The Pratt 8 Piece Steel Sounding Set

The Pratt 8 Piece Steel Sounding Set 5 2 5/5 Based On 2 Reviews

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Product Description
If you're into sounding (or urethral penetration, if you prefer) you know that this practice isn't something anyone should go into without lots of prior research, time, patience and a great set of high quality tools. These are those tools.

Sounding is an extreme form of play that involves inserting a rod or plug up through the penis via the urethral canal. For some, it provides a completely unique sensation and lots of pleasure, since the head of the penis and urethral canal is jam-packed with nerve endings. Sounding is also used as a means to direct prostate stimulation, while some penis-owners get off on the extreme nature of sounding. In either case, it's not something to be done on a whim, so if you're interested, please do your research!

In body safe stainless steel, the 8 Pratt sounds are naturally extremely firm and quite weighty. Each Sound is identical in shape - there's a slight angle to each tip and lots of arrow-straight length in between. The smallest rod measures in at 11.4" (29cm) long and just over .1" (.25cm) in diameter, while the largest measures 11.4" (29cm) long and .5" (1.27cm) in diameter. There are 6 sizes in between, so you'll easily be able to find one that suits your need, desire or experience level.

Always follow a meticulous cleansing routine before and after using one of these (or any) urethral penetration deice. The Pratt sounds' stainless steel construction ensures extra through cleaning - boil them or bleach them for reliable sterilization. Always use the highest quality lube with any tool that'll be entering our or your partner's urethra - the best option is a sterile surgical or medical grade water based formula.

SizesĀ (all are 11.4"/29cm) long)
  • .1"/.25cm
  • .2"/.5cm
  • .25"/.64cm
  • .3"/.76cm
  • .35"/.89cm
  • .4"/1cm
  • .5/1.27cm
  • .6/1.52cm

SKU: SHOTS-534712 | UPC: 8714273534712 | MPN: TMS-2409A (14)

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SKU: SHOTS-534712 | UPC: 8714273534712 | MPN: TMS-2409A (14)

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Based On 2 Reviews
The Pratt 8 Piece Steel Sounding Set

A great kit

I purchased this kit after about five weeks of researching safe cock sounding methods and techniques. I m brand new to this type of play and had a very difficult time getting my head wrapped around inserting something into my urethra. I finally landed on this kit and I am glad I chose the 11 sounds rather than the shorter ones you see out there. The extra length give you more to work with and more weight so the sound does the work. When you play with these make sure to adhere to a stringent sanitary routine to prevent infection and always go slow and let gravity do most of the work. Also, use lots of sterile lube for this type of fun. The more lube the better. The first two times I played with this kit I was unimpressed. I didn t feel much of anything. Just the odd tingle here and there. I went back to the drawing board and looked at the angles involved with the urethral canal and on my third try at sounding I had the sound touching my prostate! It felt incredible. It was like having

The Pratt 8 Piece Steel Sounding Set

Real deal

Nice weight and nice curve in this set!

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