Pain Heavy Duty Saddle Leather Suspension Cuffs

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If you're the type of person (definitely guilty of this) who says things like: 'but that is scientifically impossible' or 'that guy would not be walking away from that explosion' when watching movies, you may need to learn the term 'suspension of disbelief'. Basically, it just means that when you're watching/reading/listening to something fictional, you sometimes have to overlook some logic. Okay, vocabulary lesson over. Our point is that you won't need to suspend disbelief when you're playing with the Saddle Leather Suspension Hands & Feet Cuffs from Shots' Pain collection, but you might end up suspended, yourself!

Whether you've rigged up a door sling or are working with a simple ceiling hook, these unique oversized cuffs will definitely do the trick. Like standard wrist and ankle cuffs, the Pain Suspension Cuffs buckle over your or your playmate's hands or feet, but unlike standard cuffs, these feature two closure points and lots of comfortable padding. On either side, a sturdy strap reaches up to meet with an extra large D-ring. Use those rings to secure your Suspension Cuff(s) to your chosen set-up. 

In any suspension scenario, please play safe! Always ensure that your gear or set-up can accommodate the weight you intend to support. 

In genuine leather, the Heavy Duty Saddle Leather Suspension Cuffs should be spot-cleaned as needed using a good leather care product. 

* Top cuff band adjusts from about  2.3-3.2"/6-8cm of diameter, bottom cuff band adjusts from about 3.2-4.3"/8-11cm. Total height is approximately 15"/38cm.

SKU: SHOTS-522153 | UPC: 8714273522153 | MPN: PAI040BLK (5)

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SKU: SHOTS-522153 | UPC: 8714273522153 | MPN: PAI040BLK (5)

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