Unisex Douche & Enema

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Product Description

An easy to use unisex enema or douche system that'll have you squeaky clean, Pipedream's high end classic sets up in a flash with sturdy suction cup, attaching quickly to the wall of your shower.

A traditional 67oz (2litre) bag with with a sturdy  hanger hooks to the suction device. It needs to be placed high enough for a comfortable reach, letting your chosen cleansing fluid flow freely down the extra long (4 foot) transparent tubing. One of two available hygienic plastics attachments screws onto the threaded end of the tubing, ready to disperse the liquid evenly and effectively. The first is meant for vaginal use, it's shorter, at 2 1/2 inches and more tapered than the longer, slightly thinker 5 1/2 inch anal spout- both are perforated strategically at the tip for even distribution.

The entire device disassembles easily for through cleaning, all five pieces should be cleaned well before and after use.


  • Plastic suction hook
  • 1 x 2 litre folding douche bag
  • 4 feet of clear tubing
  • Vaginal tip
  • Anal tip

SKU: PD-2733-00 | UPC: 603912216714 | MPN: PD273300 (0)


SKU: PD-2733-00 | UPC: 603912216714 | MPN: PD273300 (0)

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Based On 22 Reviews
Unisex Douche & Enema

Great and inexpensive

This isn't my first enema but for the price it's definitely the best. Most enemas that are designed for use in the shower, like my previous one, cost a small fortune. This system costs as little as a bulb enema but works just as good as the more expensive shower ones. It has held together fine so far with no leaks. The included tips are a bit skinnier than some; I consider this to be a good thing. Everything goes together quickly and securely. The only issue I had is that the suction cup cannot hold the bag up when it is more than about 3/4 full of water. You can hang it from something else (such as a shower caddy with small hooks) or just keep it under 3/4 full. Also note it does take awhile to fully dry, especially the hose. If you can, run a small desk fan and keep one end of the hose pointed at it. The airflow dries it out a LOT quicker than simply hanging it to dry.

Unisex Douche & Enema

Worked well

Comfortable and easy to use. Would recommend

Unisex Douche & Enema


Works exactly how you would expect, great!

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