Potleaf Squishy Toy

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Ever found yourself sitting around thinking "gee, I really wish I had a Potleaf Squishy Toy right about now"? Yeah, us either. But now that we've got one, you'll be happy to know, it's pretty great! Remember those stress balls? You'd squish them down into almost nothing, then watch them expand back to full size? That's essentially what the Potleaf Squishy Toy is, except it's clearly not a ball. 

Squeeze it, squish it, smoosh it into a a crumpled mess - it'll pop back up in no time complete with goofy stoner grin and a subtle hemp scent.

SKU: KG-110119 | UPC: 825156110119 | MPN: NV.083 (0)


SKU: KG-110119 | UPC: 825156110119 | MPN: NV.083 (0)

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Based On 1 Reviews
Potleaf Squishy Toy

So fun!

Fun and smalls great!

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