Silicone Slapper in Grey

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Silicone Slapper

Product Description
A classic bdsm staple in silky grey silicone, Sex In the Shower's Silicone Slapper offers lots and lots of potential to some seriously playful punishment scenarios.

Supple yet stinging and sensual, this flexible paddle is absolutely perfect for customized maneuvers. The Slapper's pleasantly weighty, naturally silky feel whips and whirls like nothing else, delivering light, teasing slaps or teeth-gritting whacks with ease. Flip to the textured side for even more of a bite, or play with the smooth side for more all-over contact (and a sexy sound).

Completely body safe, hypoallergenic and wonderfully odor free, the Slapper is of a premium silicone that warms quickly to body heat. For a cooler option, place it in the fridge or freezer before play. Approximately 12.75" (32.4cm) long and 1.75" (2.5cm) at widest.

SKU: SS-960407 | UPC: 646709960407 | MPN: SS96040 (0)


SKU: SS-960407 | UPC: 646709960407 | MPN: SS96040 (0)

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Based On 2 Reviews
Silicone Slapper


Feels great in your hand and works great. Stings lots and shows a red outline the shape of it almost instantly.

Silicone Slapper


This thing can REALLY sting if you want it to. I tried it out on my forearm, and the textured side left welts after a few slaps. You can use it lightly for a different effect. My submissive could just barely handle the hard thwacks, and he takes a lot.

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