Revo 2 Rechargeable Prostate Massager in Grey

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Best toy I've got until now, I sit on my sofa to keep it right in place, switch on the product, half an hour later, I'm shaking my body on frenetic way with a lot of orgasms. Only sad moment is when I need to remove it! Quite expensive, but worth it.


Great product

Best prostate product I've tried to date. Seems well built with strong vibration. Could become additive. Wireless would have been a good option but you get what you pay for.


Revo 2 rechargeable

Recieved in the the the mail after waiting a week . Had to charge took two hours . Lubed up , relalaxed inserted wow . Was a little uncomfortable . So after about thirty minutes I gave up.. Tried again the next day . Lubed up did breathing exercises this time it felt wonderful . I climaxed after about an hour it felt so good I hate to take it out but then again there's always tomorrow .. Best prostate toy I own . I'll throw the rest away this thing is addictive . I love it.

Product description

A re-imagined, rechargeable and even more pleasure packed update to the innovative, award winning Revo, this complete revolution (literally) in male prostate play is a superior massager that takes all the must-haves for this type of toy into exacting, orgasmic account.

The first of its kind, the Revo 2 features a shaft that, like the original, and all Nexus offerings, is contoured and angled to fit precisely against the male G, or P-spot, adding in a fantastically mobile head that revolves to provide a steady, constant massage. While the innovative mechanism beneath the super smooth silicone body is rotating against the prostate, a second pleasure point, the pulsating, intensely textured perineum stimulator will be taking care of that ultra sensitive external erogenous zone, greatly intensifying the incredible sensations from within. Once in place, the Revo 2 naturally seeks out the prostate, and doesn't require much, if anything, in the way of manual manipulation.

Perfectly calibrated internal mechanisms, an internal chassis, high torque gearbox and ultra quiet nylon gears combine to drive the powerful motor through 6 exciting stimulation settings, all controlled with a simple push button on the underside of the base. Setting One rotates the head slowly internally, with no vibration at the perineum, the second rotates the head slowly with combined continuous vibration against the perineum while setting three rotates the head slowly and steadily with pulsing vibration against the perineum. Setting four, five and six mimic the ones that came before, substituting fast head rotation for slow. A green LED light will turn on once the motor is running, and remain on until you power the Revo down. Nexus recommends that you familiarize yourself with the vibration patterns before inserting the massager, you can also prepare for enjoyment with some cleansing tips located in a detailed user guide included with your Revo. Whether you're an anal connoisseur or a beginner to this type of toy, a quick read through the guide will help you get the most pleasure possible; however, the design of the Revo truly is is incredibly user friendly, perfect for most levels of experience.

The rechargeable design is one of the thoughtful updates to this version of the Revo, the massager can be charged at your computer, or using any compatible USB wall charger (most modern smartphones and devices use this type of charger). The charging base attaches easily and securely to a magnetic patch on the back end of the Revo 2.

Thanks to the high end silicone material making up the body, and super safe ABS plastic forming the base, this toy was made with exacting users in mind, it's nonporous, extremely hygienic, and hypoallergenic, suitable for even the most sensitive skin. A good quality water based lube should be used in combination with this toy, avoid silicone based formulas, they can adversely affect the velvety, temperature sensitive surface.

This toy is not completely waterproof, but it is splash-proof, suitable for some limited play in and around water. Storage bag included.

  • Length: 5.75"
  • Insertable Length: 3.5"
  • Girth: 4.25" at largest point
  • Width: 1.4" at largest point
  • Materials: ABS Plastic, Silicone
  • Power Source: Rechargeable, USB Rechargeable
  • Special Features: Hypoallergenic, Multi-Function, Multi-Speed, Non-Phallic, Phthalate Free, Rechargeable, Rotates, Smooth Surface, Textured Surface, USB Rechargeable
  • Color: Gray

SKU: NEX-220677 | UPC: 5060274220677 | MPN: RE2002, Nexus Revo 2 - Grey (44)

SKU: NEX-220677 | UPC: 5060274220677 | MPN: RE2002, Nexus Revo 2 - Grey (44)

Ratings / Reviews

Completely different from Rude Boy

I must take several meds; the side effects dull the glans sensitivity a bit, & orgasms can be difficult to achieve.. My wife suggested augmenting shaft/glans stimulation with prostate stimulation (she is a nurse). I have previously tried several products, with the Rude Boy being our most successful. We purchased the Revo 2 & my observations are as follows: 1. It stimulates in a much different )but pleasant) style than the Rude Boy. 2. It takes me longer to achieve orgasm with the Revo 2, but it is certainly worth the wait. 2. The Revo 2 fits very snugly into my rectal vault- once inserted, I can walk around for hours with the Revo tightly in place' 3.For me, this works best with a masturbation, with a slow (30-45 minute) build up to a fantastic O! The experience is phenomenal, & the only toy that allows me a 'hands free' ejaculation. 4. As with the Rude Boy, I always inset a condom over the toy, to facilitate easy clean up. I found the wider rotation to be somewhat uncomfortable, & experienced some blood in my urine after trying the larger rotation. This indicated that the pressure against the prostate was, for my anatomy, too aggressive. BUT, the smaller rotation, with vibration is VERY pleasurable! I certainly have enjoyed our purchase! We tried placing it into my wife's vagina once- it was not a stimulating experience for her at all. In summary, this can bring you to a wonderful hands-on OR hands-free orgasm, but you must be patient. The fact that I can insert it, easily keep it in place, & walk around a bit during the warm-up phase is a wonderful benefit! Please give it a try. I can't imagine that you will regret it!


