L'Amour Pleasure System Weighted Balls in Pink

Based On 26 Reviews

L'Amour Pleasure System Weighted Balls in Pink

Based On 26 Reviews

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Reall good product (Anonymous)

Amazing product...made me squirt!

Omg! (Anonymous)

Every woman needs these! Let's just say wow! I love these! Hubby loves making me use them during date nights on our way out the door to dinner. Makes the night so much more exciting and hot!

Amazing! (Anonymous)

So I ordered these with some other toys. I'll be honest, I didn't quite understand how they worked. Now I get it and oh my!!! Wow!!! Ladies, if you haven't already got a set, order yourself some now!!!

Product description

A sophisticated take on the classic ben wa ball, the Weighted Pleasure System from L'Amour combines a weighty kegel strengthening design with an arousing feel. Each silky oval fits comfortably and pleasurably, remaining in place for maximum muscle strengthening.

The weights inside jiggle and jump with movement, creating a naturally vibrating effect that feels amazing, encouraging you to keep them in, and in turn toning up the muscles that are responsible for orgasm and sexual control. Silky, hygienically superior silicone holds the balls together in the middle, and forms a long tail which acts as a withdrawal cord.

Thanks to the slick, non porous plastic, clean-up is easy once you're finished; a wipe with warm soapy water or toy cleaner will do the trick. Since the tail and connector is made from silicone, you'll want to use a good silicone friendly lube if needed for insertion, a water based formula works best with silicone.

* Packaging subject to change without notice.

SKU: ZCE-4649-04-3 | UPC: 716770062604 | MPN: SE-4649-04-3 (532)

SKU: ZCE-4649-04-3 | UPC: 716770062604 | MPN: SE-4649-04-3 (532)

Ratings / Reviews

Love them! (C.)

Nice weight, easy to insert. Comfortable to wear.

They are quite large (Anonymous)

I ordered these a few weeks ago without thinking it through, it turns out I’d need a smaller set. They were too large for me, they stayed in well and you do feel the little jingle inside of them.

Love These (Red)

I have some other ones. I like them but these things are on a other level. They slide in nice. Had them in for a few minutes. Oh my it was getting so wet so quick.

Great! (Anonymous)

These are a hit with her. Said they feel like fingers being swirled around in her. Excellent buy.. recommend highly!

Must buy! (Anonymous)

Love these!

First kegel balls (Michel)

I bought these for the low price.
They were too big for me and I didn’t know they would be made of hard plastic. I don’t mind it that much but I would prefer to be able to boil stuff I plan on having inside of me for long periods of time.
Aside from that, still good for the price and you can feel the vibrations.
Wish I could orgasm from these like many people claim they do, haha.

Amazing Results (Mike)

My wife used these balls the minute they arrived very comfortable, after wearing for 2 hours we made love with the balls in place. Great product.

Just ok (Anonymous)

These are definitely a bit heavier than the Clamshell Silver Pearls. When you hold them you can feel the insides start to jiggle which is such a tease imagine them inside. After insertion I have to say, there is a bit of disappointment. At first there is a slightly full feeling, which quickly disappears. The little jiggle: could only feel it when making very exaggerated movement, and only some of the time at that.
The little ‘tail’ to remove seemed like it might rip off it I pulled too hard so ending up just pushing them out and using that to hold them.

Probably an item which would be great if you don’t frequently train your keigels already.

Larger than I expected (Hello)

Larger than I expected, but great product for the price!

Surprise! (Me)

They definitely added some excitement to otherwise boring chores around the house and yard.

fun fun (Anonymous)

Adds more excitement to life, when the house work has to get done. especially going up and down the stairs.

Enjoyable (Anonymous)

Never tried kegel balls before. These were a little big but they fit inside fairly well and felt good once in. Very pleasant sensation when they're in, but other than getting fairly wet I never orgasmed from them. Certainly fun to wear on a kinky date night to get you aroused!

Came within 5 minutes (Anonymous)

About 5 minutes after putting these in, I came. And then 2 more times while just doing laundry!

My wife loved these (Brandon)

These things are completely amazing. My wife decided to try these and she came within a couple of minutes of using them. Then she kept cumming multiple times. I had her walk around the house and outside and she loved the experience. She came super hard in the back yard. Even after she was done, she remained dripping wet and kind of "out of it" from the experience. I think she ended up cumming 6 or 7 times from these.

I'm not sure if they will produce the same results for everyone, but they were completely amazing for my wife.

Wasn't sure what they were for..... (Anonymous)

Long story short I lubed them up & slid them in & OMG, the weight & vibrations when walking tingles my balls. Just saying nice fit

Made my panties wet (Anonymous)

These are wonderful. When you first look at them you think maybe they're a bit too big, but they slide in quite nicely. And with every step (or bump in the road if you're driving) they vibrate deliciously. I put these in before work and had to take them out after a bit lest my panties get soaked!

Great For Beginners (Vince)

I got this for my wife after watching Fifty Shades Darker and she says they're really good if you're moving around with them... or spanking.

Interesting sensation (Anonymous)

Walked around with these in for an hour and bending over or any movement would send a pleasant sensation through my body. A great foreplay tool.

Wife Loves It (Jason)

I got this for me wife and a surprise and the first time she tried it she loved it. She loves the feeling and it is great for fourplay.

fun (Anonymous)

fun to wear around the house. Nice to feel the weight jiggle around. great way to make vacuuming more fun!

Awesome! (Anonymous)

I've tried other balls and had issues with getting them out. I love these, the size, the weight and they are easy to remove. Love wearing them out with my man, gets me hot for later ;)
Could use a bit more weight though.

My Secret (Anonymous)

Even though they aren't very heavy, try going for a run with them in... or doing anything out in public really.

Great for beginners (JJ)

This was my first time using these as I have curious about them for a long time. They go in easy and are super fun to wear but for myself I think I would like something with more weight. I'd say these are great for beginners!!!