SensaVox EM140 with Universal Adapter

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Product Description

Absolutely packed with high end, technologically astounding features that allow for unparalleled control and customization of your ElectraStim experience, the SensaVox EM140 not only boasts 9 built in stimulation programs with varying degrees of intensity, but also a mic-enabled mode that mirrors the beat and pattern of music, spoken word and other audio endeavors.

Contained in a wonderfully cohesive unit, the many features and functions of the SensaVox are clearly displayed on various LED displays, and controlled with delightfully tactile dials and push buttons- once familiar with the controls, you'll be able to adjust each function by touch alone. In terms of power-source needs, this ElectraStim offering is ultra versatile, it can be plugged into any outlet with the addition of one of four included AC adapters (Europe, USA, Australia and UK), or used with the included 9V battery.

As for the functions, the list is truly impressive. Once your accessory (or accessories, as there are two available output channels) of choice are hooked to the SensaVox, unbelievable combinations of stimulation are entirely possible. As mentioned, there are 9 built in patterns, which are in turn, Smooth, Caress, Swinger, Burst, Alternate, Stepper, Shooter, Auto Climb and Climax. Each offers a completely unique sensation, coupled with the fact that each mode is, in turn, fully adjustable in terms of intensity. Both channels will give off the same pattern (displayed in the middle and selectable with left and right arrow buttons), but each can be customized from 00-99 by turning independent dials on either side. Each channel has its own display, so you'll be able to clearly see the number corresponding to your chosen intensity should you want to get back there at any time during your exploration. A Boost feature is also available, this immediately ups the intensity of stimulation by 25%, it's opposite the power button on top.

As if all that weren't enough, the SensaVox boasts an amazing audio input feature. A mic is included, which plugs securely into the side of the box, but there is also an in-line cable that can be hooked up to a range of audio accessories. The audio feature, when in use, overrides the built-in modes, and synchs the electro-stimulation pattern to that of the music or speech being picked up by the mic, or played through the line. Needless to say, the possibilities are nothing short of mind-boggling, so to get you started, an audio effects CDROM is included. Just plug in the mic in, placing it as close as possible to the speaker, and observe the effects before putting them to ultra pleasurable use.

The SensaVox comes fully travel ready in a sturdy, discreet foam lined case containing all the items listed below. This unit can be used with all ElectraStim accessories (sold separately).

  • ElectraStim EM140 Dual Channel Digital Stimulator
  • World-compatible universal power adapter
  • 2 x Stimulator connector cables (for accessories)
  • Microphone
  • Audio line-in cable
  • 3.5mm jack coupling
  • Audio effects CDROM
  • Premium 9 V alkaline battery
  • Comprehensive instructions
  • Storage case

SKU: CYR-030994 | UPC: 609224030994 | MPN: EM140 (0)


SKU: CYR-030994 | UPC: 609224030994 | MPN: EM140 (0)

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Based On 3 Reviews

Highly Sensual

This is our second ElectraStim kit, both the EM140 models, so my Mistress now has four channels to simultaneously induce the most highly sensually stimulating combination of sensations by attaching two of the longer metalic scrotal loops using one channel, clipping two electro-clamps to me using two channels, then inserting a 7 mm uretha probe using the fourth channel. With me firmly secured, gagged and blindfolded, She then progressively increases the intensity and modulation, while applying the 25% boost feature together with the powerful Magic Wand vibrator periodically, to progressively change the experience from erotic pleasure to painful punishment, with me totally at Her mercy unable to resist, having to just accept whatever She administers. It s an incredibly amazing experience the entire time for both of us.


Great sensations.

This little box puts out a number of different programs. The output is of course controlled both as to frequency and intensity, on each of two channels separately. Loving it. The sound activation is a little flakey.


Well worth the money

All i can say is wow. This box packs a punch. This is my third e stim unit and by far the best one i have. The audio input feature is just amazing. Every time a bass note hits, it delivers a shock. You can fine tune it to pretty much any setting. Would highly recommend it to anyone.

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