Oral Sex Essentials Kit

Based On 51 Reviews

Oral Sex Essentials Kit

Based On 51 Reviews

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So good (Anonymous)

My girlfriend hates giving me head, mostly because she hates the taste of cum and I produce lots of pre cum. We thought this might help and it sure did. With the cream on my dick and the spray in her mouth and throat she has no problem giving me great long lasting blowjobs. She will even let me cum in her mouth sometimes, which is something I never thought would be possible with her. Such a great buy. If you like head (who doesn't) get this kit. Fun for all

AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Hailey)

We really enjoyed this kit the strawberry head gel actually lasts and the throat numbing spray is amazing it helps sooo much!!!!The man really enjoyed me being able to do a better job(The normal taste gags me) not anymore with this kit!!!Will definitely buy it again!!!!!!

Don't let the price put you off (Ken)

This is worth ever cent and then some. When everything runs out we will be getting this again.

Product description

This handy little kit from Pipedream is an oral sex enthusiast dream come true, containing 4 classic blow job enhancers that make the 'job' lots more enjoyable for both the giver and receiver. Inside the decorative, gift ready container, you'll find miniature sizes of Head Job Oral Sex Lotion, Comfortably Numb Deep Throat Spray and Moist Personal Lubricant in a sweet strawberry flavor plus a package of BJ Blast, tingling, popping candy that will add exciting sensations to the inside of your mouth, which transfer over to the lucky recipient of your oral attention.


  • BJ Blast - 18g
  • Flavored Moist Personal Lubricant - 37ml (1.25fl. oz)
  • Head Job Oral Sex Lotion - 14ml (.5oz)
  • Comfortably Numb Deep Throat Spray 0 29ml (1 fl. oz)

SKU: PD-9163-00 | UPC: 603912284584 | MPN: PD916300 (29)

SKU: PD-9163-00 | UPC: 603912284584 | MPN: PD916300 (29)

Ratings / Reviews

smooth operation (Anonymous)

The products in the kit were mild to flavor but were amazing in the way enhanced the feelings and pleasure.

Interestingly Fun (Anonymous)

It is definitely something girls who struggle swallowing should use or ladies that are uncomfortable. Was fun for sure. Throat spray is quite strong and did not taste good but boy did it ever work effectively! Definitely think it should be tried!

YES (Anonymous)

everything is super sticky but that’s what makes it so fun.
definitely recommend. fun for both of you too.

Awesome (Jessica)

These products are awesome! Taste good too.

very nice product (Anonymous)

the pop rocks were very exciting and different . the strawberry tastes just like a jolly rancher , no chemical taste at all .

Amazing (SAMANTHA)

Fun little add to my husbamds gift box he loved it!

Love it!! (Anonymous)

Love this!!!! The BJ blast is awesome!!

Great Combo Pack! (morg)

This product definitely helps take some of the hesitation out of oral sex, my partner and I love it!

Lots of fun! (Taylor)

This kit is so much fun to use, and he'll have a great time!

;) (Alex)

Quite an interesting kit feels amazing

Great (Anonymous)

Fun exciting and does what it's suppose to numbing didn't really work that good for me but loved the kit it's a cute idea

Everything you need! (KC)

This has everything you need to give/get a great blowjob. The pop rocks are a nice touch!

Lots of fun (Lacey)

Loads of fun... very sticky

Great Sampler (Kait)

If you want to try out some new products to assist with going down on your man, then I highly reccomend this. It came in it's own little box which fits conveniently in the night stand drawer, and the products it comes with are great! I especially love the flavoured head job lotion, that was a lot of fun! The deep throat spray does work, just make sure that you spray it far enough back in your throat and not just on your tongue. Hubby loved it, I loves it, and it's given us another couple of products that we'll be regularly buying!

Variety of awesome (Ali)

There are so many great treats in this package. I'm particularly fond of the comfortably numb spray. It makes oral sex more pleasurable for me and my boyfriend.

Great starter kit (April)

I love this oral kit.
hey who says a little bit of flavour can't spice it up ;)

fun little kit (Anonymous)

This is a fun little kit has everything you need to switch things up a bit. Only wish the pop rocks were in smaller multiple pouches rather than one big one. Spray works beautifully and tastes great

Lots of Fun (Anonymous)

Nice little package with a variety of fun different goodies to make our Men happy!!!!

Perfect! (Hope11)

This is perfect for when you wanna excite your man and let him know hes in for some action! Great value too considering everything. Good flavours too!

works wonders (Anonymous)

gives pleasure for both partners . makes it a lot easier to give head . before it was a chore now its fun for both of us

Dirty Fun (Hebert)

I have used bj blast before and it was alright, for head, maybe not so much. It's packaging makes it tough to apply to my man and trying to begin a bj with a mouthful of it isn't so sexy lol! Nipples and clit stimulation it works excellent! The lube, well it keeps you wet. Head lotion, used it, worked good. Tasted alright.
As for the deep throat spray . . . It works, numbs almost immediately. Haven't used it much BUT I will as my hubby is super turned on when I swallow him whole!

Neat (Anonymous)

Cool and neat kit.. Everything works great and taste amazing

Bjblast (Cc)

I hate giving blowjobs and when me and my boyfriend tryed it I couldn't stop, I even bought it twice & a strawberry lube from here tastes like candy! The deepthroatinf numbing does work as well numbs you but not too long ! The only thing was the popping candy was too sticky !My boyfriend likes it cause he gets bjs more often & I couldn't be more satisfied!! 5 stars

Treat your man to this! (Hope)

Perfect to treat your man with! Everything you need for a mind blowing BJ!

Amazing fun (Anonymous)

This set is well worth it, bj blast was amazing!

Top (Cc)

I really enjoyed this , just the product was abit sticky but me and my fiancé really like it ! & especially that I don't really like giving head this really helped and tasted good ! Just the bottle of lube should've had a clip on cap otherwise very good product

Great buy! (J)

Got this as a gift for my boyfriend and I'm on edge because I know he'll want to use it so bad! Definitely a really good buy, especially for the price!

good kit (Anonymous)

The spray alone is worth it!

Awesome (Anonymous)

Spay alone is worth it. Definitely makes the night more exciting. Not a fan of oral but made it better. The strawberry lotion definitely helps highly recommended

Amazing product (Anonymous)

My boyfriend and I loved this. Its very fun and playful. The throat numbing spray is very effective and he loved the popping candy. Such a great sensation. The strawberry cream makes this kit worthwhile alone. Great product for couples !