Flick Duo Electro-Sex Stimulator Multi-Pack

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Product Description

Another fantastically versatile set combining everything needed to experience completely blissful, perfectly customized electrostimulation, the Multi-Pack not only contains the revolutionary Flick Duo power box, but also a unisex probe, 4 electrode pads and 2 cock/scrotal rings.

Expanding on the ElectraStim experience in a way that's nothing short of revolutionary, the Flick Duo box not only boasts two input channels for incredible accessory combinations and 8 built in stimulation programs with varying degrees of intensity, but also a motion-enabled mode that mirrors the pattern and beat of movement. Contained in a wonderfully cohesive unit, the many features and functions of the Flick are clearly displayed in a comprehensive LED display, and controlled with delightfully tactile push buttons- once familiar with the controls, you'll be able to adjust each function by touch alone. In terms of power-source needs, this ElectraStim offering is ultra versatile, requiring no batteries or cords. Instead, the lightweight, discreet unit charges up through any compatible USB port.

Aside from the Fick Duo itself, the included accessories will get you started on your electrosex adventure immediately. The classic Side Contact 2 /3 inch probe was created from perfectly conductive plastic with a core of metal peeping through each side. Shaped for either vaginal or anal insertion, the teardrop shape is tapered for a comfortable fit that stays in place naturally once positioned- the stimulation potential is amazing, as the identical conductive sides allow the current from the ElectraStim unit flow to evenly between. This probe is bi-polar, requiring both included connector cable pins. A sample of lube is included.

A set of rubber ElectraLoops are also included, these two comfortably stretchy, easily adjustable rings are meant to be worn in combination around strategic points of the penis. Each loop requires one of the Flick connector pins (do not use both pins in one loop, as this will short circuit the charge) to be attached, this will allow the current to flow through each ring in tandem for incredibly stimulating sensations. A tube of conductive gel is included.

Finally, four self-adhesive electrode pads wait to be placed anywhere you'd like to be electrified (below the waist), these attach easily and securely to the skin and can be re-used. Each pad requires one connector pin, so two must be used together.

Once your accessories of choice are hooked to the Flick, unbelievable combinations of stimulation are entirely possible. As mentioned, there are 8 built in patterns along with the motion-sensing mode, which are in turn, Continuous, Alternating Wave, Escalating Simultaneous Wave, Alternating Pulse, Escalating Simultaneous Pulse, Simultaneous Falling Rest, Alternating Dual Pulse and Rapid Fire Escalate. Each offers a completely unique sensation, coupled with the fact that each mode is, in turn, fully adjustable in terms of intensity from 0-25 with a push of either the plus or minus button on either side of the display.

As if that weren't enough, the namesake Flick function takes control to a new level of perfection, as it mimics and mirrors the hand movements of whoever is holding the box. Needless to say, the possibilities are nothing short of mind-boggling, you'll be able to create a unique pattern perfectly suited to your pleasure purpose by simply moving the box up and down or tapping the top with a finger, you could even strap the Flick to your wrist while masturbating for stimulation synchronized to your strokes. No matter how you choose to be electrified by this unit, a full charge will provide up to four hours of enjoyment and experimentation.

This unit can be used with all ElectraStim accessories, as well as those included.


  • ElectraStim Flick Duo Stimulator
  • 2 x Cock/scrotal stimulation loops
  • Vaginal/Anal stimulator
  • Output cable (for accessories and pads)
  • USB charge cable
  • 4 x self-adhesive electrode pads
  • Drawstring storage pouch
  • Conductive Gel 2oz (60ml)
  • Lube sample.068oz (2ml)
  • Instructions

SKU: CYR-031601 | UPC: 609224031601 | MPN: EM80-M (0)


SKU: CYR-031601 | UPC: 609224031601 | MPN: EM80-M (0)

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Based On 3 Reviews


My first Electro-sex device and it is well worth the money! I thought it would be painful, but the different settings really help those who are new to electro-sex experience the amazing sensations.


Wish they had also given right angle pins

Cyrex / ElectraStim Butt Plugs.
It is a shame that some of their butt pugs are connected via straight pins instead of right angle pins. This makes them easy to break off when moving around or sitting or laying down.
Otherwise they make great products and I have purchased many of their products.


Une experience unique

Je me suis longuement demand si j allait acheter se produit et maintenant que c est fais je ne le regrette pas du tout ... Pour ma part le gel conducteur est un peu trop liquide et s evapore trop rapidement .. J adore les anneaux que ce soit pour la masturbation ou pour la p n tration vous aurrez des sentation unique et tres agreable mais faite attention utiliser le gel sinon vous allez avoir le mauvais plaisir de la chose deplacer les sur votre penis pour avoir la sensation que vous pr f r ... les electro pads sont tres amusants vous pouvez meme faire de l entrainement physique avec.. bonne raison a donner a madame pour l achat ...pour la plug par curiosite je l ai essay personnellement et avec ma copine pour ma part ce n est pas tres amusant mais ma copine elle a aim e.. La manette nous offre des fonctions tres stimulantes et surprenante aussi ... L essayer c est l adopter

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