Pleasure Ball Deluxe in Silver

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Here's the beauty of pelvic floor exercises, or kegels, as they're better known - yes, they'll help tighten up your grip, assist with bladder control, improve blood circulation and can even make climaxing easier, but the very act of flexing your pelvic floor feels pretty darn good all on its own!  

On that note, please meet the Pleasure Ball Deluxe, a kegel toning aid AND a powerful pleasure tool. Kegel or ben-wa balls have been around for a very long time (Japanese courtesans are thought to have used them in the 1600's, for instance), but today, kegel exercise is a well known practice in gynecological/obstetric circles. 

Kegels- the act of consciously and repeatedly flexing the pelvic floor muscles- can help tighten up the pelvic floor. A tighter pelvic floor leads to improved inner snugness, better control of continence after childbirth or surgery, the possibility of stronger, more intense orgasms and an overall happier vagina. 

Put simply, the Pleasure Ball Deluxe provides a great-feeling object for your pelvic muscles to grip during kegels- you'll have to flex to hold it in place. You can wear your Deluxe anytime, anywhere for a discreet workout. Fair warning though, it feels really good, so you may have a hard time concentrating on any non-kegel tasks at hand!

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SKU: ZZSHOTS-071002 | UPC: 8714273071002 | MPN: SHT100DSLR (0)

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Based On 5 Reviews
Pleasure Ball Deluxe

Glad I bought this

This ball works wonders both in strengthening my muscles, but as a pleasure instrument. Feels great. Can't beat the price too! I recommend you check it out!

Pleasure Ball Deluxe

Cherrilicious !

Love the colour. Can use lube or pop one in your mouth and get it wet and warm first. Bought a pair...2 is so much better than one.

Pleasure Ball Deluxe

An unexpected bonus

The wife says it is comfortable and easy to use and that it works well for both work and fun. She thinks I don t know when she s wearing it.

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