Ouch! Wooden Bridle Gag in Purple

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Product Description
When your playmate (or you, depending on the scenario!) is being particularly disobedient, what's the backup plan? Maybe someone's being a little too mouthy? Or maybe they just need a gentle reminder of who's boss. Well, there are any number of playful options, but we're going to recommend the Ouch! Wooden Bridle from Shots!

In oh-so-firm wood, the wide-spread bit gag keeps them quiet and definitely unable to spit, bite or back-talk. Buckle the purple faux leather band around their head after positioning the bit gag. The tighter the band, the tighter the gag against their lips, so there's some room for customization there. As with any gag, make sure to check in often to make sure the gagged partner can breathe and swallow comfortably.

* The Ouch! Wooden Bridle Gag is 6.25"/15.9cm in length and about .6" (1.5cm) thick. Strap fits most.

SKU: ZZSHOTS-797179 | UPC: 8714273797179 | MPN: OU075PUR (336)

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SKU: ZZSHOTS-797179 | UPC: 8714273797179 | MPN: OU075PUR (336)

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Based On 2 Reviews
Ouch! Wooden Bridle Gag

Decent thing

Decent quality, stays up decent and is comfortable for what it is :)

Ouch! Wooden Bridle Gag

Overall good

As advertised. Nice that it is smaller then the traditional ball gag

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