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Liberate some of your fantasies as you enjoy exciting, adventurous sex with the Ramp. This innovative sex accessory lets you and your lover get comfortably into some of those extra pleasurable positions that can be a little tricky on a regular bed or flat surface. 

Offering support and a deeply angled slant that accentuates sensitivity, it can lift the hips for g-spot love, is ideal for girl on top and absolutely perfect for doggie style. You'll love experimenting with unique ways to have sex and since the Ramp takes all the strain off your knees, wrists, elbows and hips, you can let your imagination run wild. If you need a little inspiration, a full colour book is included, which gives you some ideas about positions you can try out, and other Liberator products you could use with your Ramp. 

A comfortably firm champagne foam core is wrapped in a deliciously soft micro fibre cover that in turn hides a second, sleek nylon cover. Both covers zip off and are completely machine washable for easy clean up. A sturdy plastic carrying case stores away easily, and has handles for perfect portability. The Ramp is 33 inches wide, 24 inches wide and 12 inches high.

SKU: LIB-13664102 | UPC: 845628077580 | MPN: 13664 102 (14)


SKU: LIB-13664102 | UPC: 845628077580 | MPN: 13664 102 (14)

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Based On 29 Reviews

Should have purchased one years ago

My wife had mentioned this product to me years ago as something she was remotely interested in. Taking advantage of a recent sale, we purchased both the Ramp and Wedge and couldn't be happier with our decision. Both products came vacuum sealed in relatively small sized boxes given the size of the product after unpacking. After opening the box, the interior of the packaging shows a multitude of different positions that you can try using the Ramp which is a nice added touch. The pillow itself is made of a very rigid foam that barely compresses when one or both of us is lying on top, yet it is still soft enough to be comfortable. The foam is encased in a black, nylon sheath that is mean to prevent the foam from coming into contact with any spills. The microfiber cover installs/removes easily and is very soft to the touch. When combined with the Wedge, the microfiber acts almost like velcro to keep the 2 pillows securely fastened together which allows for a plethora of different combinations. Be warned, the ramp is quite tall and I didn't think this would be a problem given that I'm a fairly tall guy at 6'2". However, you need to take into consideration the firmness of your mattress as my knees sink several inches into the memory foam topper which results in my business end not quite lining up with my wife's when shes lying on the ramp. If you have a soft mattress, the Wedge may actually work better for certain positions. We haven't tried using the Ramp on the floor as of yet but I'm sure that would fix this alignment issue. Also, do yourself a favor and purchase both the Ramp and Wedge together as this generates so many more options for different positions as well as gives you the option of using them independently which does seem to work better in some situations. My only complaint is that these were only available in the blue color at the time of purchase as we would have much preferred something more neutral that would have matched our bedroom decor. Overall, we are very happy with our purchase and look forward to getting much more use out of them.


Phenomenal love making tool.

The Liberator pad is Amazing. My girlfriend and I purchased the pad to add some new moves to our sex lives. The amount of options available because of it are endless.
I would give the liberator 10 thumbs up if it was available


Love this product!

I have a physical disability where my back gets sore often during sex or I don't have the ability to hold a position for a long time if I can even attempt it. But, our Liberator Ramp came in the mail yesterday (super fast shipping ~ Thanks!!) and we tried it out last night.
Definitely worth the money.

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