Intimate + Care Kegel Trainer Set in Purple

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Intimate + Care Kegel Trainer Set

Product Description
A beautifully designed strengthening system from ever-classy Jimmyjane, the genius Kegel Trainer Set includes two super-silky silicone weights, a lighter single version and a heavier double. 

Both were created to help target and tone muscles in your (or your partner's) pelvic floor, start with the single if you're a kegel beginner and work your way up to the double. Oh, did we mention that each contains a jiggly, pleasurably dynamic steel ball at the core? The balls roll and rock along with movement, inspiring unique stimulation and sensation deep in the vagina. Hey, a little incentive never hurts, right!?

Strong PC (pelvic floor) muscles play a big role in making sex more enjoyable for both you and your partner, allowing more control over sensation, and giving you the ability to tighten up your sex muscles at will to grip your lover or a toy tighter to bring them (or it) closer to the sensitive vaginal walls. Pelvic floor strengthening  can also help tighten and tone after giving birth, and can help with possible incontinence issues. 

In reliably hygienic, hypoallergenic FDA cleared silicone, the Kegel Trainer Set is ideally suited to delicate skin. Clean each Trainer before and after play using some warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. If you're going to be using a lubricant, please go with a great quality water-based formula- please avoid contact with silicone lubes and try to store your Kegel Trainer away from other silicone and soft toy materials. 

* Single Trainer measures 5.5" (14cm) in total length, 1.8" (4.6cm) insertable and 1.3" (3.4cm) at widest diameter. It's 40g (1.4oz).  The Double measures 7.3" (18.5cm) in total length, 3.6" (9.1cm) insertable and 1.3" (3.3cm) at widest diameter. It's 70g (2.5oz).  

SKU: JJ-754889 | UPC: 603912754889 | MPN: JJ10602 (0)


SKU: JJ-754889 | UPC: 603912754889 | MPN: JJ10602 (0)

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Based On 1 Reviews
Intimate + Care Kegel Trainer Set


My first time using Kegel balls. I m not sure yet why I think of them but these ones are very smooth and a nice size and weight and are easy to clean. Not sure if I like the moving parts inside.

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