Sensi-Thin Super Thin Condoms in 24 Pack

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Felt good

Nice and thin. Barely noticed it at all.


The one I buy

Feels great and never had any problems with them .


worth it

I hate going into shoppers or other stores to buy condoms, so i ordered online and did not regret it!
i was afraid theyd be cheap or not even show up, im used to buying trojans but these are good quality. almost feels like im not wearing one. almost...

Product description

With over 75 years of experience, you could say that Durex has perfected the art of protection! Not only do Durex condoms protect against sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancy; they're also designed to enhance and improve your sex life. Sensi-Thin condoms are approximately 20% thinner than regular condoms, which increases sensation and the feeling of intimacy for both you and you lover. With a fitted shape that makes them easy to put on, and comfortable to wear, Sensi-Thin condoms also contain a silky lubricant for maximum sensation. Nominal width is 56mm.

  • Approximately 20% thinner than standard condoms
  • Fitted shape for easy-on and great feel
  • Low latex scent

SKU: D-880038 | UPC: 067981880038 | MPN: 0010016472 (31)

SKU: D-880038 | UPC: 067981880038 | MPN: 0010016472 (31)

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Feel like I'm wearing nothing at all

Stupid sexy Flanders - Homer Simpson


Get the job done

Just a standard good condom. Reputable company. Lubricated. Do the job.



Works well


The right stuff

Their thin, easy to use, and hold up for long time use.


Super thin!

Thin, strong and pleasure for both of us! As far as condoms go they were great quality. I would be conscious for those who are wide or extra long to buy these but they worked for us!


Just the right size!

Most condom are too tight, those are just the right size so no problem to use them
and very afordable too.


Do the job

Solid, affordable condoms. Work well, feel fine. Not much else to say!


Hope it's very nice

pas encore essay mais je suis certaine que c'est TOP


Can't be beat

My personal favorite. Price can't be beat.


Well, they work

So it's probably better to ask the guy wearing it, but since I bought this set, I get to do the review, lol. They do their job!



Thin feeling but strong!


Best Condoms EVER!

I hate condoms!! but these's are the best I have every had, you can not even feel them, if you hate the feel of condoms these are by far the best!


Good feel

Nice thin but durable as well.


Always good!

I've always used Durex sensi-thin, they are the best condoms out there.





Thin Condom

Just Great!


Excellent Value and feel

One of the better condoms on the market for a good value!


Fantastic Feeling and durable!

The brand is known for its quality and these condoms are simply fantastic. Super thin material yet very durable, highly recommended.


Good quality

Does the job



These are great condoms. Can barely feel them.


Rubber room...

Great price and needed for when latex allergic players cum to visit... Good product, good price!


best of all worlds

These are the condoms I currently use and I prefer them to standard durex condoms for two reasons, the thinness lets some body warmth through, and they are slightly more lubricated than standard Durex condoms. I ve never had one break. A good mix of cost, feel, and quality.


Good To Go

Durex is by far my favourite condom brand and after trying most of their products, this one seemed to be the best for me. It's thin, it doesn't have that disgusting latex smell, and it holds up very well. When it comes to condoms, you want one you can trust and I've never worried with this one.



I think these are my favorite condoms so's never pleasant to use one, but these make it much more enjoyable! It was a great deal, too!


Reliable and pleasurable

I like durex because it is known to be made of a good and reliable quality but i prefer this one on the others because we can barely feel it is there and doesn't smell as much.
Great safe condom! :-)


great product, great value

great condoms, great value, great great great


Great Feeling, Durable Protection.

These feel great, don't pinch or squeeze and even having had one loose in my pocket, getting all roughed up and then using it to its limits, it didn't break. I can safely trust these and that's saying a lot.
The sale makes these a bargain too! These are the *safe* way to go!