inches (2.1cm).

SKU: ZPD-3725-07 | UPC: 603912349559 | MPN: PD3725-07 (0)


SKU: ZPD-3725-07 | UPC: 603912349559 | MPN: PD3725-07 (0)

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Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Electro Pinwheel


On adore, beaucoup de fun surtout attach et avec insertion Anal en m me temps ouffff

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