Flavored Condom (144 Pack) in Watermelon

Based On 15 Reviews

Flavored Condom (144 Pack) in Watermelon

4.53 Based On 15 Reviews

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Go for it (Sir)

Great price and quality. Use these for toys. They dont taste horrible either.

Flavour That Lasts. (KT)

I am so glad I managed to get these while they were in stock! They're such a great value. Taste is not overwhelming and it lasts! Would definitely recommend and buy again!

Excellent (Anonymous)

Such a good price

Product description

Lollypops are tasty fruit flavored latex condoms from HardCover Standard size Package contains 144 individually wrapped condoms

SKU: HC-18558 | UPC: 823259900125 | MPN: 18558 (1)

SKU: HC-18558 | UPC: 823259900125 | MPN: 18558 (1)

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Good price and quality (Steph)

I was suprise when I received those one since they don't look like the photo( they are like the heads up flavor condom) same make but in a different package.
The expiry is 2022 so that's good. They are resistant and average size and comfortable.
They are pink and the taste is ok, but not really strong. They could have a bit more lube. The smell si not really stong but we found it smell a bit like nail polish remover.
Great product at an amazing price( we bought them on sale so they were a no brainer.

Great poduct (Ritestuf)

great quality, great fit,pleasant taste

Best Price ! (Anonymous)

Best Price, fit snug and the taste is good but mild... Bonus they dont smell like other latex condoms with the flavoring !
On a Side note: PinkCherry sould change the pictures because the actual package have change

Awesome (Anonymous)

Great price, smell good, taste good & effective!

flavorful treat (jiggies)

great value

Great value (Anonymous)

Love the price and the amount you get. The gf love them to keep her toys clean,

More like Cherry (Anonymous)

These condoms are great for their price! they take up less space than regular condoms but are the same size. They smell more like a cherry watermelon mix. They taste oily, but feel great I use them on all my toys. and my man

Scented not quite flavoured (Anonymous)

Great value!, just as good as any other condoms, Smell great!

great deal! (Anonymous)

Great price for the amount. No more constant trips to the store . Great light scent and taste. Always order these

Bulk Protection at a great price (Anonymous)

Sheathing toys of any kind makes for easier cleanup afterwards. Buying in bulk means less mess and more fun! Generous lubrication and mild taste. Make a statement and keep a filled fishbowl on your nightstand!

What a deal! (Ashley)

I can't get over the price of these! Me and my boyfriend try to use condoms as much as possible so naturally we go through a lot and they are costly. At this price, I figured we couldn't go wrong! The taste is very mild, but that's not the reason we bought them. The only complaint I have is they are a bit snug. Otherwise it's an amazing deal!

Awesome (Anonymous)

They have a great fit. They smell nice but are not overly scented. The taste is also mild. You really can't beat this deal. At this point I'm just handing them out to people I know could use them.