Neon Green Massaging Roller Glove

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Product Description
Hopefully we're not revealing any big secret when we tell you that we're not new at this. We've seen lots of sexy things come and go, but sometimes we get a product in that impresses us A LOT. This is one of them! The Neon Massaging Glove made its way around the office when our photographer was done with it, and we all absolutely loved it. The design is super-simple, but incredibly effective at working out muscles kinks, bringing circulation back to cramped hands and wrists (we type a lot!) and although we didn't try it out as a sex accessory, it'd probably be pretty good in that situation, too!

Strapping securely over either hand, the ambidextrous Roller Glove features soft nubbies on the hand-side and three rows of free-wheeling roller balls on the other. It's easy to use solo, but would also make massage sessions with a mate pretty spectacular. It's nice and flexible, bending and curving with the movement of the wearer's hand.

In a soft plastic material, the Roller Glove can be used safely with most massage lotions and oils, just be sure to rinse it well afterward.ecopack helps the environment

To save onpackaging, this product does not include a box.

SKU: DEEVA-008859 | UPC: 831868008859 | MPN: RGLOVE-4-U (0)


SKU: DEEVA-008859 | UPC: 831868008859 | MPN: RGLOVE-4-U (0)

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Based On 3 Reviews
Neon Green Massaging Roller Glove

Literally the best hand massager I've used.

Seriously the best massage tool i have tried in this price point. It uses a minimalist approach for getting out knots and lessening tension in your muscles. I had my girlfriend help me it was fantastic!

Neon Green Massaging Roller Glove


This glove is amazing for massaging and especially getting knots out. Love it. It really helps if your hands tire easily, also.

Neon Green Massaging Roller Glove

Surprisingly Awesome!

Random add on to an order 'cause who's body doesn't hurt? Plus, my husband SUCKS at back massages. I made him try this instead and it has saved his life from endless ridicule. I finally get a decent massage!

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