Satisfyer Signet Ring Vibe in Black

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Say, are you considering giving your partner a ring? No, not THAT kind of ring (although, congrats, if you are!) relax! We're talking about the cock ring, a classic sex toy perfect for the two of you to enjoy together. Now, if you're planning to put a cock ring on it/them sometime soon, we've got just the one! Please meet a brand new member of the Satisfyer family, the very exciting, sexy-tech packed Signet Ring Vibe.

Worn over a penis-owning partner's shaft, or shaft and balls, or over the base of a favourite dildo or strap-on, this over-sized, anything-but-subtle silicone cock ring provides some seriously effective erection enhancement benefits plus lots of textured stimulation and perfectly placed vibration. Line up the big, firm vibrating section with a mate's clitoris or perineum, or flip it around to target your/their balls. It's nice and stretchy for easy placement, but holds reliably tight to prevent slips and ensure a rock-hard erection.

Let's talk about vibration, shall we? The Signet Ring Vibe is graced with 10 steady, pulsating and escalating rhythms. Activating and varying them is easy as pie using a subtle silicone button placed within easy reach of both partners. You'll press the button for 2 seconds to unlock it, then press in quick bursts to cycle manually through the options. But that's not all! The  Signet Ring is also fully compatible with the innovative Satisfyer Connect app.

Completely free and 100% secure, Satisfyer Connect literally (well, digitally!) connects partners, even while apart, plus, it grants access to millions of unique modes, vibration patterns and even music pairings. With the consent of another user, you'll be able to control their compatible Satisfyer device and vice versa, even while you're live video chatting - which is also a feature of Satisfyer Connect. Download it free from the App Store or Google Play, sign in, and discover all the Signet can do. To use your Ring with the app, just hold down the power/function button for about four seconds until it flashes. 

Conveniently re-chargeable via USB (yes, that means it's great for travel!), the Signet powers up at any free port using the included cord. 

In high quality body safe silicone (we'd expect nothing less!), the Signet Ring Vibe cleans easily using warm soapy water, but you you can also use a good toy care fluid/foam, if you like. Compatible with any favourite water based lubricant, but please keep it away from silicone lubes and other silicone toys.

* The Signet Ring Vibe is about 3.25"/8.3cm in total length and stretches from approximately 1.1" (2.8cm) in inner diameter

SKU: ZSAT-002002 | UPC: 4061504002002 | MPN: J2008-22 (45)


SKU: ZSAT-002002 | UPC: 4061504002002 | MPN: J2008-22 (45)

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Based On 3 Reviews
Satisfyer Signet Ring Vibe

Awesome purchase

The vibrations felt great and kept me harder and bigger than usual. Wife loved the feel as a way to change it up.

Satisfyer Signet Ring Vibe

My favorite!

I got two types of these vibrating app controllable cock rings for my boyfriend and I and this one is my personal favorite! If you have a clitoris, the bulb at the top is for you!

Satisfyer Signet Ring Vibe

Tough to get on - but man is fun when you do!!!

First - I love this toy!!! The sensations and feel are fun and a huge turn on! I cannot speak to how it works with a couple as the pandemic regulations mean solo play only at the moment - but I can highly recommend it for that! My one concern is that it is tough to get on. I am pretty familiar with getting on metal cock rings, so I imagined it would be the same. However it is much more difficult to get on. There is only one ring size (diameter) and it is a smidge smaller than the metal rings I've worn. In addition with the extra thickness and bulk, I think it is generally more awkward to manipulate your junk to slip through. However, it is definitely well worth the effort!!!!

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