Juicy Raspberry Mini Masturbator

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My BF totally loves this toy. He said it was strange at first but he grew to love it.

I really like that he likes it.



The juicy grips so well that any lube used doesn't slid until you are ready for it. It also clean really easily making for easy transport.


Amazing and easy cleanup!

Raspberry - what an amazing delight this stretchy toy is... I also bought the the Kiwi one of these after finding this toy so amazing and the kiw was ok, but not as flexible, with a different, but no less stimulating effect.

HERE'S A TIP: Place 2-3 drops of lube ONLY in the center of the toy and leave the edges dry. Stretch it over your tool and the dry area grips the base of you so when you explode, it traps everything inside. VERY EASY CLEANUP!

Product description

Creatively contained in a perfectly portable, completely discreet fruit-inspired case, the Juicy Raspberry stroker is ultra soft, thrillingly textured, and amazingly stretchy, fully surrounding the cock in question.

Tiny at its default size, the Raspberry lengthens to accommodate any size man, the nondescript entrance clings before widening into a ribbed chamber that needs simply to be squeezed, bringing the intensely stimulating inner walls closer. Fitting easily in hand and tucking away just about anywhere, the Raspberry is fantastically travel friendly, and ideal for both solo and shared stroke sessions.

Of an ultra plush, uniquely lifelike thermoplastic rubber blend, this little sleeve is easily cleaned with a liquid antibacterial soap and water or a good toy cleaning fluid. It needs to be dried thoroughly before storage, sprinkle with a little cornstarch powder to restore softness. Compatible with water and silicone based lubricants.

  • Orifice: Neutral
  • Length: 2.75"
  • Special Features: Closed End

SKU: IDEAL-004205 | UPC: 846623004205 | MPN: 1600420 (0)

SKU: IDEAL-004205 | UPC: 846623004205 | MPN: 1600420 (0)

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He loves the texture! It's fun to use on him ;) Great idea


Tips for use and best results

Of the various designs, the Raspberry has the best texture and elasticity. This works on average to large men. TEMPERATURE: with the raspberry INSIDE OUT, heat it with very hot water then dry out the inside, flip right-side out and wrap in a paper towel, holding it tightly in your fist to keep the heat contained. 2. Hold the raspberry like a balloon, and drip 1-2 drops of lube in the bottom well of the raspberry, keeping the edges completely dry. 3. Stretch and wrap around like a sock, making sure the dry rim is as close to your base as possible. It grips and holds in all the fluids. May want to loosen any pubic hairs so they're not pulled (unless you like that). 4. Massage the lube within around your tip until you get good movement, avoiding letting the lube slide down to the rim of the raspberry cup. That would loosen the grip, eliminate suction, and make a big mess. 5. The texture of the Raspberry and sealed rim creates suction and friction to thrill you. Heating it up first makes it so much nicer. I've bought multiple of these, and they stand far above those deluxe realistic expensive options. The Raspberry lets you explode without the mess. Just make sure you rinse out thoroughly and wrap in a paper towel to dry.



dos the trick



Makes my orgasms so much more powerful and quick. My wife also likes using it on me for hand jobs, she doesn't have to work as hard and the sheets stay clean as the cum stays inside the bulb. After about 6 months, The tip pierced. Still usable but some lube comes out of the end. So I ordered a few more, great price, easy to clean. I find the included lube is irritating, so I just trashed it and use KY. I put one drop of KY in the bulb, finger roll the outside of the bulb to spread the KY inside. And it's ready to go.



Wasn't sure how to make it work until I tried it out. Decent.



My man loves this


Pretty good for the price

This feels good, is easy to clean, and cheap! Not sure how long it lasts yet (only used it once so far)


So good and so cheap

Not much to say other than do yourself a favour and buy one or two. This thing feels as good as far more expensive products.



Subtle ridges that are very pleasurable and not over the top, comes with a nice lube, and does the job well while being small and discrete.



Boyfriend and I tried this out and it was pretty fun. You can use different pressures and ways of stroking to create different sensations. Made a handjob into super exciting and fun experience!


tie me up

I work away a lot, so........ Its a discreet option for a little variety.


Important part of my favorite setup

Five drops of JO water based lube inside, a thick rubber cock-ring over the flare on the open end, a HomeMedics PA-100 on low speed and some new handjob porn.



Lubed up, wrap it on your manhood and enjoy! I've yet to try the other textures, but this one is very pleasurable!