Sonik Electro Stimulation Massage Therapy Kit

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Massage Quality

These work the same as something your chiropractor would use...on your muscles ;) Great for relieving tightness and back aches. Also works wonders to stimulate other muscles



Exactly what we were looking for. It was fun trying to figure out what at the speeds and modes. Worked great for his sore back too! Love it!


Better price, same unit

This is literally the EXACT SAME unit as Feitsh Fantasy's power unit for $15 less. Same build rebranded by different companies. All you're doing is paying 50% more for Pipedream's brand name. Take the Sonik between the two. It's a fun little unit to play with, and super affordable as far as toys go.

Product description

Ushering in a completely unique, handsfree way to massage up to four separate muscle groups or erogenous zones simultaneously, the Massera Sonik kit harnesses the relaxing, tension relieving and incomparably exhilarating benefits of electrostimulation in an amazingly user friendly way.

Utilizing controlled waves of electricity, the Sonik deeply stimulates the areas of the body you're focusing on by channeling variable patterns and intensities of gentle shocks through four electrode. Soft adhesive pads target the power, be it on the neck and shoulders for a hands free massage, or on more erotic areas of the body. Once the electrodes are attached, you'll use the digital control to vary the strength, speed and pattern of the impulses flowing through them, choose from a subtle tingle to a deeper throbbing tap and more in between, in all totaling countless combinations.  Directions and tips are included. Controller requires 2 AAA batteries, which are included. NOT for use in or around water.


  • Digital power control unit
  • 4 adhesive pads
  • 4 bi-polar lead wires
  • Instruction manual

SKU: XR-004697 | UPC: 848518004697 | MPN: AC782 (9)

SKU: XR-004697 | UPC: 848518004697 | MPN: AC782 (9)

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Great, but wish had more electrodes

We have been using this basically non-stop since we got it, so obviously we do not regret it! It is great for a massage or more... imaginative uses.
Our only criticism is that we wish it had more electrodes pads, because we have used it so much they are starting to lose their stickiness. There might be a place to buy replacements, and either way, at this price you'd be insane to not buy this.


Works Awesome

This is an awesome tool for massage, works really well. Really inexpensive for what you get, I was surprised at how well this works, get one!!! Can't wait to play with this some more!



Purchased for back, etc. Works Great! Also fun for play. Only downside - could be more control variations.


Strong but Unsticky

The sticky pads start to wear out after only a four uses. I can still use them, but have to re-apply pressure to keep them on. Maybe thats just my experience. The electric currents are VERY STRONG so read the instructions carefully. I can only stand to have it on for a minute or two max.


Not just for play time

Bought this for our sore muscles at the end of a long work/gym day and I couldn't be happier with it! It can be pretty strong so start off slow! Really gets into the muscle and has a 15min timer so you don't over do it.



We absolutely love this product! My husband uses it on his back and works wonders.


Shockingly Amazing

Myself and my boyfriend bought this a couple weeks ago, and tried it the same
night we recieved it!
It is both relaxing and sensitive. Relaxing after a long day, and sensitive for them late night areas. Excellent quality, highly recommend to any couple wanting to try something new and exciting!


Sonik Electro Stimulation Massage

Verry good for massage


Not bad

Works good, but could use a few more settings


Great device

Works exceptionally well and was an incredible deal!


"Shockingly" fun and great product!

This is a great unit for a starter (works well as a basic tens unit as well)....
I would have given 5 stars...but there is a lack of a tip.....if the pads become dirty an no longer stick....wipe clean with a damp microfiber cloth....and if they're clean but won't stick...just rub a couple drops of water onto the surface of the pad.....
Good product, so long as you're careful....
Enjoy, and remember....OUCH! Is not a safe word!