Fetish Fantasy Swing in Pink

Based On 22 Reviews

Fetish Fantasy Swing in Pink

4.77 Based On 22 Reviews

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Amazing! (Anonymous)

So much fun and awesome new ideas to spice things up
Great quality

A Must Have (Anonymous)

This swing has brought our sex life to a new dimension. So many more things that we can do now. Allows for freedom from some prior limitations due to age and previous injuries that caused restrictions before.
Highly recommend this to couples wanting to broaden their sexual experiences.

Incredible Sex (Anonymous)

I always wanted the swing but was unsure. Now that we have the swing it is totally amazing and as we thought the sex is really great on the swing. I recommend this to anyone who wants to spice up their sex life..

Product description

Most lovers have probably become a little bored at one time or another with the same old sex positions. The Fetish Fantasy Swing from Pipedream is just the spicy tool you need to get into some of the more adventurous positions and get satisfied like never before. The sex swing comes fully assembled, and installation is quick and easy, requiring only common tools. You can hang your swing either from a doorway or from the ceiling, make sure to read the hanging instructions and follow them carefully so your swing gets properly and safely installed. This great lovers tool is fully adjustable, with all supports, pads, straps and stirrups able to be customized to suit your comfort and positioning needs, and the hardware itself can be adjusted to hang the swing any distance from the floor or other surface. The suggested weight maximum is 350 lbs. Safe installation and use are your responsibility. Enjoy!

SKU: PD-2128-11 | UPC: 603912184198 | MPN: PD212811 (0)

SKU: PD-2128-11 | UPC: 603912184198 | MPN: PD212811 (0)

Ratings / Reviews

Swing was fantasic (doggie69)

Been looking at this swing for a couple weeks now and had asked the wife if she be ok with it . So I decided to surprise her for her birthday. The sex was so awesome and I never seen her reach so many organs in the 12 years together. We also just started swingers lifestyle and had some friends over at a small party we had. The install is a litte tricky as we didn't want the bolt hanging from our bedroom ceiling so when family comes over they don't know what freaks we're. I purchased a different kind of bolt attached at hardware store

must have (amanda)

havebt used it yet. but wabt to really bad

Fantastic (Anonymous)

This is amazing to spice up your sex life! My hubby and I purchased this to try on our anniversary and oh my god, it was amazing! I love how you can adjust the height of it so it is the perfect height all the time! We loved the spring too as it made much more fun! Definitely needed to spice things up and it gives amazing organisms.

AWESOME! (cory and jennifer)

We both really enjoy using this! She especially likes it. It was very easy to assemble and install!! Very pleased with our purchase!

Worth it! (Anonymous)

This is our first time using a swing, and so far we're very happy with our purchase! Even though we have nothing to compare it to, I would say it's been very easy to use, despite some really good laughs getting the 'swing' of it. Super easy assembly, easy to adjust, love the spring, and pleasantly surprised at the added bonus of having free hands! Only downside so far is that I find it pinchy where my weight rests, so we've taken to adding a bit of padding. Totally worth it! Looking forward to exploring the possibilities :)

Holy (bryan)

This contraption rocks. Well engineered, I found out after 10 yrs. of being my GF she likes it deeper and rougher than a mattress or kitchen counter provides. She can pump just like a playground swing and meet my thrusts head on. Scary... Great visuals and sound. Buy it.

Awesome! (Anonymous)

My wife and both love this, We use it every time. Very comfortable!

Awesome (Anonymous)

possibilities are endless- not cheap- but we are getting our moneys worth!

Hang in There (Anonymous)

Hang in there, literally. The sex swing is very relaxing and fun to bring into the bedroom or living room, YES HANG IT ANYWHERE, see tip bellow. It allows your body to really relax while sitting in it and just allows your body to open up, the swing supports you in a variety of positions and lets you enjoy the pleasure of entering her instead of trying to hold her legs up or support her hips so you can enter in different position. For anal sex it allowed her to relax more and take it deeper than ever.
Tip: to hang it anywhere, once you have found a good joist to anchor the I-bolt into screw it in. Now hollow out a smoke detector so the bolt can sit inside, mount the plate over the hook and cover. No one will know you have a sex swing ready to go, just take the cover off.

Wow (Anonymous)

Once we purchased the swing, we needed a suspension device. We looked at the various frames and stands and they're quite expensive and not very adjustable. We settled on an unusual solution that is much cheaper than any of the other suspension options. Check out the 1 ton shop crane at Harbor Freight. They are often on-sale in the 100-150 dollar range. You can easily hook the swing's chain into the shop crane's hook and your partner can then easily raise or lower you into that perfect position using the crane's hyraulic pump! My wife and I both loved it.

Gotta Get One! (Anonymous)

title says it all people! i bought this for my girl and i kinda as a novelty..... Ha-we use it all the time! everyone needs one! should be mandatory if you are intimate with someone else!
Best money i've ever spent!

Everyone has to have one (Anonymous)

The swing is the best thing I ever brought into the bedroom!!!!! Great quality very safe and spices up your sex life 110 %!!!!! It is a have too have!!

Love it! (Anonymous)

Everyone should own one of those! We absolutely love it. The only downside is you do need to hook it up properly on the ceiling, I mean figuring out the stud which took us a while but now that it is set up, it is awesome!

We are not pervets just a horny couple (Anonymous)

We have always wanted a swing, we luv luv luv it! Awesome for anal and many more positions ! Highly recommend this to any one with a sense of adventure! I even enjoy watching tv sitting in the swing !

Amazing (Anonymous)

At first i was a little skeptical on how safe this product was. I installed the hardware myself which took about 3 minutes. After testing it, and trying to get it to fail, it didnt. So the wife and I proceeded to use it. She tells me its the best orgasms of her life. Just for the simple fact that so many positions can be used. The price is right too. We like that you can take it down and put it away as well. To disguise the eyelet bolt, we just hang a plant from it.

Defintiely Worth It (Anonymous)

Amazing and fun product. My wife is obsessed with it. I don't thing we have had sex without the swing since we got it! The only suggestion I have is to maybe find a book or article to suggest positions.

Epic (Anonymous)

Tons of fun! It's even fun just to sit in and smile like an idiot. So many awesome positions! You can even "sit on 'this' and rotate!" I'm so glad I decided to buy this swing. Super comfortable, easy to adjust, easy to install and it's very sturdy. I hung it in our living room and honestly, the only problem I have is explaining the hook in the ceiling to our land lords :) Best Swing Ever.

Amazing (Anonymous)

So much fun and awesome new ideas to spice things up
Great quality

Interesting but not great. (Jessica Dark)

It's fun, but not something you can leave out all the time, and thus gets a bit cumbersum to set up, killing the mood a bit. That added with the cost of the swing (Plus mounting or a stand) makes this a bit pricey for most people.