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Reach Sexual Nirvana with your lover as you explore your sexual fantasies with the help of this great little sex game. The object is to build sexual fantasies, either by chance or thoughtfully, depending on how you choose to play; inside you'll find 52 colorful game cards, divided into Romance, Hot Sex, Roleplay, Fetish and Wildcard. Following the included instructions, you'll pick a dealer, who deals 7 cards to each participant. The rest go into a pile in the middle. You'll be playing by the numbers, adding the successive number from the last one played, starting with the dealer, who must play either a '1' or wild card. If you can't play a card, you draw one. When a card in played, the action printed on it must be performed before the next is drawn, try to keep the game going as long as you can before giving up and jumping into bed! Of course, you can also build a fantasy using random cards if you like, with the opposite partner having to fulfil it for you. Either way, there's a very good chance you'll both be reaching Sexual Nirvana as this game heats up.

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Based On 6 Reviews


Bought this game because it was inexpensive... Much better than expected.
Partner and I bonded and really enjoyed the sexual build up. Very intimate, but also fun.


Guess who

Wasn't sure I would try it but actually enjoyed them both of us had a great evening together


Great fun!

I bought this on a whim and we are both glad I did. Really enjoyed it.

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