Great, but not perfect

I agree with the other reviews here, this is the best prostate toy on the market for a fella' spending time with hime self. Haven't had this much fun alone since I was 15.
I was so excited i ordered two. Unfortunately after a single use the first one quit vibrating and after two uses the second did as well. As with most toys, the manufacturer doesn't care. I attempted to contact multiple times with no response, but then again I didn't expect one. Nexus should include a warning that this toy is in no way water proof. Both units power lights came on and the heads began turning after a gentle cleaning with water. After being left to dry out, both powered, charged and behaved as usual, minus the vibration. I eventually took both apart hoping the vibration could be fixed, but there were no loose wires, just a poorly constructed motor, both were locked up.
Having said that, i haven't been sorry in the least that I purchased this toy. Maybe i wish I had of just got the one, and maybe I could have saved a few dollars and just got the original Revo 1 but the fact remains that the Revo 2 is a blast. Just be gentle, they will break and don't be surprised when the vibration stops


Product great, support - none...

Absolutely the best male orgasm I've ever had. Almost too intense. I've learned to change the angle of my body in order to decrease or increase the amount of sensation. I sit on a Liberator "whirl" to hold the unit in place with a bit of flex below.

The bad news is that my unit stopped vibrating. It still does the rotation motion, but the motor that provides the vibration failed. I've tried to get warranty service via the company website, but absolutely no response. Works without the vibration, but still, you'd expect better service for a toy this expensive...


Nexus revo 2

Wow make sure to put a rush on this do not wait . The first time I used this I thought wow this is to big . So I recharged put it away and tried again . Relaxed a little turned it on put it through its paces and 35 minutes later . I had one of the best orgasasams I've ever had . This revo 2 will made me dizzy with excitement . Best piece of equipment. I've ever purchased . Don't wait run for this one...


Best p-spot toy!

I've tried a handful of different p-spot toys and this blows them all out of the water. Just sit(or lay) back and relax, this toy does all the work for you. Only issue is mine stopped charging after 2.5 years so I will need to replace it,



Quand on finit par se d tendre assez pour appr cier ce que ce jouet nous fait, c'est super plaisant.
Un peu d'inconfort au d but et mode vibration un peu trop bruyant mon go t.
Mais il masse la prostate mieux que certaines copines que j'ai eu... Loll.


Works Well

This product is a little big so it might take some time to get used to.
Works well. As described.


Good product

Could be a little more powerful. Wish it had a vibrate only mode, but well worth the money.



Not for the fainthearted! Lots of fun once you get used to it. Downside is having to cycle through all the settings one by one.



I would use this all day and night if I could. 2 mind blowing orgasms in one day.


Revo 2

Product has worked as advertised and so far has not broken after a few uses. Haven't been able to achieve the fabled prostrate orgasm yet, but it does greatly increase the pleasure of a regular orgasm.


Great product

I found this toy ergonomic and efficient to give you the feeling desired as it kind of turns and vibrate.
Don't hesitate anymore!


Revo 2

Like a couple other reviews here, I tried it and it felt uncomfortable the first time. I left myself some extra time the next time, so I could relax and move into different positions, I'm not sure why but it seemed to feel so good. The pulsing and the swirling motion were outstanding. I can even walk around with it toying my prostate although in private, as it is a bit loud and it is difficult to hide my erection. I went to show my wife, in my excitement I ejaculated without a touch. She likes feeling the vibration thru my shaft and enjoys the extra attention.


Amazing when it stays in

I know it's a little hit and miss with prostate toys, being we are all built different. This toy is really cool, a aneros on steroids when it works, but maybe I need more practice or something, because when the magic starts I squeeze down more and the toys worms its way out of position. Maybe when I try it again I will have better luck. I can see the potential though, if it staying in position I would have the time of my life.


This is the one!

I love anal stimulation! When I'm alone, I need a tool. I've tried SO many only to be disappointed by their lack of effectiveness. Well the search is over. The revo is not perfect but it can be used to produce some amazing results.The one main challenge you face with it's rotating motion is that if the base (which sits outside the butt) is not anchored somehow, it will allow the rotating finger to move the base around and it rubs over the prostate. The result is you just get a light touch on the prostate. That's not bad but I want FULL POWER. So what I do is insert it and then sit almost straight up on my bed. This puts my body weight straight down on my butt thus locking the base of the revo in place. One other small complaint is that you have to cycle through all the settings (6 in all I think) to go from "on" to "off". There is no direct way to get to any setting except number 1. Great job though and the best toy I've ever used.


Nexu Revo

Ive never really cared for the vibration much on this unit but the rotation. Oh god absolutely wonderful. Strong and the battery lasts good too. i can take it for about 2 hours before I finally cum.


revo 2

I am just starting out in prostate massaging/anal play, yet with some good quality h2o based lube went in with zero difficulty.. I followed tips inside the manual, both for preparation/insertion within minutes I was thoroughly enjoying it. I could of saved 30$ by waiting an extra week for the black one to come in stock, but I am not disappointed in my purchase.