Red Boy The Challenge X-Large Butt Plug

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xL indeed

yup, delivered as described... it is huge! haven't been able to take it all but it makes a great place to to sit and stretch out... highly recommended to anyone looking for extreme stretching.



Eyes Wide

The smooth finish lets you slip down on it opening stretching the bands of rim muscle. Most guys are a little scared to push it over the edge. Well I kind of slipped and lost my footing and landed my hole and the fattest part of the plug, surprisingly it hurt but i pushed some more and in my hole it locked. One good push and out it ejected like a rocket. i was able to get it in easier after that.


The challenge is real

This is it. The ender of you rear end. Not for the faint of heart or beginners this thing will destroy your ass and will take alot of effort to get inside you. I suggest alot of lube and warm-up before even attempting to stretch out with this thing.

Product description

What can we say about the Red Boy Extra Large buttplug? It's very very large, so appropriately named the Challenge. The tip starts off at about 4 inches around, before finishing off at a whopping 14 1/5 inches around. It's definitely not for the faint of heart, and not for anal beginners, if you're an expert, or just up for a nice big challenge, this is for you.

  • Length: 10"
  • Insertable Length: 8"
  • Girth: 14.5" at largest point
  • Width: 15" at largest point
  • Color: Red

SKU: DJ-0901-05-CD | UPC: 782421589004 | MPN: 0901-05-CD (23)

SKU: DJ-0901-05-CD | UPC: 782421589004 | MPN: 0901-05-CD (23)

Doc Johnson
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tight fit

I used this toy vaginally. It felt just right. I loved the fact that it gradually stretched and expanded my vagina opening out! I struggled a bit when it got to the widest part but I relaxed and was finally able to take it all. The sensation of stretching and expanding my vagina is very relaxing! As soon as I locked this big bad boy into my vagina, I held it in place with no problem!The base provided awesome sensation to my lips, clit and ass once it was completly in there and I experienced an orgasm!


too solid

Not a small guy, im 6'6" and can easily take larger toys and often do, but once i get near the bottom i can feel quite a bit of pressure on the base of my spine at my tailbone.

im not sure if im just not able to stretch enough to take this monster or if im doing something wrong, but it seems like its just a tad to solid to be able to fit that last bit in there. lots of lube, no pain, just lots of pressure and the inability to pop it in.


Favourite Anal Toy

By far my wife's favorite anal toy. She loves the full, stretched feeling and the excitement of challenging her ass to swallow this monster. I am not sure she will ever be successful with it but she continues to try weekly. Highly recommended for all anal players.


My Wife s Favourite Anal Toy

Now my wife s favourite anal toy. Good construction, good material, erotic color, and excellent overall design. My wife is not able to take it all but loves the conical shape allowing for gradual entry getting deeper and deeper with each push.

Highly recommended for all levels. Don t let the size scare you. Take it easy and with patience gradually take more and more...


Waaaay bigger than image

Get the measurements before you buy it. I bought as a gift and couldn t give it unless it was for a horse.


to the limit

super toy stretches gradually and fulfilling. great quality and very stable to use.looking forward in swallowing it whole


the best ass opener

with this toy,your holes will open more...and more...and more...knowone open like this:)


Worth the money

Obviously not for beginners, this thing is huge! It's really well designed, and easy to lube and clean. This toy will definitely need some work and practice to get in all the way. Its not heavy but it's not light either.



This is a great way to start your stretching! Very nice surface all lubes work well and it has the perfect weight for hands free.


One Word

Huge !!! This sex toy is way bigger than i expected!!!
I suggest with muscle relaxant


Vaginal play

Great for vaginal fun



Now i know why its called the challenge.



F'ing huge is all I have to say! Definitely not for beginners. I can only take it 3/4 of way, a little more practice and it should fit. Buy this if your down for a challenge.


Not for Beginners BUT.?

This Thing is Amazing OMG Best toy in my Arsenal of Anal Stretchers.! Its big BUT Not impossible I had mine for 3 days Went from 2 1/2 Inches to this Bad Boy.! With Lots of Lube I mean LOTS I can almost Pop it in.! Give me a few more Day & it will be a Perfect fit in my Stretched Hole.! I love this Toy.!!!



This toy is NOT FOR BEGINNERS, but I'm sure that's fairly obvious.
I saw the size of the box when it arrived, and I was shocked to say the least. Seeing this toy for the first time scared the living daylights out of me, but I was optimistic. It's difficult to understand just how large this things is until you are physically holding it in your hand. Evidently this isn't a toy that is easy to get inside.

I had used many toys with different sized bases, but this one takes the cake. The toy itself feels strong, and as soon as you start using it, you can immediately tell that it can handle lots of pressure. What makes this toy so incredible though is it's weight. Because it weighs .. roughly 4 pounds, it stays wherever you place it. No suction required. It is absolutely ideal for hands free play. The size is definitely too massive for most people, like myself, but it is difficult to be disappointed when it just keeps increasing girth.

This toy isn't about wearing it around, or seeing if you can get yourself over the largest part. It is about just having fun, for the sake of fun. The combination of size, weight and texture make this toy one of the most ideal for highly experienced users.

Remember to use lots of lube with this one, and you should probably use another toy to warm up before attempting it. I recommend an oil based lube, as it compliments The Challenge's texture.



Its huge! Fun to try but its huge! Great if you like big toys. This is not for beginners. This is definitely for advanced anal play. Also has a sweet scent to it.