Oceanics Infusion Botanique Lubricant in 4.2oz/125ml

Based On 17 Reviews

Oceanics Infusion Botanique Lubricant in 4.2oz/125ml

Based On 17 Reviews

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This brand is the best. (Anonymous)

Sliquid is great. I have really sensitive skin, and other lubes have caused irritation but I can use this without concern.
It's also very good at its job. My partner is larger than I can always easily accommodate, and Sliquid lets us go longer than other lubes.
I'm a loyal customer for a year and counting.

perfect (Anonymous)

A little goes a long way! I'm sensitive and no burning with this lube. Not sticky. Long lasting. Wish I bought the big bottle cause I like this so much. Use it with my husband and my lelo toys.

Awesome! (Becky)

This lube is great. It stays wet for a long time. No drying out or getting sticky with this one! Highly recommend this product!

Product description

Healthful ingredients from the ocean, as well as organic, enriching botanicals have been added to the clean, simple and amazingly natural Sliquid formula to bring you Oceanics, a versatile, water based lubricant that offers a healthier choice for mindful women (and men).

Free of DEA, gluten, glycerine, glycerol, parabens, PEG and a long list of other potentially irritating or harmful ingredients, Sliquid lubricants are instead packed with healthy, hypoallergenic, intensely effective ingredients that you can actually pronounce and feel good about using on and in your body.

Oceanics is amazingly multipurpose, it's completely water based and water soluble, meaning that it won't stain either sheets or clothing, and dries naturally, or rinses off with plain water. Perfect for lovers with sensitive skin, there really are no strange chemical additives, just purified water, a cotton based plant cellulose, a guar gum conditioner, carrageenan (a red seaweed extract) as well as nori & wakame (more seaweed) plus aloe, flax, alfalfa, green tea and sunflower seed extracts. Seaweed has been recognized for years as a rich source of nutrients, it's gained lots of attention recently for its natural skin care properties, which Sliquid makes use of, along with the benefits of certified organic botanicals.

This lube is also completely colorless and odorless, making Sliquid Oceanics a discreet, non-obtrusive addition to sex, be it with a lover or solo; you'll adore the thin, slick feeling which was specially blended to perfectly mimic natural lubrication. This lube can be used with any toy material, including glass, silicone and plastic, and it's completely condom safe. Sliquid lubes are 100% vegan friendly. Bottle contains 4.2 oz (125ml).

  • DEA, gluten, glycerin, paraben, glycerol, PEG, propylene glycol, sorbitol & sulphate FREE
  • Seaweed enriched
  • Certified botanicals
  • 100% vegan friendly
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Water soluble
  • Colorless, odorless
  • Natural feel

  • Size: 4.2 oz
  • Flavor: Herbs
  • Special Features: Glycerin Free, Hypoallergenic, Paraben Free, pH Balanced, Vegan Friendly

SKU: SL-000814 | UPC: 894147000814 | MPN: 081 (14)

SKU: SL-000814 | UPC: 894147000814 | MPN: 081 (14)

Ratings / Reviews

Good stuff (Mrs. D)

Sliquid is great stuff & this is no exception. Personally, I think I like this more than the H2o formula. Seems to mimic natural lubrication better & not as much spraying with water to re-activate. Just have to get a bigger bottle next time

Best (Anonymous)

Sliquid Organics is the best. Why would you ever put irritating or fragranced lube down there? Ouch!
I have very sensitive skin, and this doesn't bother me at all. A bottle lasts forever as well. Would definitely recommend this brand to friends.

Good! (Anonymous)

I love it! Best one in its price range. The only negative I could say is it smells weird. But I added a couple of drops of my favorite essential oil and the problem is now solved! Will definately be buying more in the near future!

Good for sensetive skin (Anonymous)

Have tried many different lubes. This one irritates less than others but is a bit sticky afterwards.

5 stars (Anonymous)

Ordered late on a Friday and it was here by Tuesday. I have very sensitive skin and I love all the sliquid products, and am happy with this one too.

Slick and non-irritating! (Kitty)

I have the misfortune of being a very sensitive lady down below, and I've had lubes throw off my ph balance/flora before (not fun!!), but this one has never irritated me. It's nice and slick, not too thick or too thin. A little goes a long way. It's always on my nightstand...and even comes travelling with me. An excellent product!

Good (Anonymous)

Good stuff for a little price.

Wonderful! (Alex)

A slick product that feels like your natural lubricant! Perfect for toys. It keeps around for a fair amount of time. Though I do find myself reapplying it once or twice, it's fairly slick and doesn't leave a nasty residue. Washes off easily. Nicely bottled and is an eye pleasing clear lube. A bit on the liquidy side, but still works wonderfully! For its sale price, it's a bargain and worth picking up for how much you're getting!

Works like a charm! (Anonymous)

This lubricant is awesome! Comfortable, easy-to-clean up, non-sticky. I've used several bottles now, and have zero complaints.

Good product (Anonymous)

Very good product

Nice (Kate)

Really like this lube, classy packaging, works well and doesn't mess up clothing or sheets. This is the first lube I ever used, and I'm loyal to Sliquid now.

I use this with my silicone toys as well as my partner, and I have no complaints.

great (J)

Very nice.

Good (Anonymous)

Good quality

The Best Lube (Anonymous)

Sliquid Organics is the best lube out there. Unscented, never gets sticky, lasts a long time, and it feels totally natural. It's wonderful with a partner or with toys.