PinkCherry Crack the Whip

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PinkCherry Crack the Whip

Product Description
We're not saying that the name of our newest sparky pink play tool was inspired by Devo, but we're not saying it wasn't, either! It'll just have to remain a mystery, we guess! What is definitely not a mystery is that you and your partner are going to absolutely adore PinkCherry's 100% beginner friendly Crack the Whip.

Ready, willing and able to add tons of swishing, flicking and sweet stinging to all sorts of dominating scenarios, Crack That Whip is relatively small in size, but huge in pleasure potential. You can use the soft tails to lightly tease a partner's skin before applying a little more force for a bit of bite, or go straight for sensation with a harder lash. 

A nice sturdy handle and big wrist cord keep the Whip close at hand, even in the throes of passion. Thanks to the petite size and flexibility, it's perfect for tucking alongside other travel essentials.

In phthalate free PVC and nickel free iron, the PinkCherry Crack the Whip should be spot cleaned as needed. 

* Approximately 13" (33cm) in total length, excluding the wrist cord.

SKU: ZPC-001587 | UPC: 823259001587 | MPN: TB-2730-30-368 (201)


SKU: ZPC-001587 | UPC: 823259001587 | MPN: TB-2730-30-368 (201)

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Based On 29 Reviews
PinkCherry Crack the Whip

Perfect for light BDSM

The whole line is amazing, but I love the feel of this whip during sex. Provides a rush of euphoria without a huge amount of sting.

PinkCherry Crack the Whip


I bought this whole set! First I bought the cuffs and loved it so much that I bought the gag ball and finally decided that these toys won't disappoint! Plus I love the color and pattern! My boyfriend and I like soft bdsm so these are perfect! Cute yet sexy with a dash of spicy and dangerous!

PinkCherry Crack the Whip


I haven't used a whip before and this is absolutely perfect for a beginner of this new kinky side my partner and I have discovered. We both love it. Its a gentle whip with not much sting but brings excitement.

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