Oceanics Lubricant with Carrageenan in 8.5oz/255ml

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Gluten Free Vegan Free Oceanics lube

I am new to Celiac Disease with skin outbreaks from gluten so imagine how wonderful it was when I received my first Oceanics lube and tried it out with no skin outbreak! I'm in love with Oceanics Vegan Free / Gluten Free lube. The viscosity is average may need to reapply but who cares when your not allergic to it. Would highly recommend for those with gluten sensitivity.


Oceanics Lubricant.

Silky smooth, works great.


good stuff

this is great lube, big selling point is the ingredients. i feel safe using this stuff which is a big deal for me and m wife.

Product description

Healthful ingredients from the ocean, as well as organic botanicals have been added to the clean, simple and amazingly natural Sliquid formula to create Oceanics, a versatile, water based lubricant that offers a healthier choice for mindful women (and men). 

Free of DEA, gluten, glycerine, glycerol, parabens, PEG and a long list of other potentially irritating or harmful ingredients, Sliquid lubricants are instead packed with healthy, hypoallergenic, intensely effective ingredients that you can actually pronounce and feel good about using on and in your body. 

Oceanics is amazingly multipurpose, it's completely water based and water soluble, meaning that it won't stain either sheets or clothing, and dries naturally, or rinses off with water. Perfect for ladies with sensitive skin, there really are no strange chemical additives, just purified water, a cotton based plant cellulose, a guar gum conditioner, carrageenan (a red seaweed extract) as well as nori & wakame (more seaweed) plus aloe, flax, alfalfa, green tea and sunflower seed extracts. Seaweed has been recognized for years as a rich source of nutrients, it's gained lots of attention recently for its natural skin care properties, which Sliquid Sea makes use of, along with the benefits of certified organic botanicals. 

Colorless and odorless, Sliquid Oceanics a discreet, non-obtrusive addition to sex. This lube can be used with any toy material, including glass, silicone and plastic, and it's condom safe. Sliquid lubes are 100% vegan friendly. 

  • Size: 8.5 oz
  • Flavor: Unflavored
  • Special Features: Glycerin Free, Hypoallergenic, Organic, Paraben Free, pH Balanced, Unscented, Vegan Friendly

SKU: SL-000838 | UPC: 894147000838 | MPN: 083 (16)

SKU: SL-000838 | UPC: 894147000838 | MPN: 083 (16)

Ratings / Reviews

Feels like the real thing

This is the most natural feeling lube i ve ever used. Never sticky, lightweight, and really does feel like i m just very wet. Definitely recommend this lube!!


Love this lube

Slippery and very gentle feeling. Very natural. We've tried many lubes and this is quickly becoming a favorite


slippery when wet

great product



Nice and slick. Didn t need to read product 1/2 way through.



I would recommend this product. Bought a couple of kinds of Sliquid and I can't decide which one I like better, they are both good.


slip and slide

Have tried many lubes and this one is by far the best. Warm it up in a glass of hot water and it is amazing.


So slick!

This is hands down the best lube we've used. It's doesn't get sticky like some lubes do and is really slick so you don't need much.


Love it!!

This lube is amazing! It's a bit thick but that doesn't affect the quality in any way. I found that with some toys it dries a bit quicker than others, but it leaves no odour it has no chemical taste, it is a great lube! Its the only one I've been able to use with no after effects such as, burning, itching, or scents. Absolutely love this product!


my go-to lube

i am on my third large bottle of this lube, and i love it. not only is it effective, it's organic and doesn't taste funky or chemically. as a woman experiencing perimenopausal vaginal dryness for the first time, i find it is also a great day-to-day lube to simply replace absent moisture. highly recommend it! and it's priced right, too!


Dry fast

Imitates greatly the natural lubrification. Helps to stay wet. But with toys it dries fast.


The best ever !

I purchased 2 8.5 oz bottles of sliquid , one oceanic and one botanically infused . I am going through menopause .. I found a week of using sliguid ( trying both out ) I noticed a huge different in how I felt .. No one told me such a product existed . ( came across this gem by accident ) There is no burning or itching , just relief .. a clean refreshing product that performed in a unbelievable way that made me feel wonderful inside and out ... Try it you will not be disappointed !


Look No Further! Buy This!

I ordered a few organic/sensitive lubes from multiple brands, and THIS IS THE WINNER!!! Anything you could want in a lube, this is it. If this ever goes off the market, I'll cry cuz I know I seriously doubt I could ever find another lube as great as this. The smaller bottle lasted me quite a long time, but the shelf life is great so upgrade to this size and smile ^_^


The Perfect Lube (and Makeshift Anti-Frizz Product!)

This lube is great! When it arrived I was a little concerned with the small size of the bottle (I'm lost when it comes to measurements), but after using this lube regularly for the last few weeks, I have to say that a little sure does go a long way. I tried a sample pack of Sliquid s H20 Lube, and in comparison it is similar in texture, although the Oceanics is slightly thicker, which I prefer. I love that fact that the ingredients are natural, like other Sliquid products, and not containing glycerin is great, as it can promote some nasty infections. I was also impressed to learn while researching this lube that carrageenan can help prevent the spread of HPV, which is a definite plus for everybody. If you are looking for a lube that is water based, does not dry too quickly (although my boyfriend feels it dries too quickly for male masturbation), is healthy and cruelty free and contains many beneficial extracts look no further. In addition, if you get it in your mouth, it s no big deal, it tastes sweet and inoffensive and it also has a very pleasant scent. Great for use with or without condoms, with silicon and other toy materials, and as a quick fix for dry frizzy hair